The Theme of the Journey in ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’

The Journey

The Journey

When a journey is undertaken, it is non purely a affair of where a individual went, it besides begs the inquiry of how they got at that place ; struggles may come up that shape the person’s life: an point that allows them to go on, even when it seems impossible, even run intoing new people and sharing their emotions and experiences can hold an impact on the lives of those around them. In the novelAlice’s Adventures in Wonderlandby Lewis Caroll, Alice ended up traveling on a journey about by accident: she traveled to a wholly foreign land, where most everything she had learned prior was about useless. By traveling on this journey nevertheless, it showed her how to look at the universe otherwise and see the lives of others in a new manner. This can be viewed in the existent universe through Trade paths. These paths allow people from all over to interact and distribute their thoughts and positions, which created an interrelated web of non merely goods and services, but besides beliefs and civilizations.

Alice’s journey started off with her holding a apparently normal twenty-four hours. She was lying at the river bank merely watching the reeds, while her sister read a novel. She noticed, nevertheless, a small white coney that spoke English ; she was really much surprised by this so she decided to follow it. Making the determination to follow the white coney was the first measure towards a journey that would alter the manner she viewed others in her ain universe. When she entered Wonderland she had no thought where to travel or what to make, she found a drink that read ‘Drink Me’ since she was in a wholly new topographic point, she figured she might every bit good seek it and it caused her to shrivel, along with a bar that read ‘Eat Me’ she went and tried that excessively, the consequence it had caused her to turn in size exponentially. She was faced with the undertaking of utilizing these points to derive entree to the garden. She had to be big plenty to catch the key to the door off of the tabular array, but besides be little plenty to suit through the room access. She tried and tested, but was unable to accomplish the right tallness to do it through the room access, she was approximately ready to give up on of all time doing it through the door “but to acquire through was more hopeless than of all time: she sat down and began to cry” ( Carroll 10 ) . It was get downing to look as though Alice was traveling to give up, and go on to shout. However, as though her white coney brought a fan, and a brace of his baseball mitts, and by utilizing these she was able to shrivel back down to an about normal size. Leting her to go on on her journey, merely when she wanted to discontinue the most, she fought her emotions and continued on her journey. By get the better ofing the solitariness and unhappiness, she learned that it was of import to non allow her emotions command her and maintain forcing towards the finish line.

Similarly, run intoing new people can alter the lives of many, by leting a fresh position of life and the universe. Alice met many new faces in Wonderland, each with their ain alone personalities. When she met the Mock polo-neck and the Gryphon, it gave her an penetration into the life of person who lived in their whole lives in Wonderland. She was able to hear about some of the things they did as they grew older, and it helped her to truly understand how life went on in Wonderland. On the contrary her experiences with run intoing the queen of Wonderland could be portrayed as wholly different. The queen acts more like an intense executioner than a Queen, her most frequented phrase is “Off with their caput” . Close to the terminal of Alice’s journey she decides to stand up to the queen “’ Who cares for you? ’ said Alice ( she had grown to her full size by this clip ) . ‘You’re nil but a battalion of cards! ’” ( Carroll 105 ) . This concluding act by Alice could hold been the flicker for all of Wonderland to contend back against the Queen, eventually leting the people of Wonderland to populate in peace. So her decision making that sufficiency was plenty with the queen may hold impacted the lives of everyone in Wonderland in an highly positive manner. These experiences and mentalities from the lives of those she met in Wonderland could be used to alter the manner she interacts with others in her ain life. It may assist her to understand the life of person who has had it unsmooth, or to be able to hold the bravery to stand up for what she thinks is right.

When a journey is taken, the individual taking that journey may come across an point that helps them to go on on, in a physical or mental sense. It could be anything, a bangle from a loved one, or a arm that allows them to go on on the way that they need to go. InAlice’s Adventures in Wonderland,Alice finds many points that are required for her to be able to go on on the way that has been laid out before her. One chief point would be both Mushrooms, she had taken pieces off two sides of a mushroom that allowed her to turn and shrivel on bid. Therefore leting her to go on into the garden where she had one time failed. “Once more she found herself in the long hall, and near to the small glass tabular array ‘now I’ll manage better this time’ she said to herself” ( Carroll 62 ) . She immediately knew that this point would allow her carry through the mission she set out to make, manner back when she entered Wonderland. Another point that was polar in her journey through Wonderland was the White Rabbit’s fan, since she had ran out of the charming drink that would let her to shrivel back to her normal size. She became disquieted at the idea of being stuck like that everlastingly. Out of nowhere the coney came with a brace of baseball mitts and a fan “she was now about two pess high, and was traveling on shriveling quickly: she shortly found out that the cause of this was the fan she was keeping, and she dropped it hurriedly, merely in clip to salvage herself from shriveling off all together” , with the aid of another charming point, Alice was able to narrowly get away yet another state of affairs ( Carroll 12 ) . These points were the lone manner she would be able to finish her journey through Wonderland.

In the same manner that Alice’s journey involved meeting new people, and sharing in their experiences and emotions. The same can be observed in the existent universe, through the signifier of trade paths. They allow people from different civilizations and all different walks of life to portion their thoughts and communicate narratives from their lives, which will be passed all around the universe, which allowed for a major interrelated web of shared ideas and connexions with huge sums of people. This could merely be compared to the innovation of the World Wide Web, which could be viewed as the replacement to the trade path in footings of interconnected information and thought sharing. More specifically, the trade path known as the King’s Highway ; it began near Egypt, and ran all the manner through the Middle East up to the metropolis of Aqaba. It was formed chiefly for the transit of luxury goods like olibanum and spices from southern Arabia. Even though on the surface it was used for transporting these goods and others likewise, researching a spot farther down you would happen that, it had a major importance in bible history every bit good “The Bible records it as the path that Moses and the “ kids of Israel ” might good hold taken after they fled fromancient Egypt” (

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Many people view journeys as merely, sing a new topographic point or embarking out into the universe for the first clip. However, it is more than merely that, a journey is sing new ways of life, run intoing new people and sharing in their experiences, even covering with struggles that will ever show themselves. Alice’s journey is merely one illustration of a existent journey, the lone existent manner to understand what a journey is, would be to take one. Then by confronting non merely physical, but mental barriers every bit good, so would the existent ground people partake in journeys become clear.