The Roles Of The Dubai International Financial Center Finance Essay

Established in 2004, DIFC is doubtless the fiscal hub of UAE and the Middle East part at big. It serves the fiscal involvements of many investors in the part and remains as one of the major landmarks of economic prosperity of the state. Indeed, DIFC was founded by the premier curate with an aim of maneuvering economic growing within the state and the part ( ) . Besides, courting investors in the waterless state was an aim in the creative activity of the fiscal centre.

The fiscal centre offers myriads of services to their clients. They include banking services accruing all investors, corporations and persons in the universe ( ) . Besides, the centre provides capital market services affecting gross revenues and purchase of equities, trade good trading merely to advert but two ( ) . Furthermore, it is in DIFC where plus direction services are widely advanced in comparing to other fiscal establishments within the part. With aforesaid services, DIFC has attracted myriads of fiscal establishments that after acquisition of operating licences have started offering their services and behavior concern in UAE ( Terterov, 67 ) .

As an international fiscal centre taking to pull investors from all over the universe, DIFC competes with universe ‘s major capital markets. To advert but a few, NASDAQ in New York, FTSE in London and Hong Kong ‘s capital market ( ) . Nevertheless, due to its particular characteristics like its geographical location and absence of major competitory forces in part, the centre has controlled the fiscal services in Middle East and parts of Africa shrugging any competition with easiness ( Terterov, 68 ) . Additionally, it has used its ability to integrate many fiscal services unlike other fiscal centres.


Qatar Financial Center

The Qatar Financial Centre ( QFC ) is a fiscal and concern Centres established by the Government of Qatar and located in Doha. It has been designed to pull international fiscal services establishments and major multi-national corporations and to promote engagement in the turning market for fiscal services in Qatar and elsewhere in the part. The QFC operates to international criterions and provides a first category legal and concern substructure for those making concern within the QFC. The QFC was created by QFC Law No. ( 7 ) of Qatar and has been unfastened for concern since 1 May 2005. One of the concern countries adopted by QFC is banking which extremely competes with DIFC banking operations. It is a plan of investing of more than $ 140 billion across the full economic system, supported by Qatar ‘s increasing energy grosss, has created new avenues for a broad scope of banking services including commercial and investing banking, undertaking finance, Islamic banking, every bit good as plus direction, private banking and wealth direction. The increasing demand for banking services has created a market with strong potency for companies able to supply new capacity to the fiscal sector.

Ras Al Khaima Financial Centre

The freshly unveiled Ras Al Khaimah Financial City is expected to go a new coevals offshore fiscal Centre ( OFC ) uniting the benefits of a free zone, an seaward fiscal Centre and an offshore concern Centre. RAK Financial City, 3 rd major Financial Centre, after Qatar & A ; Dubai, would provide assorted sort of concerns with easy processs. While DIFC and Qatar Financial Centers are more focussed on offshore fiscal services concern, RAK Financial City will offer a complete bundle of offshore concern solutions including fiscal services. International OFCs are good regulated and attract concerns from across the universe. As companies become of all time more transnational, they find it easier to switch their activities and net incomes across boundary lines and into OFCs. As globalisation becomes permeant, OFCs are going progressively relevant to all sorts of concern activities.

Hong Kong Capital Market

The Banking and Capital Markets industry is one of the most of import industries in Hong Kong back uping its position as one of the universe ‘s prima international fiscal centres and its function is critical to Hong Kong ‘s go oning economic development.A Hong Kong market participants face progressively competitory force per unit area in a market shaped by both international tendencies and important economic, market and regulative alteration in both Hong Kong and Mainland China.A A Banking and Capital Markets pattern brings together planetary fiscal services expertness and in-depth cognition of the local market to supply feasible and effectual solutions for market participants in a broad scope of professional service countries.

Bahrain Financial Center

In modern times, Bahrain was the first state in the Gulf to detect oil – and the first to acknowledge the demand to diversify its economic system. Today, Bahrain ‘s propinquity to major oil manufacturers and flush markets has contributed to its successful development as an acknowledged international banking and fiscal Centre of excellence.

Keeping a regulative environment that is, at one time, business-friendly and adheres to international best pattern is a cardinal component of Bahrain ‘s success as an international fiscal Centre. It is no surprise that over the past three decennaries, Bahrain has built up the Middle East part ‘s largest concentration of fiscal services houses, with over 400 houses at present, stand foring a good mix of international, regional and local participants offering a really broad assortment of services. The fiscal services sector is cardinal to Bahrain ‘s Vision 2030, the design for the development of the state ‘s economic system, authorities and wider society over the coming decennaries. Bahrain is two old ages into the procedure, which the Economic Development Board ( EDB ) is taking under the counsel of His Royal Highness Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince of Bahrain and Chairman of the EDB

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis explicates the concern environment in which the fiscal centre operates. It shows the strengths, failings, and chances of the capital market in add-on to menaces emanating from both external and in internal factors.


DIFC is strong in many countries affecting the enrollment, investings and operations. Foreign investors have derived myriads of benefits while making concern in UAE. The important and the premier benefit that accrues the investors is entire foreign ownership. Furthermore, all incomes and grosss attract no revenue enhancement from the federal authorities hiking investor ‘s assurance ( Terterov, 67 ) . These are major strengths of DIFC.

Furthermore, foreign exchange and repatriation of net incomes earned by the foreign house have no limitations ( ) . The principle is that DIFC operates in an environment where the dollar is the major currency besides the efficiency and transparence that typifies the centre. Extensive connectivity facilitated by high-velocity cyberspace renders DIFC efficient in managing the investors ‘ minutess ( ) . This is coupled with advanced substructure, high degree and modern engineering, first-class steps to procure fiscal informations and prospective concern continuity in the long term. All the above strengths have given DIFC a competitory advantage over its challengers doing it one of the best fiscal centres in the universe.


There are chance for growing and better public presentation for DIFC. Sing that the Middle East and the environing parts have ne’er experienced modern and first-class centre, it is one of a sort in the part giving it an tremendous chance for growing. In fact, the part is a host to over two billion people, with mean gross domestic merchandise of the states in the part climaxing to over 5 % ( ) . Hence, the chance for better public presentation in future is unexcelled.

To capitalise on the chances DIFC encourages the attractive force of liquidness to the states to heighten improved economic success for the local economic systems. In add-on, it facilitates chances where the populace can profit from the operations by originating legion IPOs for freshly privatized companies ( Terterov, 73 ) . The people therefore benefits from the offers taking to more investors for the centre. This is market liberalisation within the part.


The major failing characterizes DIFC regards the enrollment processs and legal ordinances that the investors abide by. The procedure is normally feverish and requires a batch of paperwork that potentially scares away the investors ( Boone and Kurtz, 19 ) . Besides, the concern environment in Dubai dictates that investors need to set up legion connexions and web of other investors in order to diversify their services. DIFC is besides typified many foreign investors and it requires momentous trust for the concern to run efficaciously.


The rise of stronger capital markets in East Asia like the 1 in Hong Kong and Nikkei in Japan represents the external menaces that the fiscal centre contends with in add-on to rampant currency devaluation in China ( Boone and Kurtz, 27 ) . UAE is located in a part filled with political wars and instability, which leads to investors ‘ pessimism. States like Pakistan, Iran and Iraq are invariably marred by force and political instability – detrimental for any concern.


Basically, DIFC is among the fastest turning fiscal centres in the universe comparable to Wall Street and other major fiscal centres. Besides, the centre has possible for growing owing to its competitory advantage. However, it still have to cover with few failings and both external and internal menaces.