The Royal Mail Group Energy Policy Environmental Sciences Essay

The Royal Mail Group, RMG, is a state-owned limited company that is made up from some of the biggest postal and bringing services in the universe ; Royal Mail, Post Office Ltd, Parcelforce Worldwide and General Logistics Systems ( GLS ) . The Royal Mail central offices are in Greater London, along with the Post Office ‘s largest screening office in Mount Pleasant, while Parcelforce and GLS chiefly run from their central offices in Milton Keynes. Royal Mail and Parcelforce deliver packages and letters in the U.K, while GLS trades with international bringings. The RMG has approximately 180,000 employees, and its net income is around the a‚¤330,000,000 grade. The RMG delivers around 84 million points every working twenty-four hours and had a web of 14,376 station offices with gross of & A ; lb ; 9.056 billion, and net incomes before revenue enhancement were & A ; lb ; 312 million in 2006. Since that clip, net incomes have dropped twelvemonth on twelvemonth, doing the RMG to go more efficient in the hopes of salvaging money. [ 1 ]

The chief energy utilizations for the RMG is its legion sorting offices, and their big bringing fleets. This includes lighting and heating the offices, running the sorting equipment, disposing of postal waste, and fuelling, running, and keeping the big Numberss of new waves, autos and trucks that make up the bringing fleet. [ 1 ]

Energy efficiency is the ratio between the utile end product of an energy transition and the initial input. For case a light bulb that is powered by 100j of energy, but merely emits 25j as light energy while losing 75 as heat energy, is non considered to be efficient as we want light energy, non heat. Where as a bulb that runs on 75j and emits 50j as visible radiation, losing merely 25j as heat is more efficient, as more energy is being transferred into the wanted energy type.

To restrict their energy ingestion, and increase their efficiency, the RMG have:

Introduced over 300 dual Dekker dawdlers that can now transport between 53 % – 87 % more mail in one vehicle, particularly to fleets non already profiting from the alternate fuel replacings. This makes the fleet more efficient, leting more mail to be carried each trip, and hence cutting down on the figure of trips needed. This non merely cuts back on the CO2 emanations, but saves the company clip and money in fuel. This has already reduced their one-year milage by 7.6 million stat mis, salvaging 7,000 metric tons of CO2. New downsized vehicles that emit less C have besides been added to the fleet. [ 2 ]

Introduced new path planning engineering to cut down unneeded paths and milage, increasing the efficiency of the web. This ensures all trips are the shortest possible, and hence less CO2 is emitted, and less money is need for fuel. Other steps implemented include reappraisals of material-handling equipment to cut down size and weight, and advancing the usage of teleconference and WebEx installations as a replacement for concern travel in the company. [ 2 ]

Installed new engineering that tells them how the vehicles are being used and will assist to better driver behavior. This ensures that drivers are maximizing their efficiency when drive, and saves the company money on fuel measures [ 2 ] and could cut down operational costs by 10 % . [ 3 ]

Designed all new mail Centres with sustainability in head, including ; 98 % of the waste from their building being re-used or recycled, the CO2 emanations will be 30 % lower in usage than other new physiques, a 700m2 solar wall will heat the Centre in winter, a biomass boiler ( boilers designed to utilize ‘biomass ‘ as energy, workss grown for their energy values, that produces a batch less CO2 than ordinary power beginnings [ 4 ] ) , a high public presentation edifice envelope ( a edifice envelope is comprised of the outer elements of a edifice ; foundations, walls, roof, Windowss, doors and floors. The premier maps of the edifice envelope are to supply shelter, security, solar and thermic control, wet control, indoor air quality control, entree to daylight, and positions to outside, fire opposition, acoustics, cost effectivity and aesthetics [ 5 ] ) , efficient illuming with smart controls, and rain H2O aggregation to be used around the edifice. [ 2 ]

A biomass generator

Introduced new low/zero C emanation vehicles to their fleet. The RMG is back uping the development of the H fuel cell postal vehicles in concurrence with CENEX, and is presenting the first internal burning engine intercrossed vehicle, which runs on gasoline and H to the Royal Mail fleet. Parcelforce Worldwide will shortly be presenting a new new wave fleet dwelling of 1100 Mercedes Benz new waves equipped with the ECO-Start System, which reduces engine idleness, and hence the CO2 production. [ 2 ]

Installed new AMR machines ( Automatic Meter Reading ) in all edifices to maintain their warming, illuming and airing degrees efficient by leting complete control over each system. [ 2 ]

Worked with their catering suppliers Quadrant to cut down H2O usage in their kitchens and bathrooms. This includes replacing their turn lights-outs with percussion lights-outs, and fitted automatic vehicle wash machines with H2O reclaim units to guarantee H2O is wasted every bit small as possible. [ 2 ]

Employed environment efficiency squads to develop and steer each screening office squad in environmental consciousness and energy economy steps. [ 2 ]

In footings of assisting the environment, the RMG:

Has increased their recycling degrees in the last 5 old ages to around 16 % , and a figure of farther enterprises have helped them drive down the volume of waste sent to landfills during the last twelvemonth. [ 2 ]

Are presently working with waste aggregation spouse, BIFFA, on a program to turn over out assorted recycling across the estate over the following 18 months. This will enable each location to recycle plastics, drinks tins, mail consumables such as bag ties, office paper and assorted paper. This strategy could deviate an extra 25-30 % of waste from landfills, and farther cut downing their ain waste disposal costs. [ 2 ]

Has introduced recycling installations in its Head Office for Post Office Ltd, whilst bettering composition board installations in the Crown and Agency web. [ 2 ]

Have used Parcelforce Worldwide to fly activity that sees a cardinal client replace conventional packaging with reclaimable packaging. This step will widen the life-time of its stuffs well. In concurrence with WRAP, this and farther activities will look to offer clients the chance to travel off from disposable packaging and alternatively utilize the latest available options in reclaimable and reclaimable packaging. [ 2 ]

Piloted the construct of unlifelike back-hauling, where distribution drivers return level packed waste composition board from bringing offices to the mail Centre once they have distributed the station. The Manchester mail Centre pilot entirely resulted in the recycling rate increasing from 21 % to 40 % , whilst a similar undertaking in South London has led to a 14.75 % addition in recycling. This strategy was piloted as composition board represented up to 30 % of waste emanating from Royal Mail, accounting for around 34,000 metric tons each twelvemonth. [ 2 ]

Has developed and is trialling a new service called Royal Mail Simply Drop® . This allows consumers to recycle their old and unwanted nomadic phones, digital cameras and MP3 participants for hard currency for themselves or for charity. This service besides lets consumers send in their old ink jet cartridges so they can be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner by Royal Mail. Simply Drop has already been piloted across London, ensuing in about 50,000 devices being recycled to day of the month. RMG is looking to establish the strategy nationally shortly. [ 2 ]

Send their old uniforms and footwear to their spouses, Field Textiles, who deal with them in an environmentally-friendly mode. Over 99.7 % are reused or recycled. [ 2 ]

In decision, the RMG has already greatly reduced their impact on the environment, while doing themselves much more efficient in footings of energy usage. Their methods are province of the art, and have won them many awards, including being one of the first companies in the UK to win enfranchisement under the Carbon Trust Standard, for cut downing their C footmarks through existent decreases in CO2 emanations, instead than countervailing merely. They are go oning to utilize these methods, every bit good as invariably presenting new 1s to do certain they are making all they can to assist the environment.