Why Smes Sometimes Face Difficulties In Raising Finance Finance Essay

Due to the set up of modern endeavor system and exhaustively in structural reforms of market economic system, there are batch of chances contained in the market, but it is besides bing many unexpected hazards, peculiarly for the little to moderate-sized endeavor ( SMEs ) which has limited resources to defy in this unreliable environment. To last and adapts to the environment for a SME is to keep its advantage in punctilious day-to-day direction and even more of import is to hold a long-run position strategic thought particularly in fiscal scheme. ‘A good finance scheme can assist SME to put up and spread out their operations, development and besides investing ‘ ( OECD, 2006 ) , farther to acquire financess which make them competitively and can acquire good consequences they desired ( Park, 2010 ) . Making a finance scheme is really important to a company ; company has to see both of internal status and external environment job and even more factors which are related to company. However, the SME has its peculiar feature, it is non suited to follow the same action with a big company ; they better to make a scheme which fits to the company harmonizing to its demand. Finding a proper fiscal scheme for a development SME, non merely can assist SME to reenforce its kernel, the more of import is the sustainability of its development.

Define company

There is no accurate definition for little to moderate-sized endeavor ( SMEs ) and most of states define it harmonizing to specific status by their manner. However, there are some peculiar features ( Bank of England, 2001 & A ; Brookfield, 2001 ) about SMEs and they are:

The endeavors are non quoted

Ownership is frequently connected between household and stockholder and the concern is typically restricted to few persons.

Most of SMEs are little group ‘s concern and ever accomplish self-employment efficaciously.

In the yesteryear, the definition for SME ‘s from European Commission was univocal, it was defined by single state, for case, Germany regulated the sum of employee under 250 was portion of SME, but in Belgium, the figure was became 100. However, in the recent old ages, the information from European Commission shows that the definition has adjusted and is qualified as a SME by some standards ( see figure 1-1 ) ( European Commission, 2010 ) in head count, turnover and balance sheet entire.

definition of SME.JPG

Figure 1-1 the definition of a little house from European Commission

Importance of finance

Presents, the endeavor ‘s finance is confronting a dynamic, variegation and complicated pull offing environment. Pull offing finance is non merely to supply a specific method or device for a house ; it is to absorb the rule and mode from strategic direction. Get down from the position of accommodating to the environment and utilizing the vantage, to pay much attending in fiscal long-run job and strategic job. In the state of affairs of lacking of the resources for SME, to make a suited fiscal strategic and good rule the limited resource is important since a better fiscal systems can assist to better the chance of successful invention and convey accelerate economic growing.

( King, et al. , 1993 )

The focal point of endeavor ‘s fiscal scheme is the basic way on future development, end and end achievement for the fiscal action ; this is the difference between fiscal scheme and other schemes. The maestro aim of endeavor ‘s fiscal scheme is moderately to piece, dominate and utilize its resources, tend to equilibrate and flux endeavor ‘s capital, besides to construct the nucleus competitory strength and to accomplish the maximization of endeavor value in the terminal. Some facets of this end are related/ connected to each other ; from the position of a long-run public presentation, to seek the endeavor ‘s sustainability growing in fiscal resource and capableness, and moreover to carry through the rise of endeavor ‘s capital value and do endeavor ‘s fiscal capableness can prolong, quick and healthily addition, contribute to keep and develop endeavor ‘s competitory advantage.

While endeavor constructing the nucleus competitory strength for their strategic direction, they need the support from fiscal direction. The fiscal direction which treats capital direction as a important content, it needs to show the demand for endeavor ‘s scheme and to vouch its pattern. The value of practising the fiscal scheme is to retain a wellness status in endeavor ‘s finance and besides efficaciously in commanding the fiscal hazard.

There are 12 types of funding and growing in SMEs and it can be really usefully and provided a great aid if it is supplied decently harmonizing to SMEs peculiar demand ( Brookfield, 2001 ) .

Initial proprietor funding ( Equity finance )

Business angel funding

Trade recognition



Venture capital

Short-run bank loans ( Debt finance )

Medium term bank loans

Mezzanine finance

Private arrangements

Public equity

Public debt

A company should pull off its funding construction in a manner that its debt and equity are in balanced mode. This fact helps company to avoid insolvency. Excess of either debt or finance could ensue in loss of wealth. I will be explicating some of the of import methods of funding in following subdivision.

Equity finance

Equity funding is that the stockholder sells the portion of corporate control to present the new stockholder by raising the capital ( Watson, et al. , 2007 ) . The endeavor does non necessitate to pay the involvement on chief if the capital is received from equity funding and the new stockholder can portion the net income from endeavor every bit good. Equity funding includes stock issue, allocation and debt for equity barter. Some characteristics of equity funding, are:

Stock equity is house ‘s first right of its belongings, it is the base for endeavor to absorb the civil liability and to duty for house ‘s ain net incomes and losingss ; moreover, it is besides the base for investor to command the endeavor and to administer the net income.

Equity funding is the base of make up one’s minding an endeavor to the outward debt.

Surely, there are some advantages of equity funding that help enterprise in investing and direction.

Equity funding builds a good system in corporate administration construction, which consists of stockholders meeting, board of managers, Board of supervisors and executives. It is efficaciously in diminishing the hazard of direction.

In the modern finance theory, stock market is besides called unfastened market ; it means that the standardisation fiscal merchandises are covering in a trading country with an extensively institutionalization. It has its standard and processes it in the status of information disclosure and menu covering. In fiscal interlingual rendition, the more of import is promotion and handiness of information ; and that is why the stock market is better than loan market in both fight of capital monetary value and promotion of information.

