The History Of Canada History Essay

Decision: Canada is included in North America part and contributes to the economic system in North America evidently. Canada does good in economic system freedom which means the concern environment within it is good for activities. The economic public presentation these old ages are non impacted by universe recession a batch. Alternatively, Canada has got some satisfactory consequences. Government dedicated really much for it. The corruptness is non serious that people do n’t necessitate to worry about it a batch. Privacy and belongings are projected and outgo of authorities is diminishing besides.

a. History

Canada is located in northern North America, besides western Atlantic and eastern Pacific. Alaska of US is on its Northwest ; Greenland ( Denmark ) is to the nor’-east ; the north portion of Canada passes the Arctic Circle. Canada has more than 240,000 kilometers long coastline which is the longest national coastline in the universe. A temperature in the E is somewhat low and temperate in the South. Climate in the West is mild and humid and that in North is Arctic tundra clime. Canada boundary lines with the United States, the boundary line of which is up to 8,892 kilometers ( Government of Canada ) .

The grounds they named this state to be Canada could travel back to the sixteenth century. At that clip, the Gallic people dreamed to happen and dominated more district, to spread out the range of their trade and allow the universe believe in their religion. In 1535, the Gallic King Francis I commanded a sailing master Jacques Kartier to research the “ New World ” in order to happen a way to India. Kartier came to El Gulf of St. Lawrence in his first trip. At that clip he recognized this as a subdivision of the ocean and the manner taking to the East. So he sailed upriver along the St. Lawrence River. However, he did non make the expected finish, Asia, but came to the Quebec ( Quebek ) which is called “ Stadakona ” by the local Indians. Since so Canada started to look in the state ‘s history. Canada comes from the Indian linguistic communication, which use the word “ Kanada ” that means “ community ” or “ small town. “ ( Canada_baidubaike )

The original occupant of Canada is the Indian and Inuit. Ancestors of Indians came from northern China, who marched from Asia to America through the Bering Strait, or the frozen sound land span about 4 million old ages ago. They have similar cultural features with Asiatic in coevalss. Indians were the earliest dwellers of Latin America. Why they are called “ Indians ” chiefly because Christopher Columbus and other adventurers considered they arrived India when they really reached the “ new land ” . The local occupants were wrongly recognized as the “ Indian ” people ( “ Indian ” in English pronunciation. ) . That British persecuted and killed more than 10 million Indians and so destroyed Indian civilization during the settlement period resulted in harm of the Indian citizenship. Today it is difficult to see the complete antediluvian Indian civilization ( Canada_baidubaike ) .

However, since the sixteenth century, Canada started to go the settlement of the British. 1756-1763, “ Seven Years War ” broke out among Britain and France in Canada. Then, the Gallic defeated, so that Canada officially became a British settlement by Paris Peace Treaty in 1763. In 1867, the British combined New Brunswick and Nova Scotia into a federation to be the first rule through the British North America Act. Since so, other states joined into the Federation one by one. December 11, 1931, the British Parliament adopted the Statute of Westminster which authorized Dominion the right to do Torahs without waiting for parliamentary blessing. But it indicated rule position of Canada settlement besides. April 17, 1982, Canadian Parliament passed a new fundamental law, and British Parliament abolished the old fundamental law every bit good. July 1, Canada ‘s Dominion Day was renamed Canada Day. Canada got independency from Britain officially ( Canada_baidubaike ) .

Since tardily of twentieth century, some French-speaking states in Quebec country requested independency, lose twice in two ballots. After that the Torahs changed in Canada. When Quebec people get sufficient supported, they can put up audience procedure to divide from the Canadian federal authorities ( Government of Canada ) .

B. Government

“ Canada is a democratic constitutional monarchy. Every act of authorities is passed in the name of the Queen, but the authorization for every act flows from the Canadian people. “ ( Government of Canada )

The authorities of Canada adopts Westminster-style parliamentary-cabinet system. There are three constituents. The first 1 is Canadian Monarch. Second one is House of Commons which make Torahs for Canada. Canadian citizens elect 308 Representatives for House of Commons. These representatives are called Members of Parliament. The political party who wins most seats in the House of Commons can do up the authorities. The party leader fills the place of as Prime Minister. Senate reviews the bill of exchange jurisprudence proposed by the House of Commons.105 Senator came from across Canada, recommended by the Prime Minister and appointed by Canadian Monarch eventually ( Government of Canada ) .

The Prime Minister has the top political power in the authorities. Besides he or she is recognized by the universe as the caput in the Canadian ‘s authorities. This position originates from the particular distribution of administrative powers and duties. This system and construction authorize the Prime Minister with the ability or right to rule Cabinet deliberation and decision-making ( Government of Canada ) .

