The Function Of Public Bank Finance Essay

Public bank present his trade name in 1966 by Tan Sri Dato ‘ Sri Dr. Teh Hong Piew as a bank. They hold their place in these 50yeasrs on 2nd largest group in Malaysia, by market capitalisation and the fifth largest listed company in Malaysia Public Bank remains focused on its nucleus strengths in the retail banking market and is committed to its end of being a one-stop fiscal Centre in Malaysia. The Public Bank Group continues to beef up its presence and market portion in the domestic market, peculiarly in residential mortgages, rider vehicles hire purchase funding and loaning to middle market small- and moderate-sized endeavors. Having completed the amalgamation of the finance company concern of Public Finance with the commercial banking concern of Public Bank in 2004, the Group is taking stairss to unify Public Merchant Bank and PB Securities to organize an investing bank and besides to put up an Muslim Banking subordinate. The Public Bank Group continues to selectively spread out its regional operations in Hong Kong, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Sri Lanka, with opening two new subdivisions in 2005.

1,2 Mission

To keep their place of the most efficient, profitable and respected premier fiscal establishment In Malaysia.

1,3 Vision

Try to be one of the best 100 bank in the universe.

1,4 Aims of Public Bank

For Customers

To supply the most best behaviour of employees and efficient service in every facet of its concern by being advanced in the development of new banking merchandises and services.

1,5 The Logo

The logo, in modern geometric designed, is conceived from two meshing octagons denoting the domestic and international connexions of the Group. The two octagons of the engagement besides suggests security, strength and stableness. The enlargement and advancement of the Group are symbolized by the borders of the octagons indicating outwards at assorted waies. Additionally, the in writing formation of the two engagement octagons besides creates an “ oculus ” of foresight of the organisation.


1,6 Corporate Flower


The Public Bank Group accepted the Bougainvillea flower as its corporate flower. The flower was adopted based on its features that are similar to our Group ‘s function as reflected in its corporate doctrine. Bougainvillea – a works which flowers throughout most of the twelvemonth is found in assorted sunglassess, runing from deep magenta to pure white including orange, purple, vermilion, ruddy and red pink. The broad assortment of colourss of the Bougainvillea represents the diverseness of the Public Bank Group ‘s patronage every bit good as its scope of services. Furthermore, the mosaic of colourss epitomizes the multi-racial composing of the staff and the state, therefore projecting the Group ‘s Malayan image. The flowers comprise colored bracts that resemble petals which fuse together denoting integrity, togetherness, harmoniousness of the Management and staff working in synergy towards the accomplishment of organisation aims. The Bougainvillaea is a retentive blossoming works which survives best under conditions of emphasis, typifying the strength and resiliency of the group every bit good as incarnating the spirit of the Group which strives and thrives at all times. Similarly, this group can be perceived to hold the duty to protect their clients. The Bougainvillea has provided from South America was introduced to Europe in the nineteenth century and subsequently to Asia, Africa, Australia, Malaysia and other states. It is widely cultivated in Malaysia and is normally used to heighten commercial composites, high-rise edifices, recreational countries, and places every bit good as in the Government ‘s beautification programmed throughout the state.

Focused and Consistent Growth Strategy

The Public Bank Group focused on growing scheme program, which is to prosecute organic growing in the retail banking concern concentrating on the broad-based retail consumers and small-and moderate-sized endeavors ( “ SMEs ” ) , and strives to increase their client in banking market. Growth in the retail banking concern is systematically focused on retail loaning, deposit-taking and fee-based concerns. To drive concern growing and increase its market portion in retail banking, the Public Bank Group leverages on its well-established client service substructures, procedures and patterns to present prompt and consistent service to run into the demands of its clients.

Core Business Growth

In the retail loaning concern, the Public Bank Group continues to seek loan growing from residential mortgages, rider vehicle funding and loaning to SMEs. In an intensely competitory market where loan merchandises are extremely commoditized, the Group actively competes in the market for concern growing and increased market portion by distinguishing itself through its extremely efficient client service bringing criterions. As at the terminal of November 2011, Public Bank continued to take in residential mortgages, rider vehicle funding and commercial belongings funding in Malaysia, with market portions of 18.1 % , 25.8 % and 33.0 % severally. Over the old ages, the Public Bank Group has been constructing a strong franchise in the deposit-taking concern. Customer sedimentations have been turning steadily both in footings of the sedimentation client base and the sum of sedimentations placed with the Group. As at the terminal of December 2011, entire sedimentations from clients of Public Bank in Malaysia recorded a growing rate of 14.7 % , which is above the domestic banking industry ‘s annualized growing rate of 11.8 % . This reflects the high degree of client assurance in Public Bank in safeguarding their financess. Public Islamic Bank, a wholly-owned subordinate of Public Bank, started its full fledged Islamic banking concern in 2008. It will go on to concentrate on Muslim consumer funding and retail commercial funding to SMEs. The Public Bank Group is escalating its attempt to turn fee-based concerns. Public Mutual, a wholly-owned subordinate of Public Bank, contributes a important proportion of the non involvement income of the Group. Public Mutual is the dominant participant in the private sector fund direction industry in Malaysia with a taking market portion of 44.3 % as at the terminal of 2011 due to its superior fund public presentation, strong distribution capablenesss and strong trade name. Customer base of persons and concern endeavors. As at the terminal of 2011, Public Bank had 252 subdivisions in Malaysia, supported by 529 Automated Teller Machines, 506 Cheque Deposit Machines and 496 Cash Deposit Terminals. The Group has besides enhanced its cyberspace banking and Mobile banking services. The Group will go on to tap on its big gross revenues and selling force and strategic confederation with cardinal spouses to present high value merchandises and services to its clients.

Strong Financial Ratings

For its consistent record of prudent direction, robust hazard direction, first-class corporate administration, strong and consistent fiscal public presentation, superior plus quality and healthy capitalisation, the Public Bank Group continues to be accorded strong recognition and fiscal evaluations. Moody ‘s Investor Service reaffirmed Public Bank ‘s long-run sedimentation evaluation of A3 and short-run sedimentation evaluation of P-1 with stable mentality. Standard & A ; Poor ‘s reaffirmed Public Bank ‘s A- long-run evaluation and A-2 short-run counterparty recognition evaluation with stable mentality. Rating Agency Malaysia reaffirmed the Bank ‘s long-run evaluation of AAA, the highest accorded by Rating Agency Malaysia, and its short-run evaluation of P1.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Public Bank Group remains committed to its corporate societal duty ( “ CSR ” ) in the countries of state edifice, sweetening of the market topographic point and publicity of the work topographic point. The Group supports the community through programmes such as instruction, graduate employment, professional development and environmental preservation every bit good as in support of the underprivileged. The Group believes that the fulfilment of its corporate societal duties will farther heighten its corporate image, repute, good will and the PB Brand. The Public Bank Group ‘s CSR at the work topographic point includes enterprises to heighten the nucleus competences of the staff, so as to further raise their part, productiveness and efficiency.

For Employees

By advancing the wellbeing of its staff through attractive wage and periphery benefits by advancing good staff morale through proper staff preparation and development and proviso of chances for calling promotion.

For Stockholders

By hammering in front and consolidating its place as a stable and progressive fiscal establishment by bring forthing net incomes and a just return on their investing.

For The Community

By presuming its function as a socially responsible corporate citizen in a touchable mode by adhering closely to national policies and aims thereby lending towards the advancement of the state.