The Tale Of Les Miserables

Jean had done many bad things in the past, but he was determined to do them right. A alone adult male, he wanders the streets of Digne, until he comes upon a bishop who is sort to him. When Jean returns to his old, bad ways, the bishop saves Jean from the constabulary, but merely if he would do a promise to go honest. Jean changes his name, moves to a different town, and starts his ain mill, which makes the town a great topographic point to populate. This made Jean hap

Through his success, he became the city manager of the town, and for one time in his life, he is genuinely happy. However, Jean does non cognize what sorts of escapades await him. He continues his honorable life in the town. He has genuinely started a new life, and had fulfilled the promise he made to the bishop who had cared for him in a heartfelt way.

There one time was a immature lady named Fantine.

She lived a simple life in the fantastic metropolis of Paris. However, she shortly falls in love with a adult male. This adult male has a kid with Fantine. He abandons her.

Fantine had a beautiful girl named Cosette. Now Fantine had to raise her girl by herself. She returns to her place town, but she knows that she is non allowed to hold a kid without a male parent, or else she will be everlastingly shamed.

The immature female parent Michigans at a town along the manner. She gives Cosette to a respectable household who own the hostel. They agree to take attention of the immature Cosette, every bit long as Fantine can direct them money every month.

Fantine travels to her place town of Montreuil. She finds a occupation in Valjean ‘s new mill. She feels she is safe at that place, until some people at the mill happen out about Cosette. Fantine is fired. Without a occupation, Fantine sells herself on the street, making whatever people want her to make. She is arrested.

Javertis the town ‘s constabulary head, who arrests Fantine. He is a cagey adult male.

After being captured by Javert, Fantine becomes ill. Valjean promises to reunite her with her girl. Unfortunately, Javert discovers Valjean ‘s condemnable yesteryear.

Valjean was at Fantine ‘s bedside as her psyche faded off. Suddenly, Javert came to collar Valjean. He eventually confesses his true individuality.

Fantine, being sick, can non bear to see Valjean arrested. She passes off, trusting that one twenty-four hours her girl would be happy.

Valjean is taken into detention by Javert, and he goes to imprison. Even though he tried to lodge up for Fantine, he is ashamed to be back in prison. He does non believe that he belongs in this topographic point.

After a few old ages, he escapes.

Jean Valjean travels to the topographic point where Cosette lives.

He takes Cosette back from the hosts. They both escape to Paris, as Javert continues to run for Jean. For a just sum of clip, Jean and his new comrade are safe.

Soon after, Javert finds where they are concealing out. They flee, finally happening safety in a church. Jean remembers the bishop who took attention of him. This topographic point reminds him of that.

Once once more the two are safe. Cosette eventually goes to school. Jean tends to the gardens.

This escapade is something that Jean could ne’er hold imagined. So much has happened for him in such a short sum of clip. He is merely glad to be with Cosette now.

About every twenty-four hours he thinks about Fantine, and hopes she is proud that Cosette is safe.

Marius Pontmercyis a immature male child who lives with his gramps.

Marius ne’er met his male parent. When his male parent dies, Marius tries to larn more about him. He shortly stops populating with his gramps and goes to jurisprudence school.

There he meets some other pupils. Some of his new friends seem magnetic about political relations.

While in a park one twenty-four hours, a immature lady catches his oculus. It is Cosette. Love at first sight. However, their love is forbidden by Jean. He tries to forestall them from of all time meeting.

Jean is sing Marius ‘s neighbours in the name of the church. But, they are really the hosts who used to take attention of Cosette. Without Jean knowing, Marius ‘s neighbours want to rob him. Marius does non desire this to go on. He overhears their program and studies it to the local constabulary. The robbery is foiled, but there is a surprise. The constabulary inspector was truly Javert, who tries to one time once more capture Jean.

Fortunately, Jean escapes.

Eponineis the girl of the hosts. She falls in love with Marius.

Because of her love for Marius, Eponine helps him happen Cosette, so they can be reunited one time once more. Finally, he makes contact with her. They announce that they are lovers. Jean does non O.K. .

The last thing Marius wants is to lose Cosette. He tries to carry his gramps to let them to get married. He fails. Jean, seeking to protect Cosette, announces that they are traveling to England. Marius returns, and they have already left.

Marius was ferocious. He arms himself and joins other pupils in a rebellion. They manage to capture Javert in the pandemonium. They fight courageously for freedom and democracy, but their program is doomed to neglect. When the battle becomes violent, Eponine sacrifices herself to salvage Marius. Before she dies, Eponine gives Marius a missive from Cosette.

Jean receives missive from Marius, and attempts to deliver him.

Jean Valjean arrives at the conflict. He agrees to kill Javert. But so, he remembers the promise he made to the bishop and Lashkar-e-Taibas Javert free. As the combat continues, Jean takes Marius and they try to get away. They are stopped by Javert.

Javert can non do up his head. He is thankful to Jean for salvaging his life, but besides has a responsibility as a constabulary officer. He is lacerate, and decides to allow Jean travel. Unsure what to make with himself, Javert throws himself into the river.

Marius heals from the conflict. Finally, his gramps lets them continue with the matrimony. Marius successfully marries Cosette.

After much idea, Jean reveals his past life to Marius. Disgusted, Marius attempts to maintain Cosette off from her former caretaker. Jean grows old and lonely.

Jean remains in bed.

Marius shortly learns that Jean had saved his life. He rapidly forgets his disgust for Jean, and is ashamed at his deficiency of trust for Jean. Marius confesses everything to his married woman.

The twosome rejoins Jean, and merely in clip. Jean is comforted by his adoptive girl as he breathes his last breath. He dies peacefully, conceive ofing how he enjoyed his life.

His life was a narrative of tragic loss, but besides one of great felicity. He learned many valuable lessons.

Jean Valjean discovered how powerful love and compassion can be. In fact, these emotions helped Jean acquire through his tough life. He found it in every facet of it—from the bishop, to Fantine, to Cosette, and eventually Marius.

Jean Valjean had a genuinely extraordinary life, and this is a genuinely extraordinary narrative.

Through the characters of Les Miserables, we can see many analogues to our ain lives. Love, compassion, finding, and every other emotion are everyplace we look. Jean learned that it was of import to care for people, as people cared for him. Fantine realized how much it takes to give yourself for person you love. Marius and Cosette understood that true love should ne’er be given up on, even if it comes with a monetary value.

These characters may look extraordinary, but they are n’t truly much different than anyone. They had good times, bad times, and everything in between.

Les Miserables may intend “The Miserable Ones” , but it is genuinely a narrative of fondness, and victory.