The Malaysian Industrial Development Finance Berhad

Malayan Industrial Development Finance Berhad ( MIDF ) was established on 30 March 1960 and has become the first and the merely development finance establishment ( DFI ) listed on Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. MIDF was the company that established with the chief intent to advance the development of the fabrication industry in Malaysia by provides the medium and long-run loans for SMEs. The commissariats include financing to SMEs to buy new fixed assets for new industrial venture every bit good as to supply capital for endeavors to undertaking enlargement, modernisation or relocation their concerns.

Apart from this, Malayan Industrial Development Finance Berhad ( MIDF ) as a private sector fiscal establishment have a poorness of forces who are experienced and knowing in the funding for start-up companies and operations of fabrication concerns in the state. Therefore, Malayan Industrial Development Finance Berhad ( MIDF ) had uniting their strength with valuable experience and expertness to go a prima establishment in supplying fixed assets financing to makers in Malaysia. Recent old ages, MIDF has enjoyed the advantages of being one of the Development Finance Institution ( DFIs ) designated by the Government to pull off and pay out capital under assorted particular loan strategies.


In 30 March 1960, Malayan Industrial Development Finance Berhad ( MIDF ) was integrated and the chief purpose set up MIDF was to guaranting entree to funding for manufacturing-based small-and-medium endeavors ( SMEs ) as a portion of Malaysia ‘s scheme to excite the development of industrial sector. In recent old ages, MIDF has transformed into a diversified group to advance as Malaysia ‘s maiden development finance establishment.

Recently, the MIDF ‘s had formed an investing bank called MIDF Amanah Investment Bank Berhad which integrating with Amanah Short Deposits Berhad, Malaysia Discount Berhad, MIDF Sisma Securities Sdn. Bhd. and the former Utama Merchant Bank Berhad. Besides that, MIDF ‘s besides create a Development Finance Division to supply medium and long-run conventional and Shari’ah-based funding for new undertaking every bit good as modernisation, enlargement, and resettlement plan in the manufacturing-based small-and-medium endeavors ( SMEs ) in Malaysia.

Between the old ages of 2003 boulder clay 2009, MIDF ‘s had amalgamation with Amanah Capital Partner Berhad, the acquisition of Utama Merchant Bank Berhad ( UMBB ) , and the constitution of MIDF Amanah Investment Bank Berhad ( MIDF Investment ) . MIDF Group accentuated its aspiration to go a prima fiscal services supplier in three nucleus concern countries, which are investing banking, plus direction and development finance.

Organization structure/ overview

Malayan Industrial Development Finance Berhad ( MIDF ) is an investing keeping company that provides fiscal service, leasing, and industrial hire purchase service to manufacturing-based small-and-medium endeavors ( SMEs ) . The ownership of MIDF was owned by authorities ( 0.26 % ) , foreign investor ( 6.86 % ) and public ( 92.88 % ) . The Managing Director of MIDF was MR. Mohd Najib Abdullah. , figure below is the cardinal executives in MIDF:

Mr.Wahid Bin Ramli

Chief Executive Officer of Amanah Property Trust Managers Berhad

Mr. Allen Nicomedes Lopez

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Abdul Aziz Mustafa

Chief Operating Military officer

Mr. Md. Rahim

Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Discounts Berhad.

Figure 1: Key Executive of MIDF

Besides that, MIDF is a big company which had more than 1100 employee in whole Malaya and the company operates in four sections, which are Investment Banking, Development Finance, Asset Management, and Industrial Property.

The first division in MIDF is Investment Banking division which in charge to provides fiscal consultative, underwriting of equities and debt instruments, exchequer activities, and equity-broking services. The 2nd division is Development Finance division which is responsible to provides medium and long-run funding for new undertakings, enlargement, modernisation, and resettlement plans. Besides that, it besides provides funding fund to fabrication, manufacturing-related services, substructure and public-service corporations, and touristry sectors in Malaysia.

However, the 3rd division is Asset Management division which provides investing direction services, every bit good as engages in venture capital activities and invests in companies that require fund for enlargement and growing. And the last division is Industrial Property division which assisting to develops industrial estates for sale and rental to industries and concerns in Malaysia. It besides provides other service such as logistics and warehousing services, every bit good as engages in the building of residential belongingss. Figure 2 had show the MIDF group corporate construction ( Notes: The below construction does non include hibernating companies and companies which are presently under voluntary winding-up procedure. ) .

