Vibration Kinetic Energy Harvesting Using Magnetostrictive Material Engineering Essay

This paper presents the quiver of kinetic energy harvest home by utilizing magnetostrictive stuff in the radio energy reaping system. The intent of MsM in the energy harvest home system is to covert mechanical quiver to a altering magnetic field, which generate an EMF in the spiral around it. In rule, this method offers a higher energy denseness than conventional electromagnetic or piezoelectric energy reaping devices. There are several designs for the magnetostrictive energy reaping device which will be discussed in this paper.


Magnetostrictive consequence is a belongings of ferromagnetic which is able to change its form or size with the magnetic field. It was discovered by Jams Prescott Joules in 1840s, and became a popular subject since the super MsM has been discovered in 1960s and 1970s. Presents, Smart stuffs include magnetostrictive stuff drama an of import function in both commercial merchandises and military applications. The global gross revenues of smart stuffs exceed one Billion dollars yearly ; with electro-strictive engineering capturing 75 % of the market, magnetostrictive and shape memory stuffs each accounting for 10 % of the portion and rheological fluids ruling the staying 5 % . [ 1 ]

For the conventional ferromagnetic stuffs, the magneto-strictivity rate ( ) , given by the ratio between the alterations of the length caused by the magnetic field and its original length, are typically less than 10-6. In the instance of ace magnetostrictive stuff, it has a high magnetostrictivity of more than 10-3. As the magnetic field around the MsM alterations, it causes the ace magnetostrictive stuff to exhibit a strong Joule consequence or Magnetostriction. Likewise, by compressed or stretched the stuff consequences in a changing magnetic field known as reverse magnetostrictive consequence. The sum of magnetic alteration matching to the mechanical distortion is given by magnetostrictive coefficient L.

Notation of the tensors [ 2 ]

Both of the magnetostrictive rate and magnetostrictive coefficient L in the MsM have anisotropic belongingss ; therefore their values need to be written in the tensor matrix signifier, e.g. L11 L22 L33 with each component picturing the different magnetostrictive coefficient in a peculiar rule way ( fig.1 ) . In pattern we usually use the highest term in the tensor as the working plane.

Model of the quiver kinetic energy reaping system.

In Fig.2, the values of fecal matter and k depend on the design and stuff used in the system. zf is given by the beginning of the energy which can be consider as a sinusoidal map the input acceleration ( z_f ) ? and can be written as

Crystalline metal Terfenol-D ( Tb0.3Dy0.7Fe1.9-2 ) [ 4 ] and formless metallic glass Metglas 2605SC ( Fe81B13.5Si3.5C2 ) [ 1 ] are two commercial super MsMs that are widely used in actuators [ 5 ] . In pattern, the magnetostrictive quiver energy reaping device is favoured over conventional piezoelectric harvest home devices due to several grounds. For case, the end product electromotive force of a magnetostrictive device is a low electric resistance electromotive force and can be use straight. In the instance of piezoelectric devices, they have a high electric resistance end product signal and necessitate an extra charge to voltage convertor and a power supply to treat the power. Magnetostrictive quiver device has an advantage of structural simpleness which allows it to be easy assembled or disassembled. Last, being made of magnetostrictive stuffs the magnetostrictive quiver device can defy high Curie temperature up to 380oC with regard to 180oC for a typical piezoelectric stuff.


Current engineering put great focal point on piezoelectric stuffs. In the early phase of quiver energy harvest home, ambient quivers is converted to electrical energy. Unfortunately, due to the crispness and depolarisation jobs, piezoelectric reaper faces jobs in the long-run device encountered in low-level ambient quivers. Performing worse even at higher frequence quivers, which are really common in aerospace environments. MsM, on the other manus, is non polarised as magnetostriction is an built-in belongings of ferromagnetic stuffs. Therefore, MsM have the ability to allow about limitless vibrational rhythms, doing it extremely suited for long-run devices with improved dependability. Having a high magnetomechanical yoke coefficient ( 0.97 in Metglas versus 0.3~0.4 in piezoelectric 31 flexing manner ) , it enables the transition of vibrational energy into electrical energy expeditiously. A big coefficient of magnetostriction at low magnetic fieldMetglas2605SC allows for high flexibleness such can be operated with big flexing curvature in strong ambient quivers.

