The Merger And Acquisition Of Hindalco Finance Essay

Last decennary witnessed turning appetency for coup d’etats by Indian corporate across the Earth as a portion of their inorganic growing scheme. In this concatenation Indian aluminum giant Hindalco acquired Atlanta based company Novelis Inc, a universe leader in aluminum peal and flat-rolled aluminum merchandises. Hindalco Industries Ltd. acquired Novelis Inc. to derive sheet Millss that supply can shapers and auto companies. Strategically, the acquisition of Novelis takes Hindalco onto the planetary phase as the leader in downstream aluminum rolled merchandises. The dealing makes Hindalco the universe ‘s largest aluminum turn overing company and one of the biggest manufacturers of primary aluminum in Asia, every bit good as being India ‘s prima Cu manufacturer.

Followings are the chief issues to be discussed for critical reappraisal

What is the strategic principle for this acquisition?

Were the rating for this acquisition was right?

What are fiscal challenges for this Acquisition?

What is the future mentality of this acquisition?

‘We expression upon the aluminium concern as a nucleus concern that has tremendous growing potency in grosss and net incomes, ‘ ‘Our vision is to be a premium metals major, planetary in size and range… . The acquisition of Novelis is a measure in this way ‘

-Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman, Hindalco Industries.

The company wants to get more and more market with the aid of this acquisition. As we already know the Atlanta based company ( Novelis ) is one among the large aluminum companies and with this acquisition they mostly focus on some other states supplying them steel and aluminum for assorted plants espacially motor industries and auto makers.

The company used to alter assorted schemes for endurance, growing and for profitableness of the company because we know that there is a batch of competition in the market and merely those companies can last those are able to follow the techniques like cost leading and good quality at low monetary value.


Amalgamations and Acquisitions have been the portion of inorganic growing scheme of corporate worldwide. Post 1991 epoch witnessed turning appetency for coup d’etats by Indian corporate besides across the Earth as a portion of their growing scheme. This series of acquisitions in metal industry was initiated by acquisition of Arcelor by Mittal followed by Corus by Tata ‘s. Indian aluminum giant Hindalco extended this procedure by geting Atlanta based company Novelis Inc, a universe leader in aluminum peal and flat-rolled aluminum merchandises.

Hindalco Industries Ltd. acquired Novelis Inc. to derive sheet Millss that supply can shapers and auto companies. Strategically, the acquisition of Novelis takes Hindalco onto the planetary phase as the leader in downstream aluminum rolled merchandises. The acquisition of Novelis by Hindalco bodes good for both the entities. Novelis, processes primary aluminum to sell downriver high value added merchandises. This is precisely what Hindalco manufactures. This makes the bond a perfect tantrum. Currently Hindalco, an integrated participant, focuses mostly on fabricating aluminum oxide and primary aluminum. It has downstream peal, squeeze outing and foil devising capacities as good, but they are far from planetary graduated table. Novelis processes about 3 million metric tons of aluminum a twelvemonth and has gross revenues centres all over the universe. In fact, it commands a 19 % planetary market portion in the level rolled merchandises section, doing it a leader.

Hindalco has completed this acquisition through its wholly-owned subordinate AV Metals Inc and has acquired 75.415 common portions of Novelis, stand foring 100 per centum of the issued and outstanding common portions AV Metals Inc transferred the common portions of Novelis to its wholly-owned subordinate AV Aluminium Inc. The trade made Hindalco the universe ‘s largest aluminum turn overing company and one of the biggest manufacturers of primary aluminum in Asia, every bit good as being India ‘s prima Cu manufacturer. Hindalco Industries Ltd has completed its acquisition of Novelis Inc under an understanding in which Novelis will run as a subordinate of Hindalco.

Features of Indian Aluminium Industry:

This is extremely concentrated industry with merely five primary workss in the state.

The company is controlled by two private groups and one populace sector unit.

The companies Bayer-Hall-Heroult engineering used by all manufacturers.

The Electricity, coal and furnace oil are primary energy inputs for the company.

All workss have their ain confined power units for cheaper and un-interrupted power supply.

The energy cost is 40 % of fabrication cost for metal and 30 % for involute merchandises.

The company ‘s workss have set internal mark of 1 – 2 % decrease in specific energy ingestion in the following 5 – 8 old ages.

The company ‘s energy direction is a critical focal point in all the workss which proves effectual in all respects.

The two workss have declared formal energy policies.

The company is demoing accomplishments in energy preservation are highlighted in company Annual Report.