Figure 2: MIDF Group Corporate Structure

Vision and Mission/ Objective and end

The mission of Malayan Industrial Development Finance Berhad ( MIDF ) is to assist clients/customers to thrive and back up state economic growing by supplying diverseness superior merchandises and service in investing banking, development finance, plus direction and industrial belongings

The vision of MIDF is to be reputable and preferable integrated fiscal services supplier by making superior value for the stakeholder. Besides that, MIDF will be continuously progressive and advanced in using strong expertness in capital market to endeavor for chances that strengthen competitory place.

Apart from this, the nucleus value of MIDF was unity, committedness and excellence. The value of unity agencies to prosecute the highest criterion of societal and ethical behavior in all our traffics with the clients, stockholders, employees and the populace. The 2nd value is commitment which is define as to hold dedication and ardor to finish and win all undertakings and ever strives to accomplish excellence in supplying superior services to our clients. And the 3rd value is excellence to present superior criterion of services with needed cognition and expertness.

In add-ons, the aim of Malayan Industrial Development Finance Berhad ( MIDF ) can be spliting into 3 parts, which are human capital development, image & A ; stigmatization and community. First, the Human Capital development is to help and recognize the national docket in developing human capital particularly in the field of Development Finance. Besides, MIDS will offer revising workplace integrating equal chances for employments, calling promotion and work life balance. Second portion is Image & A ; Branding portion which enhances MIDF repute and trade name non simply in the best service committedness within the concern but besides amongst the communities and employees as socially responsible corporate organisation, partnering the Government in all attempt toward state edifice.

Last, the aim of Community is to make consciousness on nature resource and environment preservation. MIDF besides embraces corporate administration and poises ethical concern policy which outlines the company ‘s place on socially responsible in puting and financing country.


Malayan Industrial Development Finance Berhad was involved investing banking, plus direction, development finance and other concern such as Venture Capital, Serviced Residency, Issuing House and Share Registrar and Money Broking. In investing banking sector, the MIDF was involved in Debt Capital Market, Corporate Finance, Treasury and Equity Market. The Debt Capital Market offers consultative services to prospective issuers including and set uping debt securities. The Debt Capital Market squad has to day of the month brought many trades to the market, underlining their ability to implement minutess successfully. MIDF Debt Capital Market squad provide optimal fiscal solutions to assist clients to construction difference type of debt as they undertake the promoting, managing, set uping, subventioning and covering with Private Debt Securities, Islamic Securities, Asset Backed Securities and Underwriting.

However in Equity Market, MIDF ‘s stock broking services allow company, institutional, corporate and retail clients to take the precisely manner to put in the equity markets to outdo suit client ‘s single demands. The service include Stock & A ; Shares Trading, Share arrangements, Underwriting of Stocks & A ; Shares, Share border funding, Market research & A ; public presentation analysis, Authorized Depository Agent and Custody & A ; nominee services.

The MIDF offers a broad scope for clients to put in Conventional Treasury and Islamic Treasury, including common financess, insurance companies, pension financess, corporations, authorities bureaus and domestic interbank parties. MIDF offers thoughts and advice every bit good as trade on a diverse scope of Conventional and Islamic money market and capital market fiscal instruments. However the MIDF ‘s Corporate Finance Department provides consultative services in the countries of Amalgamations and Acquisitions, Initial Public Offerings on the chief board, 2nd board and Mesdaq Market of the Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad, Establishment of Real Estate Investment Trust, capital lifting from primary and secondary equity and equity-linked offering and other related consultative services.

In plus direction sector, MIDF provides discretional and non- discretional authorizations to corporate, institutional and single clients. The chief aim is to accomplish the optimal entire returns on the client ‘s assets and commensurate with the grade of hazard specified as acceptable by the clients.

On the other custodies, MIDF ‘s Development Finance Division provides medium and long-run conventional and Shari’ah-based funding for new undertakings for enlargement, modernisation and resettlement plan in the fabrication, manufacturing-related services and services sector in Malaysia. MIDF is designated by the Government of Malaysia which focuses on little and average endeavors to treat application for financing under soft loan strategy. Below are the soft loan strategies.

Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad ( CGC )


The Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad ( CGC ) is the exclusive supplier of warrant and accessory service to assist Small and Medium ( SMEs ) with no collateral to gets loans from fiscal establishments. In 1972, CGC was established on 5 July in and is based in Petaling Jaya. CGC was founded under the Companies Act 1965 and it ownership belongs to Bank Negara Malaysia ( 76.4 % ) and commercial bank ( 23.6 % ) .

In the beginning, CGC was focused on aid little endeavors in the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors. In 1973, CGS was introduced the Credit Guarantee Corporation Guarantee Scheme ( little loans ) , credits installations eligible for warrant under the strategy could be used for working capital or for capital assets. The sum of the single loans is depending on the intent and size of the endeavor.

Since 1994, Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad ( CGC ‘s ) mark groups have been develop to include moderate-sized concerns so as to better complement the authorities ‘s attempts in advancing and spread outing concerns in certain industries,


Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad is the taking supplier of recognition sweetening in Malaysia and it has been instrumental in the constitution of more than 365,000 SMEs since its origin 37 old ages ago. The CGC providing loans guarantee coverage for partially secured every bit good as unbarred recognition installations from RM10,000 up to RM10 million to assist SMEs.

Presently, CGC has 16 subdivisions countrywide and CGC besides represented by all the commercial bank and finance companies. The CGC manages feasible recognition warrant strategies with the participant of its spouses ( imparting establishment ) which has more than 2,600 subdivisions in Malaysia. However, Credit Guarantee Corporation Berhad aid SMEs from the based for industrial development by the aid of the Government. CGC took a holistic attack to enlargement the merchandises and play portion as consultative service on fiscal and concern development.

In early 2006, CGC was embarked on its 3-years concern transmutation program and strive to transform CGC from traditional warrant supplier into an effectual and financially sustainable establishment that provides assortment merchandises and service for SMEs at competitory footings. The major focal point of its new mission is for the Corporation to accomplish fiscal independency by ablactating itself from its current dependance on subsidised financess from the authorities and Bank Negara Malaysia ( BNM ) . Hence, the CGC now classified as a Development Financial Institution.

Organization structure/ overview

The CGC is committed to the highest criterion of corporate administration. As a regulating corporation, the board is to the full cognizant of its duty and Acts of the Apostless in the best involvement rate of the corporation. Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad was engages in the preparation and direction of feasible recognition warrant strategies and its aid SMEs via the networking of subdivisions of the commercial Bankss and finance companies by supplying warrant coverage for partially secured and unbarred recognition installations if fabrication and other sectors.

The president of CGC was Dato ‘ Zamani Abdul Ghani and Managing Director was Datuk Wan Azhar Wan Ahmand. Figure 2 is demoing the organisation chart in CGC.

Figure 2: Organization chart of Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad

Vision and Mission/ Objective and end

The primary aim to set up CGC is to go a exclusive supplier of warrant strategies and accessory services to help Small and Medium Enterprises ( SMEs ) those without collateral or with unequal collateral to acquire loans from fiscal establishment. Besides that, CGC besides playing a function to complement the Government ‘s attempt to advancing and developing concern sector to spurring the economic system.

The mission of Credit Guarantee Corporation Malaysia Berhad is to heighten the viability of little and average endeavors through the proviso of merchandises and services at competitory term and with the highest grade of professionalism, expertness, effectivity and efficiency. However, the vision of CGC was to be an effectual fiscal establishment dedicated to advancing and excite the growing of competitory and dynamic little and average endeavors.


As Malaysia ‘s prima recognition foil for more than three decennaries, CGC has to day of the month been instrumental in the constitution of more than 365,000 concerns, vouching over RM36 billion worth of loans. It presently offers both conventional and Islamic warrant installations for SMEs from the assorted sectors of the economic system and the warrant coverage ranges from 30 % to 100 % .

However, there have 7 warrant plans that CGC provide to SMEs. The CGC loosely categorized as chief strategies and plan loaning strategies which are Credit Enhancer Scheme. Islamic Banking Guarantee Scheme, Direct Access Guarantee strategy, Islamic Direct Access Guarantee Scheme, little Entrepreneur Guarantee Scheme, Flexi Guarantee Scheme and Franchise Financing Scheme.




