The Tsar Ivan Ivs Leadership History Essay

He is a brilliant Tsar who subdued the boyars and Lords, conquered the states around Russia with his aspiration. He is besides a spiritual leader standardized Russian ‘s faith and household system. Most significantly, his outstanding leading made Russian no more a weak state which brought the universe a trade name new apparence. Named Grozny ( Terrible ) , he is a boom storm through Europe. That ‘s right. He is Tsar Ivan IV Vasilievich, the first Tsar of Russia, better known today as Ivan the Terrible, has shaped and impacted the history of Russia and Europe. ( Garrard, 2006 )

profiles of Ivan IV ‘s background

The orphan with throne

Merely like many male monarchs who grew up in castle, Tsar Ivan ‘s childhood was filled with castle political relations battles. Although his male parent Vasily III handed down tonss of heritages to him, non merely a strong ground forces but besides the rubric of “ Tsar ” , Ivan had an unfortunate childhood.

Ivan succeeded the throne after his male parent Vasily III died when he was merely three old ages old. Merely after that, the politic battles between the queen trustee – his female parent Elena and the boyar Council ( council of Lords ) broke out. When he was merely 8 old ages old, Queen Elena was killed by toxicant, which is the most celebrated method in Russian politic battle. Despite Ivan believed his female parent died of natural causes, her decease scared immature Ivan and took him a negative influence.


Harmonizing to Payne & A ; Romanoff ( 2002 ) argued, “ As clip progressed, Vasily Shuisky and the subsequent boyars sporadically changed control as Regent due to decease or supplanting of their predecessor. ” Ivan had to be controlled by those powerful Lords. However, the position began to alter when he was merely 13 old ages old. Ivan began to construct his ain guard, Andrey Shuisky. He besides invited the Lords for a feast and accused them of their irreverence behaviours to him. The critical environment in his childhood made him created his barbarous disposition. This is besides a important ground why Ivan performed a dictatorial leading and hash penalties in after old ages.

A good pupil

Another of import thing which has to be mentioned for his childhood is that Ivan had obtained a good instruction and he used to be a smart and inner-directed pupil. This built the foundation of his accomplishments and made him became non merely a skilled public talker but besides a magnetic leader after several old ages.

Czar! A new beginning

The new individuality

Because of Ivan IV, the twelvemonth 1547 became particular for Russians. Since Ivan was coroneted with a expansive ceremonial on January 16, 1547, he was no longer the Grand Price Ivan but with a brilliant rubric, Tsar, which came from the word Cesar and besides represents the Roman emperors. This rubric had been used by Ivan IV ‘s Father, Vasily III but had non been decided wholly. With the rubric Tsar, Ivan treated Russia as the Third Rome and placed Moscow together with Rome and Byzantium.

The lifting power

In fact, this was merely a beginning of Ivan IV ‘s large program that he wanted to declare to the environing states: Russian Empire was built and would go the centre of the Eurasiatic continent. At that clip, he was merely 17 old ages old. In the same twelvemonth, Glinsky, the true power-holder, died in a rebellion caused by a great fire of Moscow. After some failures which brought some negative experience, Ivan began to keep more powers with the aid from his of import follower, Kurbsky, Sylvester and Adashev. Thus his leading became stronger than earlier, even dominated the fate of Russia.

Great accomplishments

Internal policy

When we talk about the great accomplishments and major parts of Tsar Ivan IV, there is nil more important than the development of the politic centralisation. What is centralisation? In field footings, the centralisation is a construct that the emperor controls a state by himself alternatively of to let go of the power to Lords. To heighten the centralisation of Russia, Ivan began to take a series of strong steps since he crowned as Tsar. The nucleus of all strong steps is Oprichnism, a policy that divided Russian sphere into two parts to drive the boyars out of their land and authorise Tsar dominate those lands straight. To neutralize boyars ‘ power and enhance centralisation of authorization of him, Oprichnism was the most appropriate solution for Ivan and Russia at that clip. ( Li, 2007 ) Due to this policy, aristocracy category grew up fleetly. In historiography, Ivan IV ‘s centralisation has its singular advancement for Russia.

External actions

On the other manus, externally, Ivan ‘s accomplishments were shown by wars. The wars all began after the first blood of the Kazan Khanate. Tsar ‘s ground forces conquered Kazan Khanate, Astrakhan Khanate, Siberia Khanate and north Caucasic district, all in Crimean Khanate, and frustrated the aggressive programs of Ottoman Empire. During the period of the wars and territorial enlargement, Ivan proved to be an outstanding military strategian with magnetic leading behaviour. Due to the territorial enlargement, Russia became a multiethnic state.

