The Impact Of Portfolio Investment Finance Essay


This survey explains the relationship between Foreign Investors Portfolio Investment ( FIPI ) and KSE-100 indexA on the footing of day-to-day footing gathered informations from financial twelvemonth 2009 to 2010 ( till October ) . Both of the variables under consideration are really of import because foreign portfolio investing is one out of the major supports to stable the value of place currency against foreign currencies and KSE-100 index shows the overall tendency of stock market. This survey uses simple additive arrested development theoretical account to mensurate the relationship between these two of import variables. Consequences of this survey show that there is positive ( non important positive ) relationship between variables. The consequences show that foreign portfolio investings have a positive impact on KSE Stock Market that is the chief stock market of Pakistan.

cardinal words:

Foreign Investors Portfolio Investment

Karachi Stock Exchange, KSE 100-Index


This research is carried out to happen the impact of foreign investors ‘ portfolio investing on the public presentation of stock markets of Pakistan. There are three stock exchanges ( Karachi Stock Exchange, Lahore Stock Exchange and Islam-Abad Stock Exchange ) operating in Pakistan.A KarachiA StockA Exchange ( KSE ) is prime, biggest and the most popular stock market of the state, so it is used as representative of all stock exchanges of Pakistan.

The KSE-100 index is a benchmark to compare monetary values on the Karachi stock exchange over a period of clip. KSE 100-index consists top 100 listed companies on the footing of highest capitalisation in the stock market. However Karachi stock exchange besides includes the companies from each sector on the higher capitalisation to guarantee the full market representation.

Portfolio Investing:

The purchase of stocks, bonds, and money market instruments by foreign investors are for the intent of recognizing a fiscal return, which does non ensue in foreign direction, ownership, or legal control.

Some illustrations of portfolio investing are:

Purchase of portions in a foreign company.

Purchase of bonds issued by a foreign authorities.

Acquisition of assets in a foreign state.

Purchase of stocks in a foreign company.

Factors impacting international portfolio investing:

revenue enhancement rates on involvement or dividends ( investors will usually prefer states where the revenue enhancement rates are comparatively low )

involvement rates ( money tends to flux to states with high involvement rates )

exchange rates ( foreign investors may be attracted if the local currency is expected to beef up )

Portfolio investing is portion of the capital history on theA balance of paymentsA statistics.

A portfolio investing is in contrast to aA direct investing.

About KSE:

KSE is hub of capital formation in Pakistan, established on September 18, 1947. KSE started with 5 companies with a paid up capital of Rs. 37 million. The first index was the 50 index and trading was done through open-out-cry system.

In malice of political issues, societal, fiscal and other jobs, it played a cardinal function in the economic system of Pakistan. KSE 100-index showed a return of 40.19 % and became the 6th best performing artist among the emerging markets in the calendar twelvemonth 2007. It achieved a major milepost by touching of KSE-100 Index psychological degree of 15,000 for the first clip in its history and peaked 15,737.32 on 20 April, 2008. Furthermore, the addition of 7.4 per cent in 2008 made it the best performing artist among majorA emergingA marketsA ( Gulf News, 2008 ) . It was declared the “ Best Performing Stock Market of the World for the twelvemonth 2002 ” as declared by the international magazine “ Business Week ” Similarly, the US newspaper “ USA Today ” declared Karachi Stock Exchange as one of the best executing stock exchange in the universe. A As at June 1, 2009 there were 651 companies listed at KSE with market capitalisation of US $ 26.48 billion holding listed capital of US $ 9.65 billion. Exchange was owned by 200 member/brokers through electronic trading system. ( Karachi Stock Exchange, 2009 )

Problem Statement:

The chief focal point of this survey is to associate the foreign investors, portfolio investing with Karachi Stock Market to see a clear image about its affect on stock Market.


This is an association between portfolio investing and KSE 100 Index.

Literature Reappraisal:

In the followers there are some surveies related to this subject that has been conducted in past by other research workers.

Peter Easton at EL ( 2000 ) elaborated the empirical appraisal of the expected rate of return on a portfolio of stocks. They inverted residuary income rating theoretical account to obtain an estimation of the expected rate of return for a portfolio of stocks. They used correspondent attack in appraisal of internal rate of return on a bond utilizing market value and voucher payments. They contributed through the usage of stock monetary value and accounting informations to at the same time gauge the alone implied growing rate and internal rate of return. They recommended adjusted growing rate for rating return of stocks. They proved that estimated market premium over the hazard free rate is closer to the historical premium that that obtained by other surveies utilizing gaining prognosis informations.