The energy marks are based on best energy figures achieved in their sector / part and by the works itself in the yesteryear.

By and large, authorities policies were rated as conducive to energy direction.

The high cost of engineering is the chief barrier in accomplishing high energy efficiency that is the ground that the company need to concentrate on cost leading scheme.


Hindalco Industries Limited, a flagship company of the Aditya Birla Group, is structured into two strategic concerns aluminum and Cu with one-year gross of US $ 14 billion and a market capitalisation in surplus of US $ 23 billion.

Hindalco commissioned its aluminum installation at Renukoot in eastern U.P. in 1962 and has today grown to go the state ‘s largest integrated aluminum manufacturer and ranks among the top quartile of low cost manufacturers in the universe. The aluminum division ‘s merchandise scope includes alumina chemicals, primary aluminum metal bars, and notes, wire rods, rolled merchandises, bulges, foils and metal wheels. It enjoys a domestic market portion of 42 per cent in primary aluminum, 63 per cent in involute merchandises, 20 per cent in bulges, 44 per cent in foils and 31 per cent in wheels.

Hindalco Industries Limited has a 51.0 % shareholding in Aditya Birla Minerals which has excavation and geographic expedition activities focused in Australia. The company has two R & A ; D centres at Belgaum, Karnataka and Taloja, Maharashtra. They have been recognized by the Government of India ‘s Department of Scientific and Industrial Research ( DSIR ) .


Novelis is the universe leader in aluminum peal, bring forthing an estimated 19 per centum of the universe ‘s flat-rolled aluminum merchandises. Novelis is the universe leader in the recycling of used aluminum drink tins. The company recycles more than 35 billion used drink tins yearly. The company is No. 1 involute merchandises manufacturer in Europe, South America and Asia, and the No. 2 manufacturer in North America. With industry-leading assets and engineering, the company produces the highest-quality aluminum sheet and foil merchandises for clients in high -value markets including automotive, transit, packaging, building and printing.

Novelis is a new company, formed in January 2005, with a new speed, a new doctrine and a new attitude. But Novelis is besides a by-product from Alcan and, as such, draws on a rich 90-year history in the aluminum rolled merchandise market place. Novelis has a diversified merchandise portfolio, which serves to the different set of industries vis-a-vis it has a really strong geographical presences in four continents.

Alcan won a hostile offer to unify with Gallic aluminum company Pechiney. Both Alcan and Pechiney had bauxite mines, installations to bring forth primary aluminum, and turn overing Millss to turn the natural metal into merchandises such as stock for Pepsi and Coke tins and automotive parts. But the US and European anti-trust proceedings ruled that the involute merchandises concern of either Alcan or Pechiney had to be divested from the merged entity. Alcan cast out its involute merchandises concern to organize Novelis.

But in the spin-off procedure, Novelis ended up inheriting a debt mountain of about $ 2.9 billion on a capital base of less than $ 500 million. That was merely the beginning of its problems. The state of affairs is worse now. Though it marginally reduced debt, it made some losingss excessively. On a net worth of $ 322 million, Novelis has a debt of $ 2.33 billion. That ‘s a debt-equity ratio of 7.23:1. It buys primary aluminum, processes it into rolled merchandises like stock for soft drink tins, automotive parts, etc. , and sells it to clients such as Coke and Ford. But the direction took a incorrect call on aluminum monetary values. In a command to win more concern from soft drink makers, it promised four clients non to increase merchandise monetary values even if natural stuff aluminum monetary values went up beyond a point. A few months after Novelis signed those contracts, aluminum monetary values shot up 39 per cent ( between 30 September 2005 and 2006 ) . To these four clients, Novelis was forced to sell its merchandises at monetary values that were lower than natural stuff costs. These four history for 20 per cent of Novelis ‘s $ 9-billion grosss. But the direction ‘s incorrect judgement led to losingss of $ 350 million ( in 2006 ) .

The company had 36 operating installations in 11 states as of December 31, 2005.


The undermentioned points highlight the of import points about this acquisition of Hindalco for this acquisition: –

The acquisition of Novelis by Hindalco was in an all-cash dealing, which values Novelis at endeavor value of about US $ 6.0 billion, including about US $ 2.4 billion of debt.

This amalgamation of Novelis into Hindalco will set up a planetary incorporate aluminum manufacturer with low-priced aluminum oxides and aluminum production installations combined with high -end aluminum rolled merchandise capablenesss.

After amalgamation Hindalco will emerge as the biggest involute aluminum merchandises shaper and 5th -largest integrated aluminium maker in the universe.