The mission

The history ever has a batch of pick and you ne’er know which one might be chosen by God. For a state merely unified, there were two possible hereafters for Russia. To be a centralised state with a high power leader or to be divided into many different lands, it is a pick of God. It seems that Ivan IV was playing the function of the 1 who had been chosen by God. Depending on Ivan ‘s leading and aspiration, the incorporate Russia began to confront a superb hereafter. Tsar Ivan IV is the symbol of a powerful monarchy.

Ivan the awful

To the Russian people, Ivan ‘s name, ‘Grozny ( Terrible ) , ‘ invokes precisely what Ivan intended complete fear for amazing power. ( Carswell, 2006 )

As a powerful Tsar, Ivan IV had been called Ivan the Terrible by the Russian people due to his inhumane, intolerant and barbarous character and the slaughters of about 4000 Lords in seven old ages. After the 1560, the decease of Anastasia, his first married woman, made Ivan lost his ground. Ivan the Terrible became unnatural and began to cut down the power of Lords in a ferocious and barbarous manner via the Oprichnism and the Oprichniks ( the agent who is in charge of implementing the Oprichnism ) . Due to his aberrance, Ivan besides killed his boy in the twelvemonth 1581. In add-on, Kurbsky, his of import follower, besides betrayed Ivan because of Ivan ‘s inhumanenesss and absolutism. ( Liu, 2007 )

Even though Ivan IV was ferocious and cruel in his late reign, he was besides considered as a distinguished magnetic leader. In the modern universe, many magnetic leaders besides ruled the state with the manner of Ivan IV. Stalin, the leader of the Soviet Union, besides compared himself to Ivan IV. Stalin is non a really good leader, but who can state that Ivan IV can non be an object of worship?

Leadership Traits of Ivan IV


As the most of import personality trait, assertiveness is a necessary 1 for the high power leaders particularly the emperors. The nucleus of assertiveness accomplishment is to do determinations straight, systematically and strongly. It can assist an emperor rule his state in an effectual manner. To be a Tsar, the swayer of whole Russia, Ivan had to confront a great many jobs including rebellion of Lords, complain of provincials and struggle with environing states. Obviously, each of those jobs could trouble oneself him a batch. But with Ivan ‘s strong assertiveness, everything seemed like a poulet that waiting to be cooked.

The leading trait assertiveness required a leader seize the opportunity brave and courageously. History is an interesting thing because it frequently offers a great many chances for people. But it is different for the persons. During the period of the old ages that after Ivan merely became a Tsar, he declared that he was the nucleus and a powerful swayer of Russia. But Lords despised him once more and purposed to handle him as a marionette continually. Because of Ivan ‘s assertiveness, he caught the chances quickly that offered by the political state of affairs at that clip. By appointed Sylvester and Adashev as his valuable helpers, Ivan broke off from Lords and besides made a batch of positive determination for the state that was traveling to be successful. It seems that Ivan ever came up with a good thought and enforced it instantly without speaking a batch of words. He skilfully took advantage of the contradiction between the provincials and Lords to weaken the baronial ‘s position.

But this leading trait besides took some problems to him because assertiveness drove him to do determinations in an arbitrary manner. Sometimes, the effectivity of his assertiveness might be caused by followings ‘ fright of him. Even so, Tsar Ivan was still a fable that makes the powerful and determination.


From the researches in history, it is non hard to detect a fact that Ivan IV is celebrated for his amazing aspiration. Ambition can be defined as a combination of a twosome of traits involved laterality and motive to accomplish in the top degree. Ivan performed his aspiration in many flooring ways including to get the better of the resistance and to suppress other states.

At that clip, Russia became unified in the clip of his male parent, but did non centralise plenty. Lords were maintaining seeking to split the state and rouse the powers of Ivan. At the same clip, Kazan khanate showed a provocative attitude to Russia. Harmonizing to Nicolle & A ; Shpakovsky ( 2006 ) argued, “ one of the most pressure was a menace from the E and South by Tatar plunderers, while the regional independency of the great feudal Godheads or boyars besides undermined the power of Ivan IV. ” Face to this state of affairs that including both internal and external problems, Ivan showed his aspiration to boyars and Tatar. The Ambition is neither merely words nor even moving for show, but instead an action with true power.

Researching on the relationship between Russia and the Kazan khanate, there had a fact that their struggles caused by territorial difference were so often. The research by Nicolle & A ; Shpakovsky ( 2006 ) supports, Kazan had attacked Moscow six times, while Russian invaded Kazan seven times. With the purpose of capturing Volga River to heighten the influence to the Eastern European states, Ivan ‘s aspiration drove him to believe longer term and decided to suppress Kazan wholly. After two conflicts during the period of Ivan ‘s reign, Ivan was determined to destruct the Kazan khanate, and in 1552 he succeeded. ( Nicolle & A ; Shpakovsky, 2006 ) To function as an overture, followed Russia ‘s Victory over the Kazan Khanate, Astrakhan Khanate, and Siberia Khanate had besides been conquered depending on Ivan ‘s rapidly expandible aspiration

Ivan is a powerful leader who has flames in his blood. But aspiration is non merely his built-in trait but besides formed during his childhood that was filled with castle political relations battles and domination experience accumulated by twelvemonth by twelvemonth.


