The General Requirements For Sociology Projects English Language Essay

Here is a list of undertaking thoughts that you may choose from to fulfill your undertaking demands. Project Path pupils must make three different types of undertakings during the semester ( e.g. , a posting, a piece of graphics, and a book study ) . This list is non meant to restrict you. If you have an original thought, or if one of these thoughts gives you another thought, allow me cognize and we will discourse it!

Service Learning: You may develop a service larning undertaking that relates to any subject in the category and have undertaking recognition PLUS recognition toward your 24 hours of community service. The undertaking must be something new that you begin during this semester. Write an essay of at least two pages explicating what you did and what you learned from the experience. Supply a transcript of your certification to verify the service larning undertaking and the sum of clip you spent volunteering.


Although you will be given a great trade of freedom sing your undertakings, some guidelines will be in topographic point. In general, these guidelines can be adjusted, but you must look into with me anterior to get downing the undertaking ( observe this on the undertaking proposal signifier ) . Each type of undertaking has a alone rubric to steer you.

Reports Reports must concentrate on declared topics or be approved. Reports must be original ( in pupil ‘s words ) , good organized ( debut, thesis, and decision ) , and be free from grammatical and spelling mistakes. At least two beginnings must be used and be to the full cited. Reports should be 4 to 5 pages, double spaced, and typed in 12-point type. A first transcript ( handwritten or typed ) must be used to redact and better your study, and must be handed in with the concluding transcript.

Presentations/ Presentations should be scheduled at least 2 hebdomads in progress and should

Lessons last between 10 and 20 proceedingss. At least one ocular assistance must be utilized. The presentation/lesson should be focused, organized, and interesting. This is non to be a reading of studies. This undertaking may be done in groups of 2 to 4 pupils.

Arguments Arguments should be done in the undermentioned format. An issue should be chosen and approved. No more than four people should be involved in a argument. Each side should compose a “ brief ” on their place and exchange it with the other side. Each squad will so utilize the Jockey shortss to fix a rebuttal. Each squad will acquire 5 proceedingss on their place and so will follow with a 3-minute rebuttal. The category will so vote for the side they believe has “ won ” .

Political Cartoons A pupil should utilize his or her art endowment to the best of their ability ; whereas you are non graded so much on the art itself, the drawing must be orderly, clear, and done with attention. The pupil must portray a political or societal issue or a historical event in a unique, amusing, or cagey mode. The message or point must be clear. The sketch should demo that the cartoonist understands the construct. It should be done on a big piece of composition board or other hardy stuff and the usage of colour is extremely recommended. Include a brief typed commentary as portion of the board or on a separate piece of paper.

Art An original art piece that portrays a political or societal issue or a historical even in a alone manner, or in a peculiar manner popular during the clip identified. The graphics should demo a pupil ‘s apprehension of the construct and be created carefully to the best of the pupil ‘s ability.

Poster Art Poster art can include propaganda, advertizements, montages, big thematic maps, or conventional diagrams. Poster board should be used and colour is required. Extensive artistic ability is non necessary for this undertaking, but the undertaking must be really orderly and good organized ( e.g. , rubrics, captions, etc. ) . A computing machine, scanner, and transcript machine may be used for this type of undertaking. The undertaking should show that the pupil has a working cognition of the construct being presented.

Interviews A short background of the individual interviewed should be in composing for the instructor. Interviews should be focused ; the inquiries should be centered around peculiar subjects instead than random. The inquiries to be asked must be on the undertaking proposal signifier in order to have feedback from the instructor. However, you may inquire the capable extra followup inquiries to obtain more information based on a planned inquiry. Written sum-ups of the content should be completed. Interesting interview topics can be invited to the category as invitees if approved by the instructor for extra recognition.

Book Reviews Books should be chosen from the undertaking list or be pre-approved by the instructor. Book reviews should be good organized and good written. Certain books may function as more than one unit of recognition, at the instructor ‘s discretion, due to their length. Be certain to finish the appropriate book reappraisal signifier ( fiction or nonfiction ) .

Social Research The drumhead paper for your research should include an debut, a inquiry, reappraisal

Documents of the literature, a hypothesis, instrument sample, analysis of the information, and a decision.