As Novelis is the planetary leader in aluminum rolled merchandises and aluminum can recycle, with a planetary market portion of approximately 19 % . Hindalco has a 60 % portion in the presently little but potentially high-growth Indian market for involute merchandises.

Hindalco ‘s place as one of the lowest cost manufacturers of primary aluminum in the universe is leverageable into going a globally strong participant. The Novelis acquisition will give the company immediate graduated table and strong a planetary footmark.

Novelis is a globally positioned organisation, runing in 11 states with about 12,500 employees. In 2005, the company reported net gross revenues of US $ 8.4 billion and net net income of US $ 90 million.

The company reported net gross revenues of US $ 7.4 billion and net loss of US $ 170 million in nine months during 2006, on history of low contract monetary values. Some of these contracts are expected to go on for following Year besides.

Novelis was anticipating the full twelvemonth loss to be US $ 263 million in 2006 ; nevertheless the company is anticipating to be in black with US $ 68 million net income in 2007. The entire free hard currency flow is expected to be US $ 175 million in 2006.

By January 1, 2010, all the gross revenues contracts will acquire expired and profitableness will increase well from so onwards.

Novelis will work as a forward integrating for Hindalco as the company is expected to transport primary aluminum to Novelis for downstream value add-on.

Novelis has a rolled merchandise capacity of about 3 million metric ton while Hindalco at the minute is non holding any excess capacity of primary aluminum.

Hindalco ‘s Greenfield enlargement will give it primary aluminium capacity of about 1 million metric ton, but this will take a minimal 3-4 old ages to all the capacities to come into operation. Novelis profitableness is adversely related to aluminium monetary values and higher aluminum monetary values on LME ( London metal exchange ) in close hereafter ca n’t be ruled out. However, we expect the aluminum monetary values to be softening in long term and this would be positive for Novelis.

Sing these factors, Hindalco ‘s profitableness is expected to stay under force per unit area and this will resile back in 2009-10. The profitableness will be accretive merely in 2010-11.

The debt constituent of Novelis stood at US $ 2.4 billion and extra US $ 2.8 billion will be taken by Hindalco to finance the trade. This will set enormous force per unit area on profitableness due to high involvement load.

Hindalco ‘s bing enlargement will be Rs. 25,000 crore and as a consequence debt and involvement load of the company will increase further.

CRISIL has placed its outstanding long-run evaluation of ‘AAA/Stable ‘ on Hindalco Industries Limited ( Hindalco ) , on ‘Rating Watch with Negative Implications ‘ . The short term evaluation of ‘P1+ ‘ has been reaffirmed. This would take to higher involvement rate for the company.


The support construction of this trade is unusually different from the leveraged buyout theoretical account that Tata Steel used to fund the Corus bargain. The Tatas purchased 100 per cent of Corus ‘ equity for $ 12.1 billion. Merely $ 4.1 billion of this is being raised by the Tatas. The staying $ 8 billion was raised ( as debt ) and repaid on the strength of the Corus balance sheet. Efficaciously, the Tatas paid merely a 3rd of the acquisition monetary value. This was possible because Corus had comparatively low debt on its balance sheet and was able to borrow more.

But that is non the instance with Novelis. With a debt-equity ratio of 7.23:1, it ca n’t borrow any more. So, the Birlas were unable to make a purchase buyout. To purchase the $ 3.6 billion worth of Novelis ‘s equity, Hindalco is now borrowing about $ 2.85 billion ( of the balance, $ 300 million is being raised as debt from group companies and $ 450 million is being mobilised from its hard currency militias ) . That is about a 3rd of the Rs 2,500 crore net net incomes Hindalco may post in 2006-07. ( It has reported a net net income of Rs 1,843 crore for the first three quarters of this twelvemonth. ) The 2nd portion of the trade is the $ 2.4-billion debt on Novelis ‘s balance sheet. Hindalco will hold to refinance these adoptions, though they will be repaid with Novelis ‘s hard currency flows.


This acquisition was a really good strategic move from Hindalco. Hindalco will be able to transport primary aluminum from India and do value-added merchandises. ” The combination of Hindalco and Novelis establishes an incorporate manufacturer with low-priced aluminum oxides and aluminum installations combined with high-end turn overing capablenesss.

Hindalco ‘s principle for the acquisition is increasing graduated table of operation, entry into high-end downstream market and heightening planetary presence. Novelis is the planetary leader ( in footings of volumes ) in rolled merchandises with one-year production capacity of 2.8 million metric tons and a market portion of 19 per cent. It has presence in 11 states and provides sheets and foils to automotive and transit, drink and nutrient packaging, building and industrial, and publishing markets.