In Canada ‘s parliamentary-cabinet system, the caput of Government and Head of province is separate. Different individuals with these rubrics are responsible for different missions. The Prime Minister, as the official Head of Government, is responsible to cover with the day-to-day authorities personal businesss and make up one’s mind how the state runs. Meanwhile, the Head of the province, more like a sprit caput, is called Canadian Monarch. And yet, Monarch is non every bit powerful as the Prime Minister. Alternatively, it is chiefly ceremonial. This Parliamentary tradition comes from Britain. It exists in some states presents. But some of the others adopted the Presidential system when they initial organized that authorities. In those states, merely like United States, the presidents undertake both of Head of Government and Head of State ( The Monarchy in Canada ) .

c. Canada in CIA World Factbook

Based on the research of Countries in 2010 from CIA World Factbook, we can happen the information of Canada ‘s figures. The entire sum of GDP is $ 1478bn with growing rate of 2.0 % . In this large state with 34million population, the GDP per caput is $ 43450. And the rising prices is 1.4 % . Recently, the export is expected to increase since the trade good monetary values are stable and Canada ‘s most of import client US is acquiring better with her economic system. However, Canadians realize they ‘d break happen other spouses or clients alternatively of over-depend on US. The fast-growers of developing states could be considered. Another obstruction of economic growing is the high unemployment cause by recession before ( Canada Economy 2010 ) .

d. Economic Freedom Index

When we read the 2010 index of Economic freedom study, we can see Canada ‘s mark is 80.4 with 7th freest in the universe ( Canada Information on Economic Freedom ) . Actually the mark is stable back to last several old ages. The public presentation of Canada is really good in some of the topics investigated by the study. Particularly, Canada performs outstanding in the North America part. Government has positive influence on the Economic freedom since this a strong and stable democratic political system. Although the authorities outgos are sort of high right now, they have started to diminish it. The luxuriant societal and welfare province plans are using to that. Monetary freedom is good. Government regulates some monetary values but most of them are determined by market. But another issue could non be ignored. Canada ‘s leaden mean duty rate was 1 per centum in 2008. Federal and provincial non-tariff barriers add to the cost of trade. This lessened 10 points from freedom mark. The domestic Bankss have strong capital place in Canada. This fact combined with the good freedom environment aid Canadian economics a batch ( Canada Information on Economic Freedom ) .

e. Corruption Perception Index

Transparency International points out that the poorness and corruptness is large obstructions of maintain the stableness of fiscal market in assorted counties and the development of international concern. Transparency international published the 2010 corruptness Perceptions Index of 178 states on a graduated table from 10 ( extremely clean ) to 0 ( extremely corrupt ) . Canada ‘s mark is 8.9 which is above most of the states ( Transparency International ) . Harmonizing to this index, the corruptness is Canada, every bit far as Transparency International knew, is non serious. Peoples still have a comfy environment for concern and other activity.

f. Cultural Description based on Hoefstede

Geert Hofstedea„? Cultural Dimensions is a good theoretical account to analyse a state.

hypertext transfer protocol: // ( Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions )

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Canada is Individualism ( IDV ) because of the highest superior 80 in Hofstede Dimension ( Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions ) . This means the people in society have a more individualistic attitude and the ties among people are loose. Persons care about themselves or their household extremely more than others. Privacy is really of import and serious for people. Thus activities must be careful about it. In a high IDV state like Canada, society recognizes personal accomplishment more. Peoples are self-assured and pursuit to be self-successful. They like to discourse general subjects but the personal issues are sensitive. Private belongings is good protected ( Government of Canada ) .

Canada has a low ranking in Long Term Orientation ( LTO ) , which is 23 ( Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions ) . Canadians appreciate their cultural traditions. And the society is fulfilled with societal duties.

Power Distance ( PDI ) in Canada is comparatively low. The index is 39, while the norm is 55 ( Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions ) . It is sort of good for citizens because this means the distribution of power in Canada is sort of equal. Social degrees ‘ right and power is non really uneven, such as authorities, corporations and households. Low PDI is good for the development of society and citizenship. However, there is still a large issue, Quebec. Government should work on it more in the hereafter, sing about Quebec people based on the history.

Masculinity ( MAS ) and Uncertainty Avoidance Index for Canada is 52 and 48 which is similar with the norm in the universe ( Geert Hofstede Cultural Dimensions ) . Masculinity ( MAS ) versus muliebrity indicates to the distribution of power between males and females in the society. Uncertainty Avoidance Index ( UAI ) negotiations about how people can digest for uncertainness and ambiguity. The mean degree shows Canadian ‘s demand to happen the truth is ordinary.


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