The paper should be good written. The sample size must be at least 25 people. You may

( Correlation do this undertaking with another pupil. If you do it on your ain, you may have

Surveies ) extra recognition at the instructor ‘s discretion.

Other Projects If you would wish to make a undertaking on an appropriate subject utilizing a method non described above, subject your undertaking proposal signifier with a specific description of your thought. The instructor will return the undertaking proposal signifier to you ( normally with blessing for your thought! ) with guidelines and advice refering your thought.

Undertaking DUE DATES

Undertaking Project Proposal Form Due Project Due

1 Friday, February 11, 2005 Friday, February 25, 2005

2 Friday, March 18, 2005 Friday, April 8, 2005

3 Friday, May 6, 2005 Friday, May 20, 2005

Undertaking 1


Book Review: Watership Down by Richard Adams. Book reappraisal and discourse the defects in

human society as represented in this novel.

Book Review: Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. Book reappraisal and discourse the dangers of

holding excessively much societal control and examine societal alteration in this novel.

Book Review: Godhead of the Fliess by Willian Golding. Book reappraisal and discourse the impact of the

dislocation of the basic constituents of society.

Book Review: Excuse Me You ‘re Steping On My Eyeball by Paul Zindel. Book reappraisal and analyze

how society reacts to people who are different.

Art: Create an original piece of graphics stand foring one of the three early theories in

sociology ( Marx, Spencer, Durkheim ) .

Political Cartoon: Make a sketch praising or knocking one of the three major theoreticians.

Report: Pick a current societal job and compose a description of the job, and so explicate the job through the “ lens ” of one of the major sociological theories.

Poster Art: Make a posting that compares the three major sociological theories.

Social Research: Following the Social Research Paper guidelines – design, implement, analyze, and study

on any societal job that you are interested in look intoing. The undermentioned undertaking

thought is a specific illustration of what you could make.

Social Research: Perform a correlativity survey to compare people ‘s driving wonts with other facets of

their lives. For illustration, do drivers who fail to utilize their directional signals besides break

other regulations in life? Are drivers who do n’t rush more organized than those who do

velocity? This is a challenge: you have to be able to accurately mensurate the drive wonts

of a big sample of people, while non promoting them to alter their wonts because you are judging them.


Presentation: Use the book Do ‘s and Taboos by Roger Axtel to develop a presentation about assorted civilizations. Use ocular AIDSs.

Poster Art: Make a posting montage that demonstrates the broad assortment of cultural heritages within the U.S. Use an outline map of the U.S. as a background. Include some demographic information sing ethnicity/race within the U.S.

Report: Describe the elements of Amish civilizations in the U.S. Discuss whether these civilizations are impacted by the greater civilization and why or why non.

Political Cartoon: Make a sketch on any facet of American civilization ( e.g. , philistinism, celebrity,

ethnocentrism, young person, etc. ) .

Poster Art: Display information and images of modern-day counterculture in the U.S.

Report: Research day-to-day life in a foreign society. Discourse the similarities and differences with American civilization.

Interview: Interview a foreign exchange pupil at Southwest. Focus inquiries on day-to-day life in the foreign civilizations. Include your inquiries on the undertaking proposal signifier.

Poster Art: Compare and contrast two apparently different societies and their civilizations. Categorize them based on the many cultural constituents. Be certain to mention your beginnings.

American Valuess

Essay: Write an essay based on the instance survey on page 59 in the text edition, utilizing the format on pages 62-63.

Art: Create an original piece of art that represents American values in a positive or negative visible radiation.

Poster Art: Concept a montage with images that represent the major American values identified in the text.

Political Cartoon: Make a sketch that illustrates recent alterations in American values.

Report: What is aggregate civilization and how does it come about? How do media and other establishments

encourage societies to conform – to listen to the same music, believe the same things, eat

the same nutrient, etc. ? Is this a good, bad, or impersonal characteristic of society, and do you believe

that it will go more or less common in the hereafter? See a content analysis of the

media to back up your sentiments.

