The Meanings To The Story Phoenix Arizona English Literature Essay

After I read the narrative, I have to said the narrative is a long narrative and non easy to understand for me. The writer has two chief characters in the narrative, Victor and Thomas. The whole narrative was happened in Phoenix, Arizona. In fact, I was entire confuse when I stated tested to read the narrative, I asked myself, what does it intend to state Phoenix, Arizona?

I began to read the narrative. Victor, he is one of character in the narrative. His male parent ‘s was decease in Phoenix, Arizona. Besides, he has a friend in modesty but a batch of struggles happen between Victor and Thomas. Harmonizing to the writer said, Victor father died of a bosom onslaught in Phoenix, Arizona. Since Victor further live so far manner, in recent twelvemonth Victor does non to see his farther. Besides, Victor merely talked a twosome times with his farther in telephone. Although Victor without long-run contract with his farther, but he still experience a batch hurting when he knew his farther died in Phoenix, Arizona. In my sentiment, I think Victor feel a batch of hurting because his farther is one of the close friend in Victor life. So, I think the Victor will lose his farther long clip when he thinks about Phoenix, Arizona. Furthermore, Victor did non lot money aid himself to travel to Phoenix, Arizona to execute the last offices for his farther. At this minute, the Victor received the aid from his friend Thomas, they used to be good friends in childhood, but they merely a few contacts in past few twelvemonth.

All in all, I think the narrative is a really good short narrative. In my sentiment, I think the writer usage terse and lively linguistic communication to depict the Victor male parent was decease in Phoenix, Arizona, and Thomas tried to assist Victor transport his male parent dead organic structure to Indian Reservation. In the narrative, the writer describes the Indian life status in Indian

Reservation. Furthermore, the writer had created typical characters-Thomas, he was a loony, surpassing, and love make dream cat. Besides, the relationship between Victor and Thomas is a microcosm of the Indian modesty relationships. The success of escapade is their cardinal measure in the procedure of growing, the success bespeaking a better hereafter for Indian reserves. By and large talking, I think I can larn a batch from the short narrative, such as how to love, how to against the trouble, and how to cover with public relation with other cats. For against the trouble, I would wish to state, we should exceed ourselves before get the better ofing the troubles.

A Rose for Emily ( 29 )

The short narrative is talk about the love narrative but is a love calamity. After I read the whole short narrative, the short narrative makes me experience sad and lurid, but it ‘s fantastic short narrative.

The narrative happened in long clip ago, and the narrative was divided into five little parts to assist author depict a woman-Emily Grierson. The narrative told me — -Emily was deprived of normal relationship with other people, and she tried to withdraw from world. Finally, she was become psychotic. In my sentiment, I think people can hedge world, but we can non hedge the effects of hedging world. Besides, I think this short narrative shows the new South value and behaviour forms are different from old South, and these different make some struggle go on between people and people. In the narrative, the writer usage slang, symbol and other composing method to uncover the corrupt tradition of Emily is a symbol of the South. Furthermore, in the beginning of narrative, the writer told us the adult male

Finally, I think some parts of this narrative really moving, for illustration, when people came into the door, they body was found on the bed. Peoples stood at that place rooted to the topographic point when they saw the organic structure. The organic structure make people experience scared, furthermore, I think people non merely scared of organic structure, it more like a natural inclination to be scared of purdah. At that really minute, the writer describe the people opened a door, but I think author non merely open a door ; it besides opened the door of a alone adult females ‘s bosom. All in all, I think Emily is a hapless victim. Her acrimonious experience has turned her into a dark individual. Possibly she knew other people care about her, but she closed experiencing intended to reject people bring some limited attention to her ; even is the most need for her. In fact, I think Emily has a batch of valuable things, if she can open her Black Marias ; so her life will be as bright and beautiful as a rose.