Time Value Analysis And The Attractiveness Of Alternative Investments Finance Essay

Time value analysis

The clip value analysis can supply the health care director with the necessary information to do of import determinations refering fiscal schemes. The computations of future hard currency flows at specific times are used to find the attraction of alternate investings. The major restriction of the clip value analysis is that a little alteration in hard currency flow may ensue in a deformed appraisal of a possible investing. Incremental hard currency flows should be estimated with great attention to see merely those that could alter if a undertaking or investing is accepted. The clip value analysis of the Pensacola Surgery Centers will research the company ‘s investing chances.

The company has $ 50,000 in hard currency to put in marketable securities. The option to put in a bank certification of sedimentation ( Cadmium ) that return involvement after 6 months to five old ages. The earned involvement would be reinvested at its adulthood day of the month. The future value of a one twelvemonth Cadmium that pays 10 per centum one-year involvement will number $ 55,000 at adulthood ( Table 1 ) . The future value of a one twelvemonth Cadmium that pays 5 per centum or 15 per centum will number $ 52,500 and 57,500 severally. The other considerations are the bank ‘s process of intensifying the involvement. The BankSouth offers a one twelvemonth Cadmium at 10 per centum involvement that is compounded semi-annually. This effectual one-year rate of 10.25 per centum will give a higher sum of $ 55,125 that the one-year Cadmium. The Bank of America offers a 10 per centum

Certificate of Deposit ( Cadmium )

$ 50,0000


10 %

Annual Interest

10 %

Semi-Annual Interest

( 10.25 % effectual )

10 %

Daily Interest

( 10.52 % effectual )

1-Year Cadmium

$ 55,000.00

$ 55,125.00

$ 55,257.79

5-Year Cadmium

$ 80,525.50

$ 81,444.73

$ 82,430.42

Table 1: Certificate of Deposit Summary.

Cadmium that compounds daily. This consequences in a higher output of $ 55,258 with an effectual one-year rate of 10.52 per centum. The BankSouth will probably offer a competitory rate on its semi-annual compounding Cadmium of 10.3 per centum to give a sum of $ 55,283. The effectual one-year rate becomes 10.57 per centum. The Pensacola Surgery Centers can put $ 50,000 hard currency in a five twelvemonth Cadmium, and have the potency to significantly increase the earned involvement. This will non let other investings to use these financess during this five twelvemonth period. The five twelvemonth Cadmium with involvement compounded yearly outputs $ 80,525. The semi-annual involvement Cadmium sums $ 81,144.73, and the day-to-day involvement Cadmium outputs $ 82.430.

The surgery clinic has the fiscal end of holding $ 200,000 available for the purchase of a patient charge system in five old ages. If the clinic invested a ball amount in a one twelvemonth Cadmium with 10 percent one-year involvement, it would necessitate to lodge $ 124,184.26 today. Another pick would necessitate the sedimentation of $ 100,000 in a five twelvemonth Cadmium with an one-year 15 percent involvement to ensue in the necessary $ 200,000 in financess.

The Pensacola Surgery Center may see the option of an ordinary rente to construct the financess necessary for the computing machine application. The ability to do annual payments to the history instead than an initial ball amount will diminish the sum of hard currency flow deterred from other investing chances. If five one-year payments of $ 32,000 are paid at the terminal of each twelvemonth, the present value consequence is $ 121,305 with an one-year chance cost of 10 per centum. The addition to $ 138,543 will ensue if the involvement is compounded semi-annually. The future value of the rente that pays 10 per centum involvement yearly is $ 195,363, and decreased to $ 176,820 if compounded semi-annually. The one-year involvement necessary to roll up the necessary $ 200,000, by doing the $ 32,000 annual payments, is 11 per centum. Alternatively, the one-year payment of $ 32,759.50 with 10 per centum involvement is needed to make the $ 200,000 in financess. If the payments are changed to $ 16,000 every six months, get downing six months from today, the hereafter value would number $ 254,999 with 10 percent one-year involvement ( Table 2 ) . The future value of the payments with 10 per centum involvement compounded semi-annually outputs $ 201,246. The $ 16,000 semi-annual payment agenda will roll up the necessary financess for the capital outgo.


