The Flight Disaster In America History Essay

When the September 11th catastrophe occurred, the American people were devastated. It was the tragic twenty-four hours that we all sat in forepart of their telecasting sets watching the horrifying images and pictures of the planes hitting the towers over and over once more. Some even took their choler out by assailing and in some instances killing anyone who looked like they might perchance come from the Middle East. When the World Trade Center collapsed to the land, the intelligence broadcasters publically announced that it had been the biggest onslaught on America since Pearl Harbor.

For anyone can retrieve larning anything about Pearl Harbor, it all happened in this basic order. First, the 2,174 lives that were lost during this tragic event will come to mind. ( beginning: ) After that though, the campsite of the Nipponese immigrants every bit good as people from the Japanese-American population is instantly thought of. They were put into these concentration cantonments because they were looked at as a possible menace to the United States, though they really seemed to be menace at all. After all, there has ne’er been a significant sum of grounds to endorse up a intuition that Nipponese American undercover agents had been an confederate to Nipponese pilots when the onslaught occurred. Why is it that when people of Middle Eastern descent have non been incarcerated like the Japanese were? The Arabs and Muslims of today are non being incarcerated like the Japanese were after Pearl Harbor because of the fact that since the 1940aa‚¬a„?s, the United States has transformed into a more politically right state.

September 11th, 2001 was the most lurid onslaught that this state has of all time received from anybody. 3,030 people were assumed dead a twelvemonth after the calamity. ( Beginning: CNN & A ; Reuters 2002, ) Around the clip of September 11th, a huge bulk of the Arabs and Muslims ( and even people who somewhat resembled person from the Middle East or southern Asia ) had to be put through torment, some were even beaten, and most of them were racially profiled by merely about every individual that was non an Arab or Muslim. One of the forms arose from the station 9-11 authorities policies is the usage of ethnicity, race, and faith to aim peculiar communities in the U.S. for apprehension, detainment and remotion.

The twenty-four hours the Twin Towers fell, was the twenty-four hours that Americans lost the sense of security that comes from populating in a state which had ne’er experienced an onslaught on its ain dirt, and began populating in a province of changeless anxiousness and intuition from which many have yet to retrieve. It was the twenty-four hours our universe became divided into “ us ” and “ them. ” It was the twenty-four hours after which, Americans sought protection from “ them, ” and carelessly sought their death.

Americans, fueled at least in portion, by remarks made by a President in whom a huge bulk had turned to for protection, and counsel in an progressively unstable universe, saw anti-Americanism in the Middle-East, and responded with their ain blind hatred and bias against all Arabic people. This bias and fright extended to the support of America ‘s invasion of Iraq, based on allegations put away by the Bush disposal asseverating that the state was in ownership of arms of mass devastation. Our president warned of an evil dictator who would non waver to utilize these arms against the people of the United States, were immediate action non to be taken. This warning was supported by the farther contention that Iraq ‘s dictator, Saddam Hussein had straight lent support to Al-Qaeda, the terrorist group believed to be responsible for September 11.

How could Americans see this war as anything less than merely and necessary? Overwhelmingly, Americans gave it along with our president their full support. Few gave much thought to the fact that President Bush was neglecting to win the support of the United Nations for his proposed invasion. There was no popular demand that more grounds against Iraq be presented. Our president had our assurance. It was we, who had suffered the effects of September 11, and it would be our state, moving entirely if need be, which would guarantee that such an atrociousness be prevented from go oning once more.

In denoting programs to occupy Iraq, the Bush disposal non merely played on the fright that the September 11 onslaughts had instilled in the Black Marias of Americans, they besides insisted that the war was merely. Americans were assured that the Iraqi people, populating under the oppressive regulation of a barbarous dictator, would welcome American military personnels as liberators. Hussien ruled the people with an Fe fist. He lived in luxury, while many of his people lived in sordidness. Dissent was non tolerated ; anyone who dared to talk out against him or his policies was viciously silenced. The list of atrociousnesss committed by the dictator and his boies remains both bosom wrenching and extended. Americans non swayed into back uping the war due to prejudice against the “ heathens ” of the Middle East nor by the fright of terrorist act and purported “ arms of mass devastation, ” surely may hold been swayed by the predicament of the Iraqi people.

