What Did The First World War Reveal History Essay

‘At 11.00pm on 4 August 1914, King George V on the advice of his curates officially declared war on Germany. He did so on behalf of the full British imperium. ‘This assumed it would take topographic point in abroad districts in the British Empire besides. This made it a universe war. The declaration implied that the human and material resources of the British Empire may be drawn upon. The early indicants showed that King George was non incorrect about the trueness of the imperium. ‘Imperial partisans in Britain were gratified by the evident heat of response, which seemed to back their vision of a carbon monoxide secret agent and even centralised imperium ‘ .[ 2 ]The imperium rallied around the British with support. The support of the imperium was publicised greatly in Britain for illustration the Manchester defender ‘s hebdomadal devoted infinite to the accomplishment of imperial military personnels.

The British Empire is an country of history that is alone. ‘Tudor and Stuart England are fixed ; by contrast the imperium is non merely an gawky animal but one that invariably changes its size and form.[ 3 ]It was n’t recognised as a proper field of historical survey until the center of the nineteenth century. Many historiographers compare imperial Britain to imperial Rome. Historian Bryce said, ‘The British, like the Romans, were law-givers. The political imperium might disintegrate, but the jurisprudence remained ‘ .[ 4 ]The importance of the imperium in history has increased, as Europe counted for less, the imperium counted for more. The imperium reached its extremum in the 1930 ‘s when it was still integral and at its greatest extent. Therefore universe war one had non badly damaged it. But it had revealed the strengths and failings of it.

Ronald Hyam, in Britain ‘s imperial century 1815-1914 said that Britain ‘s imperial century came to an terminal in 1915 in the clay of Flanders ; this position shows that universe war one brought about failings to the imperium and was easy gnawing off at it. The war can be seen as sharpening self consciousness of the states and have oning off imperial integrity. ‘T.O. Lloyd, in the British imperium 1558-1983, observes Soldiers went out to contend because Britain was at war, but they fought as Canadians or as Australians ‘ .[ 5 ]Their ain individuality was going more of import to them and universe war one brought out this failing. They were nevertheless volunteering demoing that the imperium had the strength to convey its settlements together.

The British Empire had a great part from settlements affecting two and half million colonial military personnels. The settlements non merely provide military personnels but stuffs and money. India ‘s part was really valuable and provided free by India. Official statistics record that during the war 400,000 + Canadians served overseas, 50,000 were killed. 330,000 Australians went and 59,000 killed. Indian princes instantly offered their services and those of their military personnels, 1440,000 were gathered into the Indian ground forces. Even the bantam West Indian besides colonies contributed.[ 6 ]In Canada the conservative authorities endorsed it along with its broad resistance. ‘All over the imperium immature work forces volunteered because they felt that they were British and that Britain was in danger, but they were organised by their ain authoritiess and fought as Australians or Canadians ‘ .[ 7 ]Therefore it would look from the exterior that the imperium was strong and a united force. However muster did do tenseness in Canada and Australia. Canada introduced it in late 1917 whereas Australia held two referendums where the electorate rejected muster. This is non to state they were rejecting the war they merely did non desire it to be mandatory. ‘Seen from the interior, it was an confederation of six or seven authoritiess working closely together for a common aim… with occasional minutes of tenseness ‘ .[ 8 ]

The First World War was a war between all the imperialist powers such as the British, Gallic, Tsarist, Austro Hungarian, German and Ottoman Empires. Before the war the British Empire was confronting competition from other imperiums, for illustration the German Empire. ‘The instead relaxed, informal imperialism which the British had enjoyed had to decease in these fortunes ‘ .[ 9 ]Britain was non merely holding to fix to contend but was fixing to keep on to what it had. The war was fought utilizing the resources of the imperiums. For illustration India ‘s part was really valuable and provided free. In order to acquire the resources of their imperiums they either used coercion or promised hereafter betterments. However these promises were so frequently broken after universe war one making jobs and failings within the imperium. ‘The British Empire survived so expanded while others collapsed, but the costs were high both in footings of money and for good altered imperial relationships ‘ .[ 10 ]

In the Middle East the British made Egypt a associated state, this antagonised subjects who wanted a decreased British function. Therefore Britain had to do promises to see self authorities, in consequence assuring the Arab universe independency after the war. This contradicted with its ain aspirations, hence in the immediate wake of the war many Arabs felt betrayed by Britain, they had risen up and were non acquiring what they had been promised. A similar job occurred with the Jewish community. Britain wanted their support and wanted them to buttonhole their ain authoritiess to remain in the war so issued the Belfour deflation in 1917 promising to back up the thought of a national place foe the Jews. This led to conflicting promises. Another illustration of promises that were made is in India. Britain needed India and so India was a major British concern it did non desire to antagonize it and did non hold the power to hale it into action or force its will. Therefore in 1917 the secretary of province for India issue a celebrated Montague declaration, assuring India self authorities within the British Empire and subsequently followed this up with promises India would be involved in the procedure of regulating India. Britain would hold control of cardinal issues. The war accelerated the gait of political alteration in India. But it is debateable whether or non Britain would hold made political committednesss to reform in India without the force per unit area of war.