Intensive care unit



Lead Agencies


-promoting -promotion -providing -technical – preparation & A ; -providing

-marketing & A ; developing handiness support & A ; direction substructure


( CGC ‘s major stockholder )


-incentive to finance R & A ; D


Supervision & A ;



( Explicating policies )


Fiscal Institutions

Figure 4: Relationship between CGC and Related Government Agencies.

NSDC- National SME Development Council

MITI- Ministry of International Trade and Industry

MECD- Ministry of Entrepreneurial and Cooperative Development

MOF- Ministry of Finance

MOSTI- Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation

MHR- Ministry of Human Resources

ICU- Implementation and Coordinating Unit, Prime Minister ‘s Department

BNM- Bank Negara Malaysia ( the Central Bank of Malaysia )

Lembaga Tabung Haji


In earlier old ages, many of Malayan Muslim particularly those from rural country which are used traditional methods of salvaging made them enables to execute Hajj. E.g. they keep their money in pillows under mattress or they purchased land and sold it subsequently to acquire the money needed for Hajj. However, these traditional methods were really hazardous in term of securities and value depreciation. Besides that, these traditional methods of salvaging money are damaging to the rural economic system and urban economic system of Malaysia. As a consequence, pilgrims face troubles and fiscal adversity upon their return from the hajji.

To get the better of these jobs, one of the undertakings was constitution of a salvaging establishment that carries out its activities harmonizing to Shari’ah rules. This undertaking was propose by Royal Professor Ungku Abdul Aziz and he submitted a plan- ” A Plan to Better the Economic Position of Future Pilgrims ” to the authorities in 1959. In his program, he recommended that future pilgrims should hold save in bank of fiscal establishments which was untainted by Riba but still derive net incomes. This suggestion marked as the beginning of the formation of Tabung Haji.

However, the construct paper refering to the organisation and activities of Tabung Haji was presented to Seikh Mahmound Al-Shahltut who is Rector of Al-Azhar University of Cairo. After he investigates the paper, he was convinced and believed that the recommendations made were non violate to Islamic Laws. In August 1962, The Pilgrims Saving Corporation was incorporated and was launched on 30 September 1963.


Tabung Haji get downing its concern in 1963 with lone 1281 members and entire sedimentations of Rm46,600, the quasigovernment organic structure ( under parliament act 1969 ) now has an around 4 million history holders and more than 2 billion USD sedimentations. In 1969, the corporation was merged with the Pilgrims Affairs Office which had been operate since1951 in Penang giving cert. to the Pilgrims Management and Fund Board under the Laws of Malaysia Act 8, the Pilgrims Management and Fund Board 1969 and Act A 168, the Pilgrims Management and Fund Borad ( Amendment 1973 ) .

Apart from this, Tabung Haji has 12 subordinates and engaged from the traditional sectors of agricultural, plantation or existent estate concern to modern information engineering. In 1995, Tabung Haji has been allowed to use its operating model under an amendment in the act, and now, Tabung Haji is able to widen its concern activities even in outside Malaysia.

Organization structure/ overview

Tabung Haji ( MalayA Jawi: A O?O§O?U?U O­O§O¬A 1 ) is the Malayan name for the Pilgrims direction and Fund Board or we can name it Lembaga Tabung Haji. This organisation was formed in 1963 and was once known as Lembaga Urusan dan Tabung Haji ( LUTH ) . The central office is located at Kuala Lumpur. Besides that, the chief map of Tabung Haji is to administrate and wholly manage of Malayan to travel for Hajj. Apart from administer Malaysian spell for Hajj, Tabung Haji besides will ease salvaging for the pilgrim’s journey to makkah through investing in Shariah-compliant vehicles. Below is the organisation chart of Tabung Haji.

Prime Minister ‘s Department

Fiscal Advisory Council

Board of Directors

Hajj Operations Advisory Council

Finance Committee

Welfare Committee

Director General

Administration and Quality Department

Investing Department

Finance Department

Hajj Department

Figure 5: Organizational Structure Tabung Haji

Vision and Mission/ Objective and end

The aim of Tabung Haji is to enables Muslims to bit by bit roll up nest eggs and used them for Malayan Muslims disbursals in executing the pilgrim’s journey or for other intents good to them. Besides that, Tabung Haji besides enable Malayan Muslims to take part in investings in industry, commercialism, plantations and existent estate through their economy harmonizing to Islamic rules and supply protection, control and public assistance of Muslims while on pilgrim’s journey through the assorted installations and services of Tabung Haji.