Though Saddam Hussien may in world have been all the Bush disposal purported him to be, and more, the bulk of the Iraqi people did non welcome American military personnels as expected. American military personnels were alternatively seen as an invading enemy, and many, instead than give uping to their Jesuss, as it was predicted they would make, stood up and fought for their state. Therefore, due to immensely superior American power, Baghdad fell, but with much greater attempt than had been anticipated. Although the initial aims of the U.S. run were achieved, keeping American business has been far from trouble-free. American soldiers continue to decease, as Iraqis continue to contend against American business.

The people of Iraq, and others throughout the Middle East, may hold held a true hate for Saddam Hussein, but they held a deeper hatred for the United States. Yes, Hussein was so a barbarous dictator, both feared and despised ; but neither the bulk of Iraqis nor Arabs as a whole preferred that his regulation replaced by U.S. business any more than a coney hunted by a menacing Tom cat might prefer that cat be replaced by a mountain king of beasts. As much a menace as that cat might be felt to be, the menace from the mountain king of beasts would be well greater.

Since the World Trade Center onslaught, many Arab-Americans have been the victims of hate offenses and hatred organisations. However, the Arab-Americans do hold one vital, cardinal participant on their side, the U.S. Government. Although to some it may look like it is non that large of a trade, Arab-Americans are being really protected by the U.S.A. In fact, many high positioned members of office are perfectly against racial Acts of the Apostless of aggression towards Arabs and Muslims. Merely a twosome yearss after the September 11th onslaughts, the United States Department of State reported that President George W. Bush publically declared:

We should non keep one who is a Muslim responsible for an act of panic. We will keep those who are responsible for the terrorist Acts of the Apostless accountable and those who harbor them. ( beginning: Bush Urges respect toward US Muslims, Boston Globe, Boston, MA,9/14/2001 ; Mary Leonard )

In add-on, Vicki Silverman, a Washington File Staff Writer, confirmed that “ the president pointed to the 1000s of Arab-Americans who live in New York City ‘who love their flag merely every bit much as the three of us do ‘ and called on all to handle Arab-Americans and Muslims with ‘the regard they deserve. ‘ ”

The Japanese-Americans, nevertheless, were non lucky plenty to acquire the same intervention when their fatherland ‘s navy bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. There was openly racist, public propaganda displayed everyplace from concerns to places all around the United States. Here is an illustration of a concern mark with anti-Japanese propaganda taken from the April 4th, 1942 issue of the San Francisco News.

As one can see in this distastefully racist portraiture of a Nipponese soldier, the topic ‘s eyes are hyperbolically skewed in an up to toss off mode, the dentitions are bucked ( something that I have seldom seen in the Japanese community ) , and besides detect how the ears and eyes are somewhat misaligned, which is likely saying something to the extent of “ Nipponese people are non every bit smart as us. ” Although I have seen some anti-Arab propaganda, it was created solo by persons and was ne’er displayed in public topographic points. This grotesque sketch was displayed publically with the hopes of acquiring more people to come exercising and swim at a peculiar gym. The fact that this was allowed so and is non allowed now merely shows how much more politically correct the United States and its people have become in merely over 60 old ages. This mark is available for people to see at the Museum of the City of San Francisco.

Not merely was this type of propaganda allowed by our authorities, a batch of authorities leaders besides wanted the Japanese to be put into checkmate. If you read the headlines from the San Francisco News, you will get down to understand that at that clip, it was reasonably much everyone versus the Japanese. Some illustrations of San Francisco News headlines would be the undermentioned: “ Concentration Camps Wanted for Nipponese by Western Governors, ” “ Greatest Forced Migration in American History to Get down, ” and “ Gov. Olsen Wants All Japanese Removed. ” Even the Boston Globe had articles where it shows the pathetic footing that the Japanese were being detained on. A Feb. 17, 1942 article from the Boston Globe clearly states:

Federal agents held 5 Japs linked to the armed forces of their native state today after 17 Jap subjects were arrested in a reclamation of the authorities thrust to forestall sabotage.

Subsequently on in the article, the Globe tries to do the Nipponese expression bad when they province:

Masae Kitagawa, 1919 alumnus of the University of California, and cargo agent for the Nippon Yusen Kaisha transportation lines ( gave this interesting quotation mark ) – ” I will non contend against Japan. I have certain commitments and responsibilities.

Clearly this is an effort, by the newspaper, to do the Nipponese expression bad, particularly when the writer put “ ( gave this interesting quotation mark ) ” in. The writer messed up in two ways. First away, he was composing for a newspaper and when composing intelligence, one is non supposed to relay their ain sentiments, which biases the readers, but instead facts and lone facts. Second, if you, being the American citizen that you likely are, were populating in Italy at the clip of World War II, and they asked you to kill off your ain sort in war, what would your response be? You would likely answer in a mode slightly similar to what was stated by that “ interesting, ” difficult working, freight agent that has been libeled above.

The Japanese were barely supported by anyone during this clip. The lone people that did back up them were really soundless about it. Merely one article in the full UMass Boston Microfilm archives, from a 1941 missive to the editor of the Seattle Star, showed any support for the Japanese. He states:

Let ‘s non make that anymore ( maltreatment and discriminate against the Japs ) many are good Christians and good Americans.

Even though the writer seems to be in support of the ridiculed Nipponese, he asks that the Nipponese wear pathetic pins saying “ I am an American-Christian. ” This should remind one of cowss have oning their spread ‘s trade name, or possibly possibly the more ill-famed, Nazi enforced, have oning of the xanthous star regulation for the Jews during the holocaust.

In making research for this paper, one spot of composing that truly grabbed my attending was the preface of Lillian Baker ‘s Dishonoring America: The Falsification of World War II History. The preface was written by Kiyoaki Murata, a Professor of English every bit good as International Communication, at the Yachiyo International University in Tokyo, Japan. In it, he tells the reader that:

When Nipponese naval forces struck Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, I was analyzing English at a private school in San Francisco, the Drew School. I had come to America six months before as a pupil, non cognizing, of class, that war was coming.

( P. I, Foreword )

He proceeds to state the reader how he was evacuated from “ a 75 stat mi coastal strip from Washington through Oregon to California. ” He so informs the reader that he “ went to a war resettlement centre at Poston, Arizona, which had been hurriedly built in the desert. The summer I spent there was the hottest I had of all time experienced. ” However, the portion that struck me the most was when Mr. Murata narrates to the reader about when the Nipponese people at his cantonment were eventually given the chance to go forth the cantonments for good:

When I went around the barracks to state good-bye to older campmates, one of them was puzzled and said, “ Why do you go forth here? This is the best ( safest ) topographic point. ” I laughed and said I could non afford to sit tick over at that place because I had come to America to analyze in school.

( P.IV, Foreword )

Clearly, this is non a riant affair at all, and this portion of Mr. Murata ‘s preface shows that the Japanese had been inhibited so much that they did non cognize what to make with themselves outside of U.S. detention.

If one is to read Kiyoaki Murata ‘s preface, he will see that Mr. Murata is a really forgiving and optimistic individual. He stated that his clip incarcerated was spent learning Nipponese to the American-born Japanese, which greatly helped him better his English. However, many of the incarcerated people did non see their discord as a positive experience. Here is an excerpt written by Jeanne Wakatsuki from her book “ Farewell to Manzanar, ” where she describes a small about what happened when she got back from Manzanar:

Mama picked up the kitchenware and some Ag she had stored with neighbours in Boyle Heights. But the warehouse where she ‘d stored the remainder had been unaccountably “ robbed ” -of furniture, contraptions, and most of those silver anniversary gifts. Papa already knew the auto he ‘d set money on before Pearl Harbor had been repossessed. And, as he suspected, no record of his fishing boats remained. This put him right back where he ‘d been in 1904, geting in a new land and get downing over from economic nothing.

( P. 154, Wakatsuki )

Map taken from the Nipponese American National Museum web site. ( )

The United States has changed really much since the yearss of Pearl Harbor. Elected functionaries ( for the most portion ) are non the racialist people that were in office in the 1940 ‘s. Political rightness besides plays a really of import factor in why Arabs and Muslims have rights during this clip of convulsion and emphasis, despite the fact that several people of Arab and Muslim descent have been picked up by the FBI. However, in my sentiment, civil rights are being manner more protected than they were in the 1940 ‘s. Today, you do non see people rending off Arabs and Muslims before they are forced to head off to internment cantonments. Today, you do non see elected functionaries denoting on the intelligence or in the documents that Muslims and Arabs within a specific country are to be forced into little, desert, barracks for an unspecified sum of clip.

Any reasonable individual will reason that it is necessary to protect the freedom of us as a whole, conveying visible radiation to the quotation mark “ Take a small to give a small. ” Therefore, in decision, the USA has changed really much since 1941, and for the better excessively. Unlike the state of affairs the Japanese-Americans faced in 1942, protected civil rights, better surveillance methods, and political rightness have saved Arab-Americans and Moslems from being incarcerated after September 11th, 2001.