Movie Review: ” Bowling for Columbine ” by Michael Moore. Essay subject: Why is American society so

violent? Note: This movie is Rated “ R ” for some violent images and linguistic communication – pupils

under the age of 17 are expected to watch the movie with their parents.

Undertaking 2

Social Structure

Group Presentation: Write and execute a short skit that illustrates common illustrations of function strain and function struggle.

Art: Create an original piece of graphics that illustrates the assorted societal groups within Southwest High School.

Report: What sociological impact does the Green Bay Packers have on our community? How might the football squad ‘s overzealous followers aid or ache human interaction in Green Bay? Besides note that there is a minority of people who could care less about the Packers or are really critical of them – be certain to look into their side of the narrative. Surveies and interviews here would be helpful.

Poster Art: Concept a posting that reflects each of the types of societies – hunting/gathering, pastoral, etc.

Political Cartoon: Make a sketch that makes a societal commentary about post-industrial society.

Poster Art: Roll up a figure of images that illustrate achieved and ascribed position to make a exposure essay demoing how the two positions are really different.

Report: Research a group such as the armed forces or a spiritual group and discourse how this group separates itself from other groups as a entire establishment.


Group Presentation: Prepare for a argument on the undermentioned inquiry – Is a individual ‘s development more a consequence of his/her environment or are personality traits largely inherited?

Report: What are the assorted societal facets of aging in America? Consider concentrating your research on one or more of the undermentioned subtopics: age inequality, agism, geriatrics, Alzheimer ‘s Disease. Besides consider questioning aged relations or community members or carry oning studies or correlativity surveies to garner and analyse informations.

Autobiography: Write a 5-page history of your life. Focus particularly on placing facets of your personality that you believe are familial ( inherited ) versus traits that you believe are due to your experiences.

Report: Research kids who have been brought up in badly stray state of affairss. Sum up their narratives every bit good as the terminal consequences.

Multimedia Pres. : Tape an episode of “ Leave It To Beaver ” and one episode of “ The Simpsons ” . Report to the category the function that these shows may hold had on the socialisation of both male childs and misss. Discuss how the shows are both similar and different in this manner. Include extracts from these shows to exemplify your point.

Research and Report: Observe female parents and male parents with their little kids ( lower limit of three observations for each ) . Note your observations and compose a decision about the consequence that parents have on the sex roles that their kids internalise.


Book Review: Find a book about any common issue/problem of adolescence.

Art: Make a piece of original art that represents a common stripling issue/problem.

Report: Research and study on a current issue/problem among teens.

Poster Art: Make a posting undertaking that uses both text and images to exemplify common battles of teens in modern society.

Cartoon: Make a sketch about societal jobs confronting teens.

Creative Writing: Write an essay that describes what the teenage old ages will be like for your kid.


Book Review: Find a book that has the household as a primary subject.

Poster Art: Research and make a posting of your household tree.

Report: Research and compose a study on the history of your household.

Book Review: A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer.

Art: Create an original piece of art that represents the alterations that have taken topographic point in the American household over the past 30 old ages.

Group Presentation: Write and show a short skit about the alterations that have taken topographic point in household construction from the pre-industrialization epoch to the present.

Multimedia: Use several new and old situation comedies to describe on the alterations in the American household over the last 30 old ages. Put together a tape of extracts from these situation comedies to show to category.

Report: Research and compose a study on the effects of kid maltreatment.

Book Review: The Great Santini by Pat Conroy. Book reappraisal and discourse the impact that an opprobrious parent can hold on kids.

Political Cartoon: Make a political sketch that makes a good or bad point about the modern U.S. household.

Education and Religion

Report: Research and study on the perceptual experience that American public schools are neglecting to properly educate America ‘s kids.

Poster Art: Make a posting that demonstrates the turning diverseness in American public schools. Include demographic information.

Book Review: Face the Dragon by Joyce Sweeny.

Political Cartoon: Using the struggle position, make a sketch that looks at the intent of schools in critical manner.

Art: Create an original piece of art that evokes strong emotions sing school. The emotions may be positive or negative.

Book Review: Ryan White, My Own Story by Ryan White ( AIDS ) .