The ends if Tabung Haji is to render the best service to Malayan pilgrims through the public presentation of the Hajj and to give the maximal return on their nest eggs.


Tabung Haji has provided a merchandise that satisfies two cardinal human demands, which are spiritual every bit good as fiscal. In order to able run into the fiscal demand for executing Hajj, Malaysian Muslims used to salvage money in unsystematic and traditional methods which is free of Riba, they less to maintain their economy in conventional Bankss merely because these Bankss are non operate in Riba-free BASIC.

Tabung Haji operates as an alternate fiscal establishment supplying halal investing chances to Malayan Muslim depositors. Its activity can be classified in three major classs, which is Haj service, Depositor and Investments. In class of sedimentations, any Muslims can make his histories with Tabung Haji with minimal monthly installment Rm10 for grownup and Rm2 for kids. Tabung Haji has a web of 111 local subdivisions that collect the economy, besides, members besides can lodge their economy through station office while decrease from monthly income is another manner of aggregation. An extra installation for histories holder is Tabung Haji provide an particular backdown web services to the history holder during Hajj in Saudi Arabia.

Apart from salvaging sedimentations, Tabung Haji besides has an investing council which responsible to advice and manage with investing affairs. Tabung Haji marks multifaceted investing undertaking under the Shari’ah rules. Tabung Haji activities are managed under the undermentioned Shari’ah Principles:


Al-Bai’Bithaman Ajil



Al-Qardhul Hasan


The multi-facted undertakings which provide by Tabung Haji include short and long-run investings, unit trust investing, existent estate investings for office and commercial usage, equality investings, strategies offered by authorities and investing in subordinate companies. In 1995, Tabung Haji has been allowed to spread out their operating model and now is able to extand its concern activities even in foreign countries.Profits that earned from investing will impart to the depositors ‘ histories, which is “ fillip ” , it is non merely revenue enhancement free but besides exempted from ” zakat ” .

However, Tabung Haji besides plays an of import function in easing the public presentation of Hajj. The most important is the cost facet, the costs involved in executing Hajj for Malaysian are lower than other states like Indonesia and Singapore.This is because Tabung Haji is in place to subsidise many of the disbursals involved in Hajj direction. Tabung Haji has an sole section responsible to in charge all the service required in regard of Hajj. In add-ons, security, public assistance, medical and other exigency service during Hajj are provided free of charge.

Sabah Development Bank Berhad


Sabah Development Bank Berhad ( SDB ) was incorporated on 9 August 1977 under the name of Bank Pembangunan Sabah as a populace limited company under the Companies Act 1965. The undermentioned twelvemonth, Bank Pembangunan Sabah changes its official name to Sabah Development Bank Berhad and its granted with specific consent from the Federal Ministry of Finance to utilize the word “ bank ” in its company name.

The constitutions of SDB by the State Government of Sabah shows the desire of Sabah authorities province to make a web of fiscal establishments that can react and are capable and effectual in achieve the demands of economic development in the province.

In June 1978, Sabah Development Bank Berhad ( SDB ) starts operation its first office at Wisma Sabah in Kota Kinabalu under the direction of Tan sri Hj Abdul Majid Khan ( first president ) and Datuk Richard W.Maning ( as the first pull offing manager and main executive. In 1981, Sabah Development Bank Berhad moved its office to the Berjaya Headquarters Builiding Karamunsing, after 4 old ages, SDB relocating to the current reference at Wisma Tun Fuad Stephens.

In 1996, Sabah Development Banks was privatized when it was acquired by Sabah-based Investment Holding Company and Suria Capital Holdings Berhad. However, SDB was re-acquired by the State Government of Sabah to do SDB go an active fiscal mediator of the State Government in 1999 until today.


Sabah Development Bank Berhad, is a development bank which offers fiscal and non-financial services to public and private sector undertakings in order to further a strong and healthy corporate engagement in the growing of economic system Malaysia.