$ 16,000



Future Value

10 % Annual Interest

Future Value

10 % Semi-Annual Interest

Ordinary Annuity

$ 254,998.79

$ 201,246.28

Annuity Due

$ 280,498.67

$ 211,308.59

Table 2: Future Value of Annuities Summary.

The rente due type is when the payments are made at the beginning of the period. This type of rente will ensue in the adulthood one period past the concluding payment. The present value of the same five one-year $ 32,000 payments will give $ 133,436 with an chance cost of 10 per centum yearly. The use of a 10 per centum semi-annual involvement rate will ensue in $ 145,470. The future value of the rente if 10 per centum one-year involvement is paid outputs $ 214,899, and with 10 per centum semi-annually the consequence is decreased to $ 185,661. The one-year involvement rate of 8 per centum is needed to roll up the needed $ 200,000 financess with the annual $ 32,000 payments. The decreased annual payment of $ 29,781 is needed for an rente with a 10 percent one-year rate. The alteration of the payments to $ 16,000 every six months consequences in $ 280,499 in an rente that compounds at 10 per centum yearly. This is decreased to $ 211,309 if the 10 per centum involvement is semi-annual. The rente due with semi-annual payments consequences in a greater accretion of financess necessary for the computing machine charge ascent.

The Pensacola Surgery Centers would wish to rent out excess infinite at one location for the term of five old ages. This venture will be an estimated $ 40,000 in initial redevelopments. The net nowadays value ( NPV ) of the estimated rental hard currency flow sums $ 58,618 ( Table 3 ) . The future value of the five twelvemonth rental hard currency flow is expected to number $ 76,223 when invested at 10 per centum yearly. The present value of this entire outputs merely $ 47,329 ( difference of $ 11,289 ) when compared to the NPV calculated ab initio. The incompatibility of the clip value analysis is due to the incremental alterations that may go exaggerated with terminal consequences. The director must utilize sensible judgement when construing these deliberate consequences.

End of Year

Net Cash Flow


$ 12,000


$ 14,000


$ 2,000


$ 16,000


$ 20,000

Table 3: Estimated Lease Cash Flow

The farther analysis of the rental will find the dollar return on the investing and include the cost of the redevelopments. The return on investing ( ROI ) of the rental hard currency flow and the redevelopments entire $ 39,390. The per centum rate of return utilizes the internal rate of return ( IRR ) computation. The expected rate of return is 16 per centum which exceeds the 10 per centum chance cost by 6 per centum. The ROI computations support the clinic ‘s fiscal investing in the rental understanding.

The eventuality program if the clinic is unable to roll up the $ 200,000 necessary for the computing machine betterments will necessitate them to borrow the financess. The loan will necessitate annual payments of $ 63,094.16 for four old ages at 10 per centum involvement ( Table 4 ) . The entire involvement plus chief paid at the terminal of the loan is $ 252,376.64. The concern will be able to subtract the annual involvement payments on their income revenue enhancements for a sum of $ 52,376.64.

$ 200,000 Loan




Refund of Principle


$ 63,094.16

$ 20,000.00

$ 43,094.16


$ 63,094.16

$ 15,690.58

$ 47,403.58


$ 63,094.16

$ 10,950.23

$ 52,143.93


$ 63,094.16

$ 5,735.83

$ 57,358.33


$ 252,376.64

$ 52,376.64

$ 200,000.00

Table 4: Loan Amortization Schedule

The use of clip value analysis AIDSs in the fiscal determination devising procedures of the concern ‘s investing direction. The computations attempt to stand for the chance cost of these possible investings. The price reduction rate used to carry on the analysis should reflect the hazard associated with the investing and the hazard of the organisation. Good determinations are based on the apprehension of the concern ‘s fiscal schemes, and the rightness of the analysis to these aims. The station completion reappraisal of investing determinations should be behavior to measure the procedures and consequences.