What Makes Prince Caspian Tick

February 5, 2009 Writing II (B286) R. Mullins What Makes Prince Caspian Tick Throughout C. S. Lewis’s novel “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian”, we see many processes at work. Some of these processes are literally in front of the reader’s face, and others are deeply hidden within the work. One of the most noticeable processes in the entire work is the battle between Peter and Miraz, and of course the steps leading up to it. Without these steps and the ultimate battle, the book of Prince Caspian would have an entirely different meaning-as would the rest of the series. Prince Caspian” is the turning point in the series, where the rightful king of Narnia, Prince Caspian, is trying to remove the current king, Miraz, from the throne, and take his place as King of Narnia. After fleeing for his life due to the revelation of a plot to have him murdered, Caspian finds some new friends and begins to build a force to battle Miraz’s army. Unbeknownst to him, his help would include Peter, Edmund, Susan, Lucy, and Aslan, the great rulers of the former Narnia. Caspian builds his army and gathers followers ultimately culminating in a final battle.

It is very noticable in the book that Caspian doesn’t do anything for himself. He doesn’t do anything to get monentary or political gain. He wants to restore Narnia to its former glory because he is fascinated by the stories that he’s heard. He was told that the ancient times of Narnia were magical and wonderous. Who wouldn’t want to experience such times as that? Upon meeting his new friends after leaving the Telmarine kingdom, Caspian is convinced that Miraz is nothing but detrimental to the world of Narnia and with some help begins to form an army to battle for the right to rule Narnia.

This is crucial to help the current state of Narnia. As Caspian continues to learn the truth about what happened to his world, he becomes prepared to fight Miraz and his army for the right to rule the world of Narnia. Caspian’s army fights many loosing battles until help mysteriously arrives in the form of the children and Aslan. Peter battles Miraz himself and defeats him-giving him the right to endow Caspian as the rightful king of Narnia. Given the current state of Narnia before Caspian learned the truth of everything (had the events of the novel not taken place as written) Narnia would be a different place.

Dwarves and beasts had been exiled by Telmarines and even their memory had been driven from the minds of the people. Eventually people would have been persecuted for even talking about old Narnia. Beasts and dwarves would’ve been hunted for what they represented. Things in Narnia would have been completely different had it not been for Caspian learning the truth and setting in motion the sequence of events seen in the novel. This and the battle between Peter and Miraz helped to secure the fate of the world of Narnia for the time being and helped to secure the proper track for the rest of the series.