The Choice Of Taboo Words English Language Essay

This paper is aimed to discourse further on the gender that impacting the pick of tabu words. I will concentrate on the sexual related word – Fuck. Through this survey, it is able to explicate in sociolinguistics position. why there is less frequence of female use the word FUCK in day-to-day life. In add-on, the observation through the use of this word by Hong Kong native-born, it is a end to reflect how society constructs or readings on two sexes.


In Hong Kong, the popular of utilizing disgusting words is heightening within 10 old ages. Affected by Western civilization, the English foul words like FUCK is bit by bit existed in Hong Kong. Yet, from author ‘s experience, the usage of FUCK word in day-to-day life is male more than female. Therefore, through the research we can see how the society values act upon the communicating procedure. The mark people being observed is the Hong Kong native-born, whose values are the most stand foring the local readings on genders.

Taboo linguistic communication existed a really long clip and there are some surveies focused on the forbidden field. K. Allen ( 2006 ) pointed out that there is no an absolute tabu word, the tabu refers to a behaviour of a community in the peculiar state of affairss and contexts. However, when the tabu words related to gender, like the sexual behaviours, tabooed bodily, sexual activities are become forbidden linguistic communication. Sing on the sociolinguistic attack, this attack stated that there are relationship between usage of lingual in systematic manner and societal value.


Sing the 20s of Hong Kong native-born, how the gender impacting the frequence of the word FUCK utilizing in day-to-day life. The possible respondents are the immature grownups in both genders within the age 20 to 29 distributed by educational degree.


From author ‘s experience, immature grownups are normally used this linguistic communication so the aged. In Hong Kong this modern metropolis, the position of native-born citizen towards sex is still conservative. Therefore, native-born people still carry a negative perceptual experience on the word FUCK. From the traditional position, patriarchate empowered the position of work forces and the position of sex and adult females speak behaviour are followed the work forces ‘s feeling. This implied that adult females utilizing the forbidden linguistic communication are an impolite and ill-sorted behaviour of a lady. Until now, it is thought that Hong Kong native-born adult females are still influence by this usage.

Bibliography reappraisal

From the research of B. Murphy ( 2010 ) on analyzing forbidden linguistic communication across the age group, it is obvious to see the word FUCK is the most common sexual tabu word. The high frequence of this word is because FUCK is a transitive verb and carries multiple maps, including showing emotional significance, referential map and intensive. ( R. Wajnryb, 2004 ) . Some theoreticians like Julian Burnside illustrated that our society judged this human action and sex is the illegal portion of human being therefore FUCK is the impolite usage of word. In my research, sexual words are forbidden in Chinese traditional thoughts. Therefore, FUCK as a popular word in disgusting linguistic communication. It is an of import keyword to raise the manner on society positions on both genders.

Harmonizing the similar survey by B. Murphy ( 2010 ) on the usage of FUCK among different age groups, the immature adult females aged 20s are concluded as the group freely to come across the ethical overtone and often use profane phrases in day-to-day life. Thus, I targeted my research to the immature grownups between 20s.

Many old surveies showed that the communicating manner between work forces and adult females are different. Such as A.Peer ( 2005 ) mentioned, the stereotypic beliefs on the ‘speech manner ‘ of genders are based on the societal position of work forces and adult females in society. Goddard and Patterson ( 2000 ) invented the word ‘folklinguistics ‘ to specify the speaking behaviours of work forces and adult females. The adult females normally less swear than work forces. Some popular phrases like ‘lady does n’t curse ‘ and ‘man ne’er call ‘ reflected the outlook of the work forces and adult females act in assorted ways. I believe the society shared point of view is one the largest factors impacting the communicating behaviour towards genders. I think these theories besides applied to Hong Kong.


This paper is a qualitative research. Therefore, the informations collected for looking the forms and the comparison to the theories. It is chose to utilize participant-observation as a tool to come in the group and have an informal interview to the mark age group. I would be standing as the outside perceiver and play the active function to raise inquiries in the targeted group.

Beginnings of informations aggregation

The information chiefly gathered from three ways, forming the corporate treatments in face to face with mark groups and the informal interviews. While face to confront treatments can be viewed as garnering the spoken discourse, interviews guarantee the quality of informations got is valuable. Datas from treatment is used to analyse the features of both sexes in communicating behaviours. Through the word FUCK, these interact behaviours can be reflected as the concealed attitudes on genders. On the other manus, the informal interview is a qualitative manner to see the perceptual experiences of these communicating behaviours.

Strength and failing of informations aggregation methods

Corporate Discussions ( Focus group ) facilitate research worker to garner assorted positions on a subject because the sexual related word is a relatively sensitive in Hong Kong. The double moderator focal point group is the effectual manner to detect the reactions of mark participants. The intentional inquiries stimulate the talk and interactions under defined subject in the groups. The addresss and experiences from participants can promote the others to response and voice out their feelings on genders. This is a more nonsubjective position to detect the sentence construction and forms difference within gender comparing to interviews.

However, the thoughts picked are merely from the focal point group. The information may non stand for the positions of all the people in age 20s. Furthermore, the treatment involves more than 10 people and the remarks from participants would be persuasive and impact the others ‘ idea. Then, react of group members may non act in a natural manner and the informations collected may non be accurate. Hence, form few focal point groups with different participants among mid-twentiess is the manner to higher the truth of informations collected.

Informal interview ( Semi-structured interview ) is another manner to roll up the utile informations and refill the failing from focal point group. Interviewees are more willing to portion their personal experience. The interviewer can set the inquiries in a flexible manner harmonizing to the responses. The inquiries about genders and sex can be even more specific and sensitive. Although informal interview may affect the subjective position both in the inquiries and responses, it is a manner to understand how the societal value affects the pick of word in forbidden linguistic communication. In add-on, this method ensures the quality of the informations collected that is related to the subject and valuable.

Instruction manuals of informations aggregation

All the mandatory inquiries drafted should be asked in both corporate treatments and semi-structured interviews. The optional inquiries are free to inquire after completing mandatory inquiries. The focal point group will be organized in 12 people among the age of mid-twentiess and they should be all native-born in Hong Kong. As the groups will be formed three times, the Numberss of participants will be wholly 36 people. The group should include all ages of mid-twentiess, at least one individual in each mark age. Every clip the Numberss of work forces and adult females are the same.

The informal interview will be organized in face to face and on phone. The entire Numberss of interviewees are 60. The interviewer should seek to avoid utilizing imperative inquiries for illustration ; do n’t you think adult females swear less than work forces? The opened-ended inquiries are encouraged to inquire if the interviewees are willing to reply.