The Concerns About Cyclone Efficiency Engineering Essay


This study is concerned about cyclone efficiency. The method cyclone is used to take atoms from gaseous waste watercourses in the experiment. Based on the literature hunt, more cognition has been known about atom collection and atom size. Qualitative method is used to depict the atom size distribution utilizing the ELPI device. The cyclone efficiency consequences are analyzed with graphs and treatment. Remarks on the most appropriate methods of control of atoms of the size are given at last in the subdivision of treatment.



Air pollution is semisynthetic harmful stuffs and specifics in the air, which produce disadvantageous effects to people ‘s wellness. It is a large job, nevertheless, populace was non focused on air pollution until 1969. Before that clip, the air pollution increased dramatically. The public impossibly solve the air pollution jobs by blowing off the toxicant air and the atoms in the air. The most of import thing is whether air pollution could be controlled by cut downing pollutant emanations. Air pollution job is non a individual job, but a series of related jobs. The overall air job fundamentally includes the undermentioned signifier, emanations, conveyance, dilution, and alteration in the ambiance, which effects on people, belongings, and the environment. It is improbable to happen a good and easy manner to work out all these jobs. Alternatively, people will hold to do some stairss to accomplish the ends such as making some research on particulate remotion from gaseous waste watercourses so that can better the air quality.

Name of Technology: Cyclones

This type of engineering is a portion of air pollution controls jointly referred to as “ pre-cleaners, ” because they are oftentimes used to cut down the recess burden of particulate affair ( PM ) to downstream aggregation devices by taking larger, scratchy atoms. Cyclones are besides referred to as cyclone aggregators, cyclone centrifuges, centrifugal centrifuges, and inertial centrifuges. In applications where tonss of little cyclones are runing in analogue, the full system is called a multiple tubing cyclone, multi-cyclone, or multi-clone.

Type of Technology:

Removals of PM by centrifugal and inertial forces are induced by coercing particulate-laden gas to alter way.

Applicable Pollutants:

Cyclones are used to command PM, and chiefly PM greater than 10 microns ( Fm ) in aerodynamic diameter. However, there are high efficiency cyclones designed to be effectual for PM less than or equal to 10 Fm and less than or equal to 2.5 Fm in aerodynamic diameter. Although cyclones may be used to roll up atoms larger than 200 Fm, gravitation settling Chamberss or simple impulse centrifuges is by and large satisfactory and less capable to scratch.

Accomplishable Emission Limits/Reductions:

The aggregation efficiency of cyclones varies as a map of atom size and cyclone design. Cyclone efficiency normally increases with atom size and/or denseness, recess canal speed, cyclone organic structure length, figure of gas revolutions in the cyclone, ratio of cyclone organic structure diameter to gas issue diameter, dust burden, and smoothness of the cyclone inner wall. Cyclone efficiency will diminish with additions in gas viscousness, organic structure diameter, gas issue diameter, gas recess canal country, and gas denseness. A common factor lending to decreased control efficiencies in cyclones is escape of air into the dust mercantile establishment.


This experiment is focused on the size of airborne dust or sprays and with one specific method of particulate remotion from gas watercourses ( a cyclone ) . Our major purposes are to measure possible dust jeopardies when managing pulverizations, the efficiency of filters and other arresters and measure the belongingss of aerosol.

Literature Search:

Control of primary particulates:

Most of the all right atoms in the air are secondary atoms. Most of the primary atoms are more toxic than many secondary atoms. Though primary atoms are by and large larger than secondary atoms, many primary atoms are little plenty to be respirable and are therefore of wellness concern.

The first three sorts of control devices are gravity colonists, cyclone centrifuges, and electrostatic precipitators. All map is driving the atoms to a solid wall, where they adhere to each other to organize agglomerates that can be removed from the aggregation device and disposed of. That is called wall aggregation.

Choosing a Collector:

Gravity settling Chamberss, cyclones, and ESPs work by driving the atoms to a solid wall where they form agglomerates that can be collected. These three devices have similar design equations.

Filters and scrubbers divide the flow. They have different design equations from wall aggregation devices and from each other every bit good.

Both surface and deepness filters are used for atom aggregation. Surface filters are used to roll up most of the atoms in a to a great extent loaded gas watercourse. Depth filters are normally used for the concluding killing of air or gas that must be really clean or for all right liquid beads, which coalesce on them and so drop off.

To roll up little atoms, a scrubber must hold a really big comparative speed between the gas being cleaned and the liquid beads. For this ground co-flow scrubbers are most frequently used. The venture scrubber is the most widely used type of co-flow scrubber.

Particle Size Analysis:

In many pulverization and material operations, atom size and size distribution play an of import function in finding the majority belongingss. Describing the size distribution of the atoms which make up a pulverization is hence cardinal in qualifying the pulverization. In a figure of industrial applications, a individual figure will be required to qualify the atom size. This can merely be done accurately and easy with a mono-sized distribution of domains or regular hexahedrons.

