The Boy In A Plastic Bubble Film Studies Essay

So the movie is based on a true narrative of a male child named Todd Lubitch ( Travolta ) , who is enduring from a earnestly compromised immune system. The job with his wellness made the boy live in a “ plastic bubble ” , merely to last inside the controlled environment. His loving parents ( O Connor & A ; Reed ) tried to assist him to populate normal life, but it was difficult to accomplish, and merely a miss named Gina made Tod want to populate exterior, she was his sense of life.

The chief function was played by a immature histrion John Travolta. He was a cunning cat and adolescents ‘ graven image, that is why he was hired to play the rubric function to do audience love him. And it truly became a great hit, and Travolta became a star, loved by many misss and adult females, that made this movie more popular. His moving manner in this movie was instead realistic, expressive, affecting and emotional. For illustration, in the scenes of unhappiness the histrion used really sad and melancholic facial look, sad and low voice, sad eyes that are full of cryings. He could show his emotional feelings through his face and organic structure motions, voice and modulations. This good histrion playing is a good testimonial to the whole feeling about the movie.

Some critics say that Travolta ‘s public presentation was non perfect here. But given what a cultural phenomenon this really blemished production was you have to believe that Travolta ‘s entreaty played big portion in how good it did. ( Pearce Garth )

It is besides of import to advert the drama of the other histrions, who contributed the movie: Robert Reed and Ralph Bellamy was assembled to add deepness into the action. For illustration Bob Reed is besides effectual playing a male parent, a really deep and full of agonies function, and his public presentation shows the weakness a male parent can sometimes experience. ( Pearce Garth )

Music in the movie

It is besides of import to advert the music in this movie, that plays truly great function in it. First of all, music makes the ambiance of the movie. Sound effects and music playing made great sense in this movie, it helps to do the ambiance of deep emotional feelings, it focuses on such tones: autumnal, sad, climbing nightshade, sentimental. Music and sound effects help to do the temper of the movie that is “ a good call ” . All music creates a temper, that becomes portion of the narrative. In this movie the manager uses the music to steer the audience, because without particular music the emotions of the scenes are non rather clear.

In this movie the ocular image that we see does non come from the image, the words of the histrions. Alternatively, most of the of import inside informations of the image really come from the sound and music. It can be called a “ narrative sound ” , which narrates the narrative, helps to state it.

In this movie we can happen 5 different sorts of sounds and music. First and the most of import is the tune line of the histrions voice, which include a pitch, different tones and modulations. The 2nd, is background music, that shows the of all time alterations in movies temper, narrative and the scenes by single beat and tunes. The 3rd is a narrative music – a music that really tells the narrative as the manager sees it. The Forth, is sound effects. And the last, there are vocals of certain temper that are used in particular scenes merely to do a emphasis on them, to demo their importance.

So why does the music and sounds are used in this movie: because:

– histrion ‘s words doA notA clearly explain the emotions of a scene ;

– the temper of a gesture image comes from the music merely ;

– music gives the narrative more inside informations and impact ;

– the music explains the emotions that the audience should experience ;

– music can even narrate the narrative. ( Steve McVicker )


For the elements of redacting, I will indicate out changeable analysis and some ocular effects.

So manager Randal Kleiser tried to do a really realistic redaction. He uses:

– Long shooting in which individual normally take sup less than half the tallness of the frame, it is used to demo the scene of a scene ;

– Medium shooting in