Besides, SDB embrace an thought to heightening the entrepreneurial and corporate development to supply economic dynamism and growing, peculiar in Sabah. SDB besides playing function and act as fiscal mediator for the province of the State of Government Sabah and its bureaus to involved in the development of the substructure and public undertakings such as the building of roads, Bridgess, low-priced houses, H2O supply and port extension undertakings.

The development will be focused in set uping a smart partnership in any feasible project in carry throughing their functions as a DFI with a film editing border and aspire to be the taking DFI in Sabah.

Organization structure/ overview

The company is incorporated as a public company which entirely owned by the State Government of Sabah.

Figure 6: Sabah Development Bank Berhad ( SDB ‘S ) Group Structure

The president of Sabah Development Bank Berhad is Mr. Peter Siau Wui Kee and The Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer was YBhg. Datuk Peter Lim Siong Eng. The organisation chart of SDB is demoing in figure 7.

Figure 7: Organization Chart of Sabah Development Bank Berhad

Vision and Mission/ Objective and end

The vision of Sabah Development Bank Berhad is to go the prima Development Financial Institution ( DFI ) in Sabah and to be the DFI that remains on the cutting border in Malaysia. Sabah Development Bank Berhad besides puting company missions as their guideline to run their concerns.

The first mission is endeavoring to supply sound and prompt fiscal and consultative services to the Sabah State Government and its bureaus. Second, is to find venture into every facet of development banking for both public and private sectors. And the last mission is to construct a Bank of unity and raising the people who are Skillful, Adaptable, Believable, Accountable and Honorable ( SABAH ) in his personality and abilities.


The activity that involved by the SDB is to maps as State Government ‘s Financial Intermediary and is committed to raising the financess for undertakings undertaken by the Sabah State Government, and SDB besides become a adviser to consultative service to the authorities and its bureaus related to project funding and investing affairs and command the excess financess of the authorities.

The company provides capital support for the development of substructure and public undertakings, such as the building of Bridgess, roads, houses, and H2O supply and port extension installations, every bit good as undertakings in agribusiness, touristry, and fabrication sectors. Furthermore, SDB imparting portfolio comprises undertaking and bridging finance, finance for fixed assets, working capital, and little and average industries ( SMEs ) . Below is the activities and service that provide by SDB:

A Lending

A Islamic Banking

A Loan Syndication

A Corporate Advisory

A Venture Capital/Equity Participation

A Government ‘s Financial Intermediary and Other Servicess

The company provides loan syndication services ; corporate advisory services for undertaking investigate and ratings. Besides, SDB offers venture capital/equity engagement services ; and Government ‘s Financial Intermediary services. In add-on, it besides offers undertaking rehabilitation services ; organizes conferences, seminars, and workshops ; and publishes a regular economic bulletin for the general populace.

Sabah Development Bank Berhad offers its services through a staff force that pursues a mission to foster a people that are Skillful, Adaptable, Believable, Accountable and Honorable. In this manner, SDB enterprises to travel frontward with strong assurance as a respected and financially sound establishment towards the ambitious universe of the fiscal industry

Sabah Credit Corporation Berhad


Sabah Credit Corporation ( SCC ) was established in 1955 at Sabah, Malaysia. The earlier name of Sabah Credit Corporation ( SCC ) was called North Borneo Credit Corporation ( NBCC ) .

In 15 June 1955, the North Borneo Credit Corporation ( NBCC ) was founded under the Credit Corporation Ordinance No.1 of 1955. North Borneo Credit Corporation get down their operations with a establishing grant of RM1 million from portion of Nipponese Compensation Fund. At that clip, NBCC was under the British Colonial Administration and was manned with grain staff strength of four. However, North Borneo Credit Corporation ( NBCC ) changed its name to Sabah Credit Corporation ( SCC ) in 1972. In 1981, the activities of the Corporation are governed when the regulation was replaced by the province Enactment No. 22 of 1981.


The Sabah Credit corporation was founded in 1955 which to advance the economic growing in Sabah through the proviso of medium and long-run recognition for private investing. It helps to develop light industries, store house, agribusiness, carnal farming, conveyance, piscaries and domestic fowl. The resources of the corporation are derived to big extent from low involvement loans from the Sabah authorities.

