Weaknesses Of Existing Recruitment And Selection Practices English Language Essay

Al Nakhal School, a taking group of private schools in the Sultanate of Oman which offer primary, preparatory and secondary degree instruction. The schools recruitment process for learning modules is observed as a individual method merely which is an advertizement is given in Times of Oman newspaper while Oman has figure of other dailies. The drawback of this method is that as there are figure of dailies available, all of them will non read all the newspapers, but restrict to one ‘s ain preferable media taking to non being seen by probably good campaigners who read other dailies other than Timess of Oman. When an establishment ventures out for hiring/recruiting staff they should seek to delve out all the countries where possible outstanding campaigners could be available. Here in the instance of Al Nakhal School, since they preferred to one newspaper some of the best campaigners could be missed out. The schemes laid down by Nakhal School for enlisting seems to be non effectual and non-committal.

Al Nakhal School deficiency committed squad to enroll their staff. They are non trained forces in choices. They instead try to get at decisions based on the mentions obtained from the campaigners straight. When campaigners are asked to convey in mentions, they ever go for their ain stopping point and favourite contact which might non ever be true and trusty. The questioning squad should be capable plenty in placing the campaigners ability and strength, old accomplishments and their thoughts which could be implemented in the school. As respects to the interview inquiries, Al Nakhal Schools do non pattern any system. They panel prepares inquiries independently. If the panel meet and discourse likely inquiries all the countries could good be covered and campaigners capacity and ability could be judged before geting at a decision thereby the right choice is made possible. Campaigners who offer their campaigning in a choice panel would be eager to cognize the consequences to verify their plus and minus during the interview. Al Nakhal Schools are non really lament in informing the feedback to their unsuccessful campaigners in item. They give brief provender back to the unsuccessful campaigners and besides non inquire for their interview experience. Had they ask for interview experience the panel will acquire the thought where is the ups and downs in nearing and choosing inquiries. After all, the School is looking for the right pick and bettering the choice accomplishment. The more they prepare the more they gain!

The HR director of Al Nakhal Schools is non happy in their existing enlisting and choice pattern which is besides highlighted by the Principal of the school. In short there is no bench taging for choice of the modules of Al Nakhal School which is a major drawback in the current competitory market.

A new enlisting and choice process for Al Nakhal School

Potential occupation campaigners consider many factors when taking an employer. The name, reputation and value of the employer in the market, the fringe benefits and benefit they offer to their employees etc. etc. Unlike the yesteryear, the present coevals is happy and contented with the turning demands of societal life. Once the campaigners find happy and comfy bundles their productiveness to the organisation and will be increased. Second smart campaigners will besides look for the infinite in the organisation for their ain farther acquisition chances. Therefore, if an organisation is truly looking for the right campaigners they should maintain in head all the above facts and must be prepared for the same.


There are two types of enlisting method which can be used for enrolling employees for this school. First utilizing the internal enlisting and secondly utilizing external enlisting. Internal enlisting is make fulling of occupations from within the bing employees instead than choosing person from exterior in other words it is known as enrolling person internally within the organisation. External enlisting is where the organisation fills the occupation vacancies from campaigners outside the organisation.

Using cyberspace: For enrolling the right campaigners, there are assorted picks in front. In the current electronic epoch, there is broad range for utilizing web. Even for pulling campaigners internationally, utilizing web will hold more border than traveling for other methods/media. Ads are considered a utile and recognized norm for ask foring campaigners and taking the right 1s even world-wide. This attracts broad scope of campaigners from assorted states with campaigners holding wider scope of experience and the employers can take the right campaigners from many. In today & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s universe campaigners are looking for fiscal and occupation security. The elaborate information through cyberspace will assist the campaigner to travel through the profile of the organisation and its activities in deepness and this attract the right campaigner with proper makings and experience from elsewhere.

Organization & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s Website: Most of the organisations will hold their ain web site which explains all the inside informations of the organisations profiles, organisation construction, the figure of employees, and their mission and vision statements. This enables the campaigners to acquire a clear image of the organisation and its activities. The campaigners are ever interested to cognize the answerability and credibleness of the organisation where they can offer their campaigning thereby looking for avenues for their ain growing in footings of personal, fiscal and occupation protection. Unlike intelligence paper advertizement which carries intelligence on day-to-day footing, on the contrary, ain web site will for good hold the inside informations of the several organisations this enables the campaigners to mention the points anytime anyplace. It besides helps the campaigners to easy use for a suited vacant place in the organisation by make fulling an application signifier on the web site.

Media such as publication houses: These include Newspapers, Magazines etc. When there are established paper media & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s are available, it is advisable to publicize in all the intelligence documents as this can make out to all the people who are restricted merely to their ain preferable new papers/magazines. It gives the organisation the ability to make out to a big figure of people who might be possible campaigners and are seeking for a occupation. At times perennial advertizements are required which is dearly-won to the organisation whereas web site and cyberspace advertizement are comparatively inexpensive. Besides newspapers can merely cover a limited country whereas internet/website advertisement extent to the outside universe.