Geting Novelis will supply Aditya Birla Group ‘s Hindalco with entree to clients such as General Motors Corp. and Coca-Cola Co. Novelis has capacity to bring forth 3 million metric ton of flat- rolled merchandises, while Hindalco has 220,000 metric ton. This acquisition gives Hindalco entree to higher-end merchandises but besides to superior engineering, Hindalco plans to treble aluminum end product to 1.5 million metric metric ton by 2012 to go one of the universe ‘s five largest manufacturers.

The company, which besides has involvements in telecommunications, cement, metals, fabrics and fiscal services, is the universe ‘s 13th-largest aluminum shaper. After the trade was signed for the acquisition of Novelis, Hindalco ‘s direction issued imperativeness releases claiming that the acquisition would farther internationalise its operations and increase the company ‘s planetary presence. By geting Novelis, Hindalco aimed to accomplish its long held aspiration of going the universe ‘s prima manufacturer of aluminum level rolled merchandises. Hindalco had developed long-run schemes for spread outing its operations globally and this acquisition was a portion of it. Novelis was the leader in bring forthing involute merchandises in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, and South America and was the 2nd largest company in North America in aluminum recycling, metal hardening and in turn overing engineerings worldwide.

The benefits from this acquisition can be discussed under the undermentioned points:

Post acquisitions, the company will acquire a strong planetary footmark.

The company got exposed with the aid of this acquisition and the company focal point to diversify their concern in some of the states.

After full integrating, the joint entity will go insulated from the fluctuation of LME Aluminium monetary values. After the acquisition of these two companies the aluminum every bit good as Cu monetary values were still at its extremum. It merely means that there were no cost decrease among the monetary values.

The trade will give Hindalco a strong presence in recycling of aluminum concern. As per aluminum feature, aluminum is boundlessly reclaimable and recycling it requires merely 5 % of the energy needed to bring forth primary aluminum. As we all know utilizing garbages is good for any company it increases the profitableness place of the company, it is related with the six sigma.

Novelis has a really strong engineering for value added merchandises and its latest engineering ‘Novelis Fusion ‘ is really alone one. Novelis a large jaint used to cut down its cost with the aid of this acquisition because of the inexpensive labor in India.

It would hold taken a minimal 8-10 old ages to Hindalco for constructing these installations, if Hindalco takes organically route. The company have to keep the immense net incomes for constructing the strong image in India every bit good as while traveling planetary.

As per company inside informations, the replacing value of the Novelis is US $ 12 billion, so sing the clip required and replacement value ; the trade is worth for Hindalco. For Hindalco this trade was most of import as compared to Novelis because Hindalco got a competitory border among foreign markets and as we know that novelis has got 20 % of the aluminum and Cu portion in whole of the market.

Novelis being market leader in the peal concern has invested to a great extent in developing assorted production engineerings. One of such engineering is a merger engineering that increases the formability of aluminum. This means that it can be better used formed into the design demand by the auto companies.

All natural aluminum is processed so that it can be used in merchandises. Forty per centum of the merchandises are rolled merchandises and Novelis is in leader in turn overing concern with a market portion of 20 % .

Any alteration in the natural stuff monetary value is straight passed on to the clients who range from coca Cola to automobile companies like Aston Martin. The large repetitive companies were utilizing the natural stuff merchandises. It includes large drink every bit good as motor auto vehicle companies.

The current gross of Hindalco is really much dependant on the aluminum monetary values and when the monetary values are high they make a larger border, this non the instance with turn overing concern which normally has a changeless border. For Hindalco to develop such engineering will take a batch of clip. Harmonizing to “ Standard and Poor ” it would take 10 old ages and $ 12 billion to construct the 29 workss that Novelis has with capacity of stopping point to 3 million metric tons.


Analysts believe the Birlas are paying excessively high a monetary value for a company that incurred a loss of US $ 170 million for the nine months ended 30 September 2006. In its latest counsel, the Novelis direction has indicated a loss of US $ 240 million-285 million for the whole of 2006. Even in 2005, when Novelis had made a US $ 90-million net net income, its portion monetary values ne’er crossed US $ 30. Fiscal Numberss show that Novelis is non a good pick by Hindalco at least at the monetary value that they paid for the company.


The immediate consequence of the amalgamation is that Hindalco would accomplish its mark of duplicating its turnover to $ 20 billion three old ages in progress. Novelis fits good in the long term scheme of Hindalco.