Side position of laminated intercrossed piezoelectric/MsM actuator. [ 5 ]

Furthermore, many research activities are based on usage of the combination of the piezoelectric stuff and MsM, seeking to increase the energy denseness of the actuator.

Table.1 Summary of the comparing of the different vibrational types of reaping mechanisms

Design of magnetostrictive Energy reapers

Energy harvest home by magnetostrictive stuff ( MsM ) for powering wireless detectors in SHM [ 3 ]

Fig.4 shows a device designed by North Carolina State University, USA in 2007. The intent of the device is to bring forth sufficient power to drive the radio detector webs ( WSN ) used in Structural Health Monitoring ( SHM ) .

Prototype of MsM energy reaping device in SHM system by L. Wang [ 3 ]

Recall eqn. ( 3 ) , there is no non-linear force in the system therefore the equation could simplified as

mz? +b_m omega? +kz=mAcos ( t+ ) ( 7 )

The side position of the beam resonating chamber

Equivalent circuit theoretical account of the MsM harvest home device

The tantamount circuit in Fig.5 is demoing the effectual constellations used to stand for the electric public presentation of the system. M stands for the supplanting of the tantamount mass.G is the tantamount gyrator which converts the mechanical speed of M into electromotive force. Lm is the tantamount inductance related to the Metglas laminate and the spiral. s is the elastic conformity under changeless magnetic field.

In the experiment, it shows that MsM reaping device is able to supply peak power denseness 900W/cm3 at resonating frequence 1.1 KHz, an end product higher than most of the piezoelectric energy reapers.

Energy reaping utilizing Magnetostrictive/Piezoelectric composite transducer

Fig.7 is the energy reaping device that using the magnetostrictive/ piezoelectric composite transducer. It is designed by College of Optoelectronic Engineering, Chongqing University and the Key Laboratory for Optoelectronic Technology & A ; Systems, Ministry of Education of China.

Conventional diagram and exposure of the quiver energy reaper

The Terfenol-D is used for the magnetostrictive. Advancement in low power, big graduated table, integrating design and CMOS fiction reduces power ingestion of radio detectors to the order of W from mW degree. As a consequence, energy harvest home is a practical mean for powering

radio detectors. Besides this, alternate

energy beginnings like solar, thermic, acoustics, and quiver are besides of involvement. However, ambient quiver is peculiarly attractive because of its high handiness. Ambient

quivers is normally converted into electrical energy utilizing

electromagnetic, piezoelectric, electrostatic, and ME

transducers. Magnetostrictive stuffs have high energy

denseness and high magneto-mechanical yoke factor. It is

found that the energy harvested per unit volume in the

device of the magnetostrictive/piezoelectric-based reaper

exceeds other energy transitions at the same low

frequence and quiver acceleration. Terfenol- D/PZT/Terfenol-D laminate complex is able to bring forth a load power of 1.055 mW across 564.7 K under resonating quiver of about 51 Hz with 1 g ( 1 g =9.8 MS? 2 ) acceleration.

DISCUSSION & A ; Conclusion

As a comparing between and magnetostrictive stuffs, piezoelectric stuffs does non necessitate an external electromotive force beginning, outputs a high electromotive force of 2~10V, compact in design and compatible with MEMS. However, it is brickle in PZT, has a high end product electric resistance and depolarisation.

For MSM, its advantages are ultra-high matching coefficient larger than 0.9, no depolarisation job, extremely flexible and suited for high frequence quiver. The disadvantages are that it is non-linear, and hard to incorporate with MEMS.

Two different designs stated in old subdivisions, are used for different intents. For the former one, it uses high resonating frequence and low power applications and hence utilizing MsM to avoid the high electric resistance consequence in piezoelectric stuff. For the latter, it is used for the low resonating frequence. Detecting publications in recent old ages, MsM device is able to offer a high energy denseness than most of the piezoelectric stuff ; nevertheless there are still some restrictions. Hybrid device such as MsM/piezoelectric complex is a good thought to better the design of the actuators and provides a good solution for the size of device in scope of 1cm3 to 100cm3.