Research: Survey Southwest High School pupils about attitudes toward schools and instruction.

Book Review: Beyond the Classroom: Why Reform Has Failed and What Parents Need to Make by Laurence Steinberg.

Research & A ; Present: Research and study on the chances at Southwest High School for pupils who are considered “ at-risk ” .

Report: Write a study on force in American schools.

Research: Using Southwest High School pupils, develop a survey that examines the spiritual associations of pupils and their attitudes sing faith.

Art: Create an original piece of art that symbolizes your spiritual beliefs.

Book Review: Left Behind ( the 2nd approach of Christ ) .

Book Review: God ‘s Radar by Fran Arrick.

Poster Art: Make a posting that illustrates the assortment of faiths in the U.S. Include demographics.

Book Review: Religion and Politicss: Issues in Religious Liberty by Gary McCuen.

Political Cartoon: Pull a sketch that analyzes faith as a powerful agent of societal control.

Undertaking 3

Aberrance and Social Control

Interview: Arrange an interview with an inmate at Sanger Powers Correctional Facility in Oneida. Include your inquiries on the undertaking proposal signifier.

Persuasive Paper: Write a 3- to 4-page paper that states your theory sing why condemnable behaviour exists. Incorporate information sing cultural transmittal, structural-strain theory, control, struggle, and labeling theory.

Report: Research and study offense rates locally, statewide, and nationally. Discuss possible grounds for tendencies and differences in the assorted statistics.

Art: Create an art piece showing your beliefs sing causes of condemnable behaviour.

Book Review: Violence on American Streets: Headliner Series by Gene Brown.

Book Review: The Police in American Society by Edward Dolan.

Book Review: In Cold Blood by Truman Capote.

Report: Research and discourse pack activity in Green Bay, in Wisconsin, and in the U.S.

Poster Art: Make a posting demoing the causes of offense.

Report: Examine whether prisons should rehabilitate, penalize, or safeguard society.

Art: Create an original art piece that demonstrates the hopelessness of our prison system.

Social Stratification, Economic Injustice, and Poverty

Book Review: Rachel by Jonathon Kozol.

Book Review: Savage Inequalities by Jonathan Kozol.

Book Review: Come the Morning by Mark Jonathan Harris.

Presentation: Make a short presentation on current unfairnesss in our universe ‘s economic system. Include a “ musical montage ” that illustrates these unfairnesss.

Political Cartoon: Make a sketch that makes a societal remark on current economic unfairnesss in the U.S. or in the universe.

Essay: How should help be given to the hapless in America, by the authorities or by charitable organisations? See the pros and cons of each system. How about naming or composing to person from the United Way and a lawgiver to assist you organize your ain sentiment?

Book Review: 1000 Pieces of Gold by Ruthann Lum McCunn.

Art: Make a piece of graphics that demonstrates economic unfairnesss in the U.S. or the universe.

Poster Art: Make a posting that demonstrates the poorness of Africa. Include some written information about the topic on the posting.

Book Review: World Hunger and Social Justice by Gary McCuen.

Racial and Cultural Relationss

Book Review: Native Son by Richard Wright.

Poster Art: Concept a posting stand foring the racial and cultural differences in Green Bay. Include demographic information that reports alterations in groups within our metropolis.

Interview: Interview person of a different race or ethnicity. Concentrate your inquiries on credence within the community. Include your inquiries on the undertaking proposal signifier.

Report: Report on the history of one peculiar race or cultural group that is considered to be a minority. Explain the grounds they came to the U.S. , cultural features, demographic information, and the current state of affairs.

Report: Write a study that focuses on hatred groups within the U.S.

Political Cartoon: Pull a sketch that demonstrates biass in our community.

Research: Survey pupils ‘ attitudes toward cultural and racial minorities at Southwest High School. Follow the scientific method and describe your findings to the category.

Book Review: Find a book that chronicles the history and experiences of a racial or cultural minority group within the U.S.

Report: Are the educational experiences of misss and boys different? Do they larn otherwise? Are they interested in different topics and callings? If differences are identified, are they caused by biological or sociological influences? Do instructors handle male childs and misss otherwise at school? See appraising pupils and instructors.