Venture capital

Venture capital is the fund which is collected by private arrangement and set as the type of organisation ; invest to unlisted little and moderate-sized freshly emerging endeavors and in the capital type of both high hazard and high reciprocation. Venture capital is different from common fund, unit trust and securities investing fund ; it has its characteristics in operating of investing and aggregation, such as,

Venture capital absorbs the venture with endeavor ; the venture capitalist needs to collaborate closely with enterpriser and assist the house to do a program. Management is portion of investing.

Venture capital is an investing in long-run and hapless flowability ; venture capitalist and enterpriser become a common fate once they invest.

Venture capital is high hazard and requires the venture capitalist with specialised accomplishment, and need to accomplish specialisation and programmed in taking the undertaking, tend to avoid the hazard.

Before inspect the fiscal index, the venture capitalist pays more attending in market chance, development scheme and managing quality.

Sharing the fillip from endeavor is non the intent of venture capital, they make it as a return by increasing the capital when they are go outing ; the clip for go outing is ever when travel on public or sell it.

Debt finance

Debt funding is besides called bond funding, it is the manner which the house can raise money for endeavor ‘s external finance ; and debt can besides be conducted and fitted to the demand of publishing companies and investors ( Watson, et al. , 2007 ) . It is included long-run bank loans, short-run funding ( such as measures, debt receivable, and missive of recognition ) , enterprise Bond and short-run fiscal bonds, besides long-run bond funding, finance rental, discount authorities loans, authorities loan, Loans from international fiscal organisations and private bond fund.

The first disbursal endeavor needs to pay is the involvement of capital which receives from debt funding and the principal on the debt will be paid to creditor at adulthood ( Davis, et al. , 1994 ) . The characteristic of intent for debt funding is to work out the job of lack in working capital instead than the outgo under the capital history. Debt funding can be described by two characteristics,

The standard capital from debt funding is merely for utilizing, it is non the belongings of the endeavor, and the house needs to pay involvement and the principal is repayable.

Compare to equity funding, except some specific state of affairss that debt funding may convey creditor the job of intercession or controlling, otherwise it is hardly to hold the job of corporate control.

However, debt funding has its advantage for assisting the house in investing and direction,

The loaners have ability to roll up and analyse the provinces of investing, besides can hold long-run investigate and supervise the endeavor to avoid the moral jeopardy.

The map of the creditor ‘s right is when house can pay off the debt, the house will keep the corporate control, whereas of the endeavor can non offer the debt, the corporate control will be turned to lender.

Why do SME ‘s discovery funding a job?

Due to SME ‘s little size capital, the capableness for supporting the market hazard is non every bit strong as a big house, plus a faulty finance system, it causes the job into SME ‘s finance direction ( Pissarides, 1999 ) . The chief grounds and job are:

No standard in SME ‘s finance accounting system

In application of finance system in SME exist some jobs, which make loose fiscal control. A loose stock list control can take to the stagnancy of capital and inordinate concluding stock list ; the capital of concluding stock list ever in a high proportion if comparison to sale gross. The house normally loses a big figure of assets due to concentrate on capital much more than assets and even wastes it earnestly ; furthermore, to command the finished merchandises, semi-manufactured goods and low-value expendable without a faultless system.

It is negligent in pull offing the hard currency and failing in debt receivable

Some of endeavors think that it is good to keep hard currency ( including bank sedimentation ) , and better to hold more ; the proportion of modesty is excessively high, it makes batch of capital can non truly run in operation, and besides causes the capital idling. In add-on, some houses invest excessively much in existent estate and lead to finance trouble due to could non manage the emergent demand of direction. Besides lack in pull offing working capital creates jobs job capital backdown.

Trouble in support, the capital is deficient

It is non easy to run the SME in a practically environment, particularly the unequal intervention in support between SME and larger endeavor. The Bankss are non willing to loan to them, peculiarly the trouble in warrant and deficiency of the specialised bureau to offer the confidence service is still the chief job for SME and it evidently happens in some immense investings.

Unrestraint in investing

The SME is missing of the ability to analyse the investing accurately and to measure the effectivity of runing the capital. The bulk of investing in SME is from banking, due to the reputability of a SME is non every bit high as a big company, it is an obstruction in pulling the banking to put or loan to the SME.

The manner of direction is rearward

Most of SME is running the concern as a household workshop ; they are operation the direction in a backward manner and an antique thought manner, do non understand and even non willing to understand or larn the modern fiscal direction. The owner ever treats the endeavor as an extension of household ‘s belongings ; in order to command the concern wholly without deconcentrate the ownership, it causes the doomed of the chances in turning.


SMEs play an of import function in the general macroeconomic environment, and supply the tremendous chances for employment. However, due to the little size and limited beginning, normally SMEs has to confront to the challenge in funding job. For work outing the job, the major impact is from authorities and the jurisprudence ( Industrial Systems Research ) . In bing policy has to be adjusted by authorities ; the authorities needs to reenforce the related jurisprudence and ordinance to implement SMEs development scheme and discriminatory clause. Furthermore, have to put up the establishment for pull offing and back uping SMEs development. To increase the method for funding ; SMEs need to esteem the debt from bank and to pay back the debt on clip ; so to healthy the internal system and raise the handling of stuff. Last, to better comptrollers ‘ construction and standard of fiscal direction ; heighten the penalty for the illegality to makes they pay attending in fiscal system.