When we talk about the physical and background traits of Ivan IV, we should get down from the research of his childhood. Harmonizing to Payne & A ; Romanoff ( 2002 ) described the followers:

His lone playfellow during childhood was his deaf and deaf-and-dumb person younger brother, Yury. Much of his downtime clip was devoted to his instruction, which was overseen by priests. Fortunately, Ivan was in a place to have a really good instruction and he rapidly became an intelligent pupil.

From the citation, it can be easy found that Ivan obtained a high degree instruction during childhood. Depending on his instruction, Ivan made it play an of import function in his domination of his state. During the period of Ivan IV ‘s domination, printing had been popularized widely with a high velocity. In add-on, Ivan besides improved and the spiritual system relied on Ivan ‘s outstanding instruction. The development of printing and spiritual system made a part to the procedure of civilization prosperity of Russia. Another thing to be mentioned is that Ivan was peculiarly sedulous at happening new ways to revenue enhancement his topics. ( Mitchell, 2010 ) It was besides a large advancement of revenue enhancement at that clip. Harmonizing to Kivelson ( 2002 ) argued, “ Ivan IV devolved local policing and revenue enhancement appraisal and aggregation onto locally selected agents of small town communities. ” In a word, Ivan ‘s instruction trait affected Russia in the cultural domain.

Leadership Behaviors of Ivan IV

Directing leading behaviour

Obviously, Ivan IV performed his directing leading behavior rather outstanding depending on his noteworthy and distinguishable leading traits which involved assertiveness and aspiration. In add-on to those two obvious traits, there are many beginnings of power achieved him as a directing leader with effectual leading, such as legitimate power and adept power. It can be easy found that Ivan had a strong self-government sing his self-asserting determinations and absolute attitude to his follows. As a leader with a position of unchallengeable authorization and good instruction background, Ivan led the curates in a directing manner allowed of no alibi. For case, he implemented the policy of Oprichnism and appointed the Oprichniks to implement his order. Oprichniks took orders from him straight and executed his bid in his ain manner and attitude.

Harmonizing to Bond, ( 2008 ) argued, “ Ivan was non easy influenced by those who he saw to be opposed to his ends of a centralised Muscovy. The events within his life had taught him to be highly cautious of those around him. ” Ivan ne’er put up with the absurd clutter of words but ever made determinations by himself.

Focus on the organisational features of his directing leading behaviour, it was non hard to see that the organisation what he led was a bureaucratic system doubtless. The system was filled with Lords who brought a great many hindrances to Ivan ‘s reformations and policies. To execute a directing leading behaviour was appropriated for him and his followings for a given state of affairs at that clip. It seems that if Ivan did non execute himself as a directing leader, Russia might be collapsed

Leader wagess and penalties behaviour

“ Tsar should allow people to fear him ; no affair he was sort or immorality. The blade is non for hanging. I will honor those people who loyal to me and expatriate even kill those people who do n’t esteem my order. ” said Tsar Ivan IV himself. In many state of affairss, Ivan performed penalties behavior by utilizing the powerful actions and barbarous method. That is to state Ivan usage penalties behavior as a chief manner to his leading. Without stating excessively many words, penalties still should be considered as Ivan ‘s most common leading behaviour doubtless. From 1565 to 1572, the Oprichnism had been chosen as the most appropriated step to work out the internal job of Russia. Together with Oprichnism and the decease of 4000 boyars and Lords who were killed by him, his penalties behavior performed evidently.

On the other manus, you may experience unusual that this subdivision start with the heading “ wagess and penalties behavior ” . It has a inquiry. Did Ivan ‘s leading behaviours include wages? The reply is yes. Although it seemed that all of Ivan ‘s leading traits and behaviours ware performed in a strict and rigorous manner, the wages existed objectively in his leading behaviours. For illustration, during the period of the several old ages after Ivan merely crowned as a Tsar, he began to weaken boyars and to cling lower and in-between category citizens. His wagess drove the citizens to back up him and against the boyar and baronial category together.