Failings in the imperium were hence going evident although it was at its extremum the largest imperium the universe had of all time known holding power and influence stretch across the universe, the war tested its power, it had to do promises to profit from them ; this is non grounds of a strong imperium able to depend on its settlements. It had effects. Therefore the war brought the British Empire together but besides brought about failings. At the terminal moral and capital was both reduced. After the war had finished Britain faced many problems that can be attributed to the war. It faced jobs in India, the Middle East and Ireland. But it can non all be blamed on the war but besides on a long term tendency which was her political and economic diminution in the universe. ‘Since the 1870s this diminution had been evident, though at that clip non really distressing because she had some manner to worsen before her lead was taken from her ‘ .[ 11 ]The imperium was faced by challenges of industrially immature states like Germany, Russia and the US. The war had helped maintain them at bay but even with Germany wounded Britain was non strong plenty to capitalize on it after the war. So this showed a failing in the British Empire. ‘As it turned out the war had weakened her for good ‘ .[ 12 ]

There were besides assorted rebellions but none to do excessively much concern. Robert Holland argues that the war did non do these it merely created the right clip for them to kick about colonial regulation. So this could be said to be conveying out pre bing failings within the imperium. For illustration in South Africa there was a minor Afrikaner rebellion, but the authorities easy suppressed it. However the domestic impact of the First World War had hence left the South African party even more in danger of being outflanked by hawkish Afrikaner patriots hostile to British Empire. Their engagement brought about a turning sense of rule patriotism which is a failing for the imperium. There were those who felt more sympathy for the German cause, the election showed that half the African population opposed contending the war on the British side. There was political force per unit area turning even before the war in India and Ireland, and rules were demanding liberty within the imperium. This could be said to worsen and to speed up. The official response was united but was non universally welcomed in world. Effort to acquire resources frequently deepened pre bing tensenesss and divisions. The districts hence varied widely in their civilizations, their resources and their independency. The First World War had hence affected this varicolored imperium to different grades. There were immediate station war crises in Egypt, India and Ireland. But even with the war the British people were still committed to the imperium and it would be wrong to presume otherwise. Victory in war was frequently interpreted as an accomplishment of imperium. But it did demo a definite failing, Britain would hold to give away grants and greater self authorities if the imperium was to last in the hereafter. ‘The attachment of imperium peoples to the imperium connexion was non undisputed or unconditioned ‘ .[ 13 ]

War brought out strengths and failings of the British naval forcess. With settlements all over the universe Britain can guarantee its safety. Great Britain had a immensely superior naval presence ; non merely in footings of Numberss, but besides the strength of single ships. Fiscal parts from the imperium to Britain ‘s war attempt were besides much needed and frequently liberally given though sometimes forcefully obtained. Britain besides received money from the settlements as the greatest trade state so could afford more ships. For illustration the raj authorities presented 100 million, natural stuffs and other supplies were besides given, purchased or taken for the imperiums cause. Plus all the money they would acquire from these settlements would increase their exchequer for more ships without the naval forces ; Britain could non hold stayed in the war. Although it fought merely one fleet action, at Jutland on 31 May 1916, it prevented the German naval forces from interrupting out of the confines of the North Sea.[ 14 ]However, the British Empire was wholly unprepared for modern warfare such as trench warfare.

The Great War besides showed a failing in the imperium that was that Germany and non Britain was the fastest turning economic power. It had become extremely industrialized leting it to easy provide mass ground forcess. The British Empire was in danger of being over taken. World war one showed that the British Empire was non every bit strong as it had believed. It had non been easy to get the better of Germany. The place of the industrial revolution was Britain. Britain had a period of unagitated assurance. This was known as kiss of peace Britannia. But this could non last everlastingly and spurred the other states to catch up. World war one showed they had well.[ 15 ]The British had suffered 1000000s of casualties and liquidated assets at an dismaying rate, which led to debt accretion, inversion of capital markets and manpower lacks in the staffing of widespread imperial stations in Asia and the African settlements. The settlements proved their power in the war. Many of Britain ‘s resources lay in her settlements. But even with this, Britain ‘s resources were being stretched more than they of all time had before. The imperiums resources still had non been plenty for Britain to win the war comfortably.

It did nevertheless demo British strength at coming together as one united force, despite the great distances between settlements and authorizations and the size of the imperium. However there had now been two of import struggles, the South African war and the First World War, the Second World War was to come and prove the imperium to the bounds. Britain had in the short term survived the war and expanded which shows strength of the imperium but for how long was the inquiry. The heavy costs of the war undermined its capacity to keep the huge imperium. Nationalist sentiment grew in both old and new Imperial districts, fuelled by pride at Empire military personnels ‘ engagement in the war. Colonies began to desire more independency. The war had created the semblance of imperial integrity on the surface but clefts had opened up. It exacerbated tensenesss that had existed before the war. Self regulating rules were now more witting of their nationhood and of asseverating this. So the imperium as it one time stood now needed farther dialogues if it was to keep itself. However this can be said to merely be a fact of imperium, jobs are ever traveling to originate regardless of the war. Given Britain ‘s diminished status it was still able to keep an expanded planetary system, with a turning consciousness that the imperium should bear some of the load for keeping the imperial system.

Overall, at the start of universe war one Britain controlled more of the Earth than anyplace else but it emerged from universe war one fighting economically and holding made promises it could non honor. Therefore reveaing wekanesses of the imperium. However it did pull off to go on to maintain an imperium together and consolidate which is a strength. By the terminal of the war Britain emerged as the dominant power within the full Islam universe. Britain had ever assumed the imperium was an esstential and in national involvement. However the failings that were get downing to demo would shortly take to the interruption up of the imperium but for the clip being after universe war one it still remained a united but somewhat weakened force.

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