Enrolling Agents: There are Government owned and private enlisting bureaus. Depending on these agents will besides assist companies or organisations to happen out the right campaigners. They help to cut down the wastage of the organisations resources every bit good as aids save clip. In this instance the organisation does non hold to travel through the classified advertizements in the newspaper or any other media as these enrolling agents make this work. A recruitment bureau can be chosen by the organisation on the footing of the specialisation or a peculiar field. These agents are holding qualified forces who are trained to enroll campaigners for their clients. The recruiting agents harmonizing to the demand of their clients invites applications and filtrate the campaigners in inquiry before the concluding subdivision of the several organisation who entrust the occupation to the agents. Practices of choice through enlisting agents are besides rightful option as replacing of campaigners, in instance of a incorrect choice, is possible provided both the agents and organisations agree upon such a contract. The organisations have the autonomy to explicate and convert the agents the right campaigners they look for so that agents can take up the occupation for the organisation. This otherwise cut down the occupation of the organisation as there are batch of dependable enrolling agents around the Earth.

Campus enlisting: In this method the organisation or the recruiter visits educational establishments such as a college or a university and gets a list of prospective campaigners. This method has an advantage of run intoing all the campaigners at a individual clip in one topographic point which saves clip. It besides helps the organisation to take the best campaigner from a big figure of appliers. We see that campus enlisting is really attractive but at the same clip it has a restriction that it is merely suited for enrolling employees at an entry degree. The other drawback of this method is that it involves a batch of clip to interview each and every campaigner which is clip devouring and non at all profitable for the organisation. But the most positive thing about this method is that by questioning such a big figure of campaigners the organisations can acquire really smart and knowing alumnuss.

Human Resources ( HR ) section: A good organized and established organisation will hold Human Resources ( HR ) Department. This section forces will be good qualified and acquired adequate experience to enroll the sort of campaigners they are looking for their ain demands. The HR section will follow new schemes and methods to travel for enlisting and happening the qualified campaigners for their assorted sections. The conventional methods used before giving manner to the new HR direction systems. The HR section can besides give preparation to the campaigners recruited before they place them into the needed sections of the organisation.


It is a procedure of naming the best campaigner from the assorted options available. There are different methods in the choice procedure.


It is a procedure where the employer participates to derive more information about the campaigner. Questions are based on the past experience, accomplishments and cognition of the applier. It is ever necessary to be honest while replying the inquiries.


Trials are really good for the employer as they get to cognize the accomplishments of the applier. For illustration if some IT accomplishments are needed for the station in the organisation such as accessing the waiter of the organisation or the database, how will the organisation know if the campaigner has knowledge on what they are anticipating. There are several other trial that are often used like aptitude trials, psychological trials, intelligence trials, personality trials etc.

Curriculum Vitae and Applications:

A CV provides the interviewer a clear image of the applier which includes the educational makings, experience and the accomplishments. It is typically used as a showing device sing the occupation searcher.

Develop a enlisting advertizement ( to be released in Times of Oman ) to engage instructors for the school.

Al Nakhal School

Sultanate of Oman

We are seeking an advanced and qualified Secondary School Teacher to fall in the English module at our school. You should be hardworking and enthusiastic as a learning professional with first-class capable cognition and a sound apprehension of the Gulf Territory secondary school course of study.

The place will affect learning pupils from classs 7 to 12 and besides helping in the encouragement of extra-curricular activities. The applier should be a motivated person with a acute involvement in promoting and animating pupils to love acquisition and excel in the capable country of English.

Our wage bundle includes attractive wage and other fringe benefits. Interested campaigners may delight subject your sketch and screen missive to:

The Principal

Al Nakhal School,

Post Box 111, Personal computer 222

Sultanate of Oman

Fix a formal list of inquiries for questioning campaigners for the instructor places.

How do you develop good relationship with pupils?

How would you depict your learning manner?

Describe how you would develop a lesson program?

How would you pass on to a parent about his/her kid ‘s advancement?

What attack would you take if you disagree with the Principal ‘s manner of managing a state of affairs?

If a pupil informs you that he/she has been abused by other pupils, what action would you take?

What are your chief strengths?

What are your chief failings?

What administrative/other undertakings are required outside of learning hours?

What is the mean category size where you used to learn?

Why have you selected learning as a profession?

What are the calling ends, short term and long term?

What distinguishes you from other campaigners?

Describe your frights of being a instructor?

What is your most successful achievement?

State me whom you would wish to emulate. Why?

What makes you an effectual instructor?


It is necessary for an interview to inquire some of the inquiries as listed above since it helps to acquire cognize more about the campaigner. These inquiry aid cognize more about the strengths and failings of the campaigner. It is really of import for the interviewer to do an interview program before questioning a campaigner.