The headquarter of Sabah Credit corporation was located at Kota Kinabalu and run throughout the State of Sabah with local networking of 11 District Client Center and 5 Collection centre.

Sabah Credit Corporation will go on its attempt to the betterment of the socio-economic of the province and strive to supply high quality service to guarantee client satisfaction in footings of treating velocity, attractive involvement rate, advanced fiscal merchandises and service. Furthermore, SCC besides accent in good corporate administration, hazard direction, intensive KPIs, ICT and human capital will be the chief cardinal pillars for SCC to continually come on.

However, the pattern of corporate finance is critical to SCC ‘s strategic placement program as SCC transform from government-support organisation to self-sufficient organisation. Sabah Credit Corporation believes that is of import set planetary rules that guide the members in streamlining and regulate the personal businesss of the Corporation to maximising long term value for the authorities province and the involvement of stakeholders. In recent old ages, SCC has involved the procedures and system that enhance good corporations ‘ administration through the behavior of regular position for continual betterments.

Organization structure/ overview

The ownership of Sabah Credit Corporation was to the full owned by the Sabah authorities province in Malaysia and operates under the country of the Sabah State Ministry of Finance. SCC is a type of development finance establishment and had about 210 employees.

The Chairman of SCC was YB Teo Chee Kang, JP whose taking the corporations and the Deputy Chairman was Datuk Mohamad Bin Jafry and the Sceretacy/ General Manager is Datuk Vincent Pung Yee Kiong. Figure 8 demoing the construction of Sabah Credit Corporations.

Figure 8: Sabah Credit Corporation Organization Chart.

Vision and Mission/ Objective and end

The chief aim of the Sabah Credit Corporation is to assist contributes toward the socio- economic system development of Sabah. SCC playing a function as a fiscal establishment, the corporation complements the Sabah State Government ‘s attempt by offers fiscal credits to advance and promote private investing affecting agribusiness, development of rural and urban lodging, light industry, public utilities and comfortss.

The vision of Sabah Credit Corporation was “ To Make a Difference ” by devote to the province ‘s Economic and Social Agenda. Besides that, the mission of Sabah Credit Corporation has 5 identify keys strategic to back up the vision.

The first aim was to better plus quality through commanding non-performing loans and pull offing investing hazards. The 2nd aim is to engrafting leading and answerability within the company by rejuvenating human capital through development plan. Beside hat, SCC emphasis their mission which is lending to the environmental betterment through supplying fiscal credits to organic husbandmans in order to advance organic agriculture patterns. Furthermore, SCC besides accent in supplying easy loans to little concerns by presenting community loans to control out the lifting phenomena of unaccredited money loaners. And the last mission was assisting the lupus erythematosus fortunate through apportioning one-year financess for community undertakings.


The activity of Sabah Credit Corporation is supplying medium and long-run recognition for private investing, such as personal recognition loans/ executive loans, residential belongings loans, hire purchase loans and undertakings development loans. For illustration, The undertakings loans is provide to financing undertakings or concern such as agribusiness and animate being farming, purchase of store house, bridging, and professional and a bumiputera particular strategy nevertheless the hire purchase loans is to supply fiscal recognition to civil retainers for purchase furniture, personal computing machines, electrical goods, bikes and autos.

Besides that, Sabah Credit Corporation besides involved in charitable undertakings in1997 called Sabah Credit Corporation Social Corporate Responsibility ( CSR ) plans. CSR is a plan which launched as portion of the Corporation ‘s new developing plan PRIDE. The plans involved in execution of a smaller size community and charitable undertakings, implemented on coaction BASIC between the worker of the Corporation and the donees of the undertakings. In add-on, the Sabah State Government allowed SCC to use 5 % of the SCC ‘s one-year net income after revenue enhancement for this plan. These plans are located at assorted locations and have benefited 1000s of Malaysians in Sabah.

The CSR plan involved in assortment of undertakings, precedence is given to undertakings that have related with instruction, individual female parent, kids, adult females and the disable in the rural countries. Besides that, CSR besides involved in the buildings of school inns, mini library, clinic, H2O gravitation, adult females and vocalist female parent centres, larning and activity centres for the disable and the less fortunate, suspension span and other that O.K. by the SCC