Roger G. Ibbotson ( 2002 ) A estimated long run stock market return take parting in the existent economic system. He decomposed the 1926-2000 historical equity return into supply factors including rising prices, net incomes, dividends, monetary value to net incomes ratio, dividend payout ratio, book value, return on equity and GDP per capita. He concluded that the growing overall economic productiveness is in line with the growing of corporate productiveness measured by net incomes. The majority of return comes from dividend payment and nominal gaining including rising prices and net incomes growing. In order to cipher incremental hazard and return, bonds have been used as mention point.

Tanveer ahmad ( 2010 ) : Foreign investors, nevertheless, offloaded retentions deserving $ 13.45 million in the market. In the first three yearss of the current hebdomad, the market recorded $ 13.677 million worth of net foreign purchasing, National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited ( NCCPL ) reported.A

Equity analysts called the lifting involvement of foreign investors in the market a positive development for the growing of stock trading and pointed out that attractive portion values. The market has been witnessing back-to-back falls in the last few yearss, which analysts and market participants believed to be a mark of irritation for investors and agents due to the determination of execution of capital additions revenue enhancement ( CGT ) , to be effectual from July 01, 2010. On Wednesday, benchmark KSE 100-share index fell 127 points by coming down to 9,419 points after about touching the desired degree of 10,000 points a few months back.


As we have try to do the study in best manner and we have base the study on macro degree, for this intent we have collected secondary informations which is available on cyberspace and Karachi stock exchange.

For the effects of the research we have used spss ( statiscal bundle for societal scientific disciplines ) package which will assist us to cognize the critical effects of portfolio investing on kse 100 index for this intent we have run linier arrested development theoretical account and we have taken 2 old ages observation that is on day-to-day footing from January 2009 to oct 2010.

Data and variable:


KSE 100-index is dependent variable in this survey and merely picked up from the web site of Karachi stock Exchange at the day-to-day footing of the financial twelvemonth 2009 to 2010 ( till October ) .

Independent Variable:

A foreign portfolio investing is independent variable in this research and calculated by following equation.

FIPI = S+ St + B + A


FIPI= Foreign Investors Portfolio investing

S= Shares

St = Stockss

B = Bonds

A = Assetss


To analyze the relationship between the foreign discoverers ‘ portfolio investing and KSE 100-index following simple additive arrested development theoretical account has been tested.

Y = I?0 + I?1 X1 + a‚¬


Y = KSE 100-index points

I?0 = Y intercept

I?1= Slope of the line

X1 = Foreign Portfolio investing in US $

a‚¬ = Error variable

Consequences and treatment:

Model Summary



R Square

Adjusted R Square





a. Forecasters: ( Constant ) , FIPI

Note. The informations are adapted from “ the SPSS package end product ”

After analysis consequences show that the value of co-efficient of correlativity ( R ) is equal to 0.433 which shows that there is positive ( non important positive ) relationship between stock market and foreign portfolio investing, as it is looking in the undermentioned consequences.

Analysis of variances:


Sum of Squares


Mean Square



Arrested development












a. Forecasters: ( Constant ) , FIPI

B. Dependent Variable: KSE100

Note. The informations are adapted from “ the SPSS package end product ”

The consequences show that the value of co-efficient of finding ( R2 ) is equal to 0.188 which shows that 18.8 % of the fluctuation in the KSE market 100-index is explained by the fluctuation in the foreign exchange militias. The staying 82.2 % is unexplained. The value of Anova tabular array is important ( .000 ) which shows that the theoretical account is overall good tantrum.

The value of F-statistic is 105.140 which is really high and the p-value ( or the sig value ) is 0.000

which is less than 0.05 ( degree of significance )



Unstandardized Coefficients

Standardized Coefficients



Collinearity Statisticss


Std. Mistake




( Constant )












a. Dependent Variable: KSE100

Concluding Regression Model.

= 8577.404+.000x.

Here the significance value ( the p-value ) is less than 0.000 and 0.000, both are less than 0.05 which means that the changeless term every bit good as the coefficient of x both are important for theoretical account.




Pearson Correlation


Sig. ( 1-tailed )




Pearson Correlation


Sig. ( 1-tailed )




** . Correlation is important at the 0.01 degree ( 1-tailed ) .


Consequences of this survey show that there is positive ( non important ) relationship between the foreign portfolio investing and stock market. The consequences show that 18.8 % of the fluctuation in the KSE 100-index is explained by the fluctuation in the portfolio investing.

The current survey had the nonsubjective to place the relationship between foreign portfolio investing and stock market 100-index points. It was concluded that the foreign portfolio investing had consequence upon KSE 100-index.These variables move dependently effectual from each other as there was high correlativity between the two variables.


Harmonizing to the facts and the figure that we sort it out, we could see that fipi and Karachi stock exchange 100 index have high correlativity so it was recommended that before puting on stocks in Karachi we should see portfolio investing.