With my recent researches sing Ivan IV, I can pull a decision that many studies in history distorted the things what he had done and exaggerated his barbarous trait. Ivan abused penalties sometimes, but you may be able to understand Ivan ‘s behaviour when you considered it in a new degree – a religion-level. Harmonizing to Chen ( 2004 ) argued the followers:

He built his ain faith state. In this state, God and Jesus was the absolute dominate and he was Uriel, the angel to penalize the evildoers. He built Oprichnina policy by the thought of last judgement in Bible to penalize those people who offend the ethic, bewray the Christianity. By this manner, his Russia would be a pure sanctum land for the Orthodox Christianity.

So it can be seen that Ivan ‘s wagess and penalties controlled Russia efficaciously. The theory of the holy judgement besides provided house protection to the execution of Ivan ‘s wagess and penalties leading behaviour.

Charismatic leading behaviour

From the citation which has been listed in the old subdivision, Ivan was besides really celebrated for his magnetic leading behaviour. Depending on many outstanding traits merely like assertiveness and assurance, Ivan performed his magnetic leading behaviour of course and efficaciously. Such behaviour can be tracked back to his childhood. He began to organize as a magnetic leader in age from 13 to 17. At that clip, his built-in trait and ability drove him to heighten his power and spread out his influence to the political state of affairs. Like many magnetic leaders, Ivan was an effectual talker with good address accomplishments.

He besides inspired his followings ‘ fond regard and trueness to him. After Ivan crowned as a Tsar, his followings believed that he has the holy power given by God. That is the singular advantage of a magnetic leader who had been considered as a power holder of spiritual authorization. It besides led to his personality cult. Even though Ivan made errors sing his policies and actions after 1560, when Ivan lost his head due to the decease of his first married woman Anastasia, he was a great leader who had been regarded as an object of worship particularly during the period when he was still immature and promising.

Ivan IV ‘s Leadership in Hospitality Industry

Can you conceive of that a Tsar taking a place in cordial reception industry? Do you believe that a leader like a Tsar can take his/her employees commendably and swimmingly? The reply is rather seemingly harmonizing to Ivan ‘s outstanding leading and his behaviours every bit good as traits. When imaging the proper place of Ivan in a infirmary, there is no uncertainty that he would be suited for a general director who will act upon his employees to accomplish group ends. The undermentioned treatment will be evolved around his influence to the followings depending on three sorts of leading behaviour as a cordial reception general director.

The directing leading behaviour, which he systematically used, can be used to maximum the efficiency of the staffs and develop people ‘s conscientiousness on their occupation. He will likely offer a end to be completed while his employees must be cognizant of their place and take attempt to carry through the undertaking, particularly the basic and developing degree employees. When confronting a nerve-racking undertaking, his self-asserting trait will steer those employees to accomplish the undertaking courageously and independently. Leading by such directing leader will decidedly doing people more professional and develop these people ‘s capacity to finish the work no affair in squad work or separately. Therefore, a leader like Ivan may acquire a high repute amount the followings.

Base on many research of leading behaviour, most research workers believe that wagess and penalties are the most effectual manner in covering with some specific state of affairss. Wagess and penalties, in certain conditions, can better and press the followings to finish their work seasonably and absolutely. There is no denying that every employee wants to acquire wagess or blessing while avoiding any signifiers of penalties such as unfavorable judgment, tax write-off of wages or excess work. When a leader like Ivan found an employee in the kitchen did non follow the direction in the servsafe which may do cross-contamination during his review of the hotel. Harmonizing to this state of affairs, the employee will have his penalty. Therefore, the wagess or penalties behavior will profit to the full operation of the hotel.

Last but non the least ; magnetic leading behaviour may be most of import to a cordial reception leader, particularly as the general director which in charge of the overall state of affairs. The leader needs a powerful personality to be admired. Seriously, as a general director, the most important occupation is non runing or pull offing the hotel but to go a sprit support to the employees which cohere followings together. Merely by accomplishing this end, will the employees adhere and obey trueness.


Ivan IV, Tsar of Russia, one of the most singular emperors in Russia ‘s history, who enhanced the strong military power of Russia and brought Russia a fusion and effectual evolution.The foremost great accomplishment of Ivan is that he neutralized and weaken the power of boyars and Lords which reduced their position. Furthermore, he led his outstanding ground forces conquered the Khanate of Kazan with his aspiration. In the regard of Ivan ‘s leading, this research paper has been profoundly elaborated and discussed his leading trait, leading behaviour and the application in cordial reception industry.

The life of Ivan is deserving believing deeply, for his accomplishments every bit good as mistake. While the leading of Ivan may non wholly suited for the modern society harmonizing to the development of the history, there are some spirit that deserving people larning. Negative unfavorable judgment may see that he was non a good emperor. However, it is the alone capableness and his bally aspiration led him go such a important emperor in the Russian history. What is more, it is a good illustration for people to research in powerful leading. Finally, it seemed that Ivan himself is a great accomplishment in Ivanian stylings.