Novelis is non a deceasing company looking for a Jesus ; Hindalco approached Novelis because they believed that Novelis can give them some concern advantage.

So, why is Hindalco paying US $ 44.93 a portion for a loss-making company? In its counsel, the Novelis direction has indicated a pre-tax net income of US $ 35 million-100 million for 2007. Traveling by the optimistic terminal of the counsel, the monetary value Hindalco paid translates to a market capitalisation.

At a entire endeavor value of US $ 6 billion, Novelis is about 50 % larger than Hindalco ‘s current market capitalisation.

Post-acquisition consequence:


The entire gross for the twelvemonth at Rs. 19,201 crore reflects a growing of 5 per cent over that of the last twelvemonth, despite lower realization on history of stronger Rupee. Rupee grasp, coupled with higher cost due to inflationary force per unit areas, resulted in the autumn in EBITDA by 11 per cent.

These consequences need to be viewed in the position of a really ambitious environment in which they were achieved when virtually all macro-economic factors turned inauspicious. Rupee grasp, responsibility cut, TcRc autumn and grim inputs cost push squeezed borders at both terminals.

The marked strengthening of the Indian Rupee vis-a-vis the US dollar adversely impacted both domestic and export realizations in quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year periods. LME was really volatile and started beef uping towards the terminal of the twelvemonth ; nevertheless the mean hard currency LME for the twelvemonth was marginally lower than old twelvemonth. Significant higher production from our Brownfield enlargements of both Cu and aluminum concerns drove increasing gross revenues volumes in quarter-on-quarter in all four quarters of FY08.

A lower TcRc and lower responsibility differential badly affected the Cu concern. Regardless, concern managed to keep borders on the dorsum of a really strong public presentation in the 4th one-fourth. Higher volumes, better works efficiencies across the board, enhanced by-product/market mix were the drivers.

Aluminum concern reported grosss of Rs. 7,145 crore against Rs. 7,344 crore in the old twelvemonth, while PBIT dropped by 17 per cent from Rs. 2,929 crore to Rs. 2,423 crore. Copper gross grew by 10 per cent from Rs. 10,978 crore to Rs. 12,066 crore, while PBIT saw a fringy bead of 3 per cent from Rs. 517 crore to Rs. 503 crore. Hindalco continues to be the market leader in both aluminum and Cu.

Adjustment for earlier twelvemonth ( net ) under revenue enhancement disbursals represents write back of proviso for revenue enhancement ensuing from alteration in appraisal of revenue enhancement liability on advancement in revenue enhancement appraisals.

Amalgamate consequences:

The entire gross for the twelvemonth at Rs. 60,013 crore and PBIT at Rs. 4,835 crore were up by 211 per cent and 22 per cent severally over last twelvemonth.

Aluminum concern gross was Rs. 47,054 crore and PBIT was Rs. 3,214 crore, while the Cu gross was Rs.12, 340 crore with a PBIT of Rs. 931 crore.

The amalgamate consequences for the twelvemonth include the public presentation of Novelis for the period 16 May 2007 ( day of the month of acquisition ) to 31 March 2008.


The current stage of consolidation and growing has a gestating impact on amalgamate profitableness.

Post the acquisition of Novelis effectual 15 May 2007 ; Hindalco is now a planetary participant with a strong presence in five continents and with a merchandise portfolio which is a natural hedge against the volatility of aluminum monetary values. Novelis has reported a net net income of USD 28 million ( under US GAAP ) for the period 16 May 2007 to 31 March 2008 vis-a-vis a loss of USD 265 million ( under US GAAP ) in FY2007. The reported consequences for the post-acquisition period were favorably impacted by certain income and disbursal points, aggregating to a net USD 21 million on a pre-tax footing, associated with just value accommodations recorded at the day of the month of acquisition.

The improved consequences came on the dorsum of strong operational focal point and addition in capacities in fast turning markets of Asia and South America. Entire cargos increased from 3113 karat to 3150 kt.A Novelis countered rising prices and disputing market conditions in certain geographicss with portfolio optimization, monetary value additions, working capital betterments and decrease in corporate costs. The company ‘s exposure to contracts with metal monetary value ceilings reduced during the twelvemonth. The benefits can be seen in increased grosss and stronger hard currency flows.

Novelis Reported gross of US $ 12 billion in its 2009 financial twelvemonth.


Jan-Sep 2006

FY 2005

FY 2004

FY 2003

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Free hard currency Flows improved by $ 164 Mn