Separation of Particles from a Gas: Gas Cyclones

Gas Cyclones – Description:

Cyclones are extensively used for taking atoms from gas watercourse. The most common type of cyclone is the contrary flow type. Inlet gas is brought tangentially into the cylindrical subdivision and a strong whirl is created inside the cyclone organic structure. Atoms in the gas are subjected to centrifugal forces which move them radially outwards, against the inward flow of gas and towards the inside surface of the cyclone on which the solids separate. The way of flow of the whirl reverses near the underside of the cylindrical subdivision and the gas leaves the cyclone via the mercantile establishment in the top. The solids at the wall of the cyclone are pushed downwards by the outer whirl and out of the solids issue. Gravity has small consequence on the operation of the cyclone.

Efficiency of Separation:

See a cyclone to which the solids mass flow rate is M, the mass flow discharged from the solids issue opening is Mc ( known as the all right merchandise ) . The entire stuff balance on the solids over this cyclone may be written: Entire: M=Mf+Mc and the ‘component ‘ material balance for each atom size x ( presuming no breakage or growing or atoms within the cyclone ) is: Component: M ( dF/dx ) = Mf ( dFf/dx ) + Mc ( dFc/dx ) where, dF/dx, dFf /dx and dFc/dx are the differential frequence size distributions by mass ( i.e. mass fraction of size ten ) for the provender, all right merchandise and harsh merchandise severally. F, Ff and Fc are the cumulative frequence size distributions by mass ( aggregate fraction less than size ten ) for the provender, all right merchandise and harsh merchandise severally.


Remove and reweigh the filter and the hopper. Calculate the efficiency of cyclone. The instrument EPLI which is widely used for finding near real-time measurings was used to make this experiment. It can mensurate atoms within the size scope 30nm up to 10um on the footing of their aerodynamic diameter. In this experiment, two sorts of atoms, MgO, and wing ash atoms were measured by the demonstrator. And four groups of informations were obtained in this experiment, the first two groups are for fly ash atoms and the 2nd two groups are for MgO.


Dust used


before ( g )

After ( g )

Difference ( W )

Efficiency ( % )

















































Figure 1 size distribution

During operation atoms are drawn through a courser where they will have a charge, before go throughing into the impactor which contains a figure of phases, each one connected to a multi-channel electrometer. Depending on the aerodynamic size of the atoms they will be impacted on the different phases. The current values obtained from the different phases are converted to a size distribution, a graph of which is shown in Figure 1. Three sorts of atom have different peak value of figure concentration. The peak value of MgO is around 2000 particles/cm3, fly ash atom is about 1500 particles/cm3, and Atmospheric atom is above 2500 particles/cm3. The extremum of fly ash atoms is lower than MgO atoms ‘ .


It can be seen from Figure 1 that there are clearly overlapping size distributions present in the sample of Atmospheric atoms, MgO atoms and wing ash atoms. Real samples ever contain atoms with more than one beginning. Atmospheric dust might for illustration contain pollen every bit good as pollutants. The size distribution will so hold two peak values.

In this experiment, fly ash atoms can be found a spot larger than MgO atoms. And the colour of fly ash is darker than MgO, MgO is white. In add-on, it can be seen in figure 1 that the start point of MgO atoms is much higher than wing ash atoms. Because of influence of the distribution and size, the cyclone efficiency of fly ash atoms is a small spot higher than MgO atoms in norm.

From Figure 1, it besides can be seen that the figure concentration of MgO atoms foremost reach its peek value, and so the fly ash atoms get its extremum. Atmospheric atoms obtain its peak value at about the same clip as fly ash atoms. In the other manus, the distribution of the entire figure of MgO and wing ash atoms is different, it can be seen from Figure 1 that as the diameter of MgO addition, the entire figure foremost increase, so travel down, and so travel up once more. But the curve of fly ash does non hold this phenomenon. Its curve merely has one moving ridge crest and compared with MgO, the figure concentration of fly ash foremost acquire the value 0. In add-on, it is worthy to observe that the atmospheric atoms ‘ curve about has the same form as fly ash ‘s curve. The lone large difference is that the atmospheric atom ‘s curve has a much higher peak value of figure concentration.

In the experiment, the atoms get awaying from the cyclone in the procedure might lose, which could act upon the cyclone efficiency.

Besides, from this experiment, it can be found that there are some advantages of utilizing cyclone method to cipher the efficiency. The first 1 is that temperature and force per unit area restrictions are merely dependent on the stuffs of building ; the 2nd one, dry aggregation and disposal ; and the 3rd one is comparatively little infinite demands. However, there are some disadvantages of utilizing cyclone. First, it is unable to manage gluey or tacky stuffs. Second, high efficiency units might see high force per unit area beads.

In the industry, cyclone is usually for comparatively large atoms, and ESP or fabric filter is for smaller atoms. Because in the ambiance the toxic atoms are by and large smaller than all right atoms, ESP and fabric filter should be used more than other instrument. The electrostatic precipitator ( ESP ) is like a gravitation colonist or centrifugal centrifuge, but electrostatic force drives the atoms to the wall. It is effectual on much smaller atoms than the old two devices.


As a decision, this study is concerned about the cognition of atom size and collection. Besides, it chiefly introduces the cyclone method to take atoms from gas watercourse. Through experimental informations, it can be seen the cyclone efficiency is comparatively higher and it besides can be found from the graph that the size distribution of MgO, fly ash and atmospheric atoms is different. With the demonstrator ‘s aid, the construction and design of cyclone are understood more clearly. The advantages and disadvantages of cyclone method can be identified.