The Fireman Who Read English Literature Essay

Montag at the beginning of the novel claims that he was happy. He loved his occupation and was fond of everything about it. He admired the odor of kerosine, kerosine was “ nil but aroma ” ( 6 ) to Montag. Even his married woman, Mildred, disliked the olfactory property but he found it elating. Even if he was happy with his occupation, he was non happy with his life. He did non recognize this until after his conversation with Clarisse. To do affairs worse, his married woman about overdosed on kiping pills when he arrive place that dark. He did name for aid which sent operators to clean her blood and pump her tummy which confuses him greatly. He sees that the universe is non joyful and that everything is non all right. He has merely been stick oning a smiling on his face the whole clip.

Montag now to the full realizes that he ‘s non happy and needs to alter his life. This is get downing to impact his work and do him more sulky. When he arrives at work, he tries to interact with the Hound but it about attacks him and efforts to kill him. He flees and joins the other fireman upstairs. Montag says “ It does n’t wish me ” ( 26 ) to Beatty after what happens. Beatty mocks him, “ It does n’t wish or dislike ” ( 26 ) he says, seems to happen amusement in it. This causes Montag to suspend Beatty is behind something. Then Montag and the remainder of the firemen are called to fire books at a house. They go to the house, look into the house, so distribute their kerosine but the proprietor refuses to go forth her books. She takes out a lucifer and lets the kerosine, perpetrating self-destruction. This affects him greatly, makes him more funny about books and if they ‘re truly deserving deceasing for.

Montag takes a book with him after go forthing the dead adult female ‘s house. He calls in ill so following twenty-four hours, excessively afraid and guilty to travel to work. Mildred is of no aid until Beatty comes to their house, to look into on Montag. While he ‘s at that place, Beatty explains why books are n’t let. “ You must understand that our civilisation is so huge that we ca n’t hold our minorities upset and stirred ” ( 59 ) he explains. While the two negotiations, Mildred tries to botch Montag ‘s pillow and experience the book underneath his pillow. After Beatty leaves, Montag reveals that he has been taking and concealing books for old ages now. Mildred is shocked and upset by the confession but Montag tells her that he needs to read them. Montag has changed from a fireman who does n’t care about books, really loves to fire them to a adult male who ‘s all about books and wants them to populate on.

In Ray Bradbury ‘s novel, Fahrenheit 451, his supporter Guy Montag goes through several dynamic alterations and struggles. Montag realizes that his life is n’t every bit joyful as he thought to be and wants to alter it. He tries to happen replies around him and finds out what he ‘s hankering for is books. He goes against himself and his occupation and takes a book. But finally, he is caught and makes him take utmost steps. Montag was n’t happy as a fireman, he wanted to larn. He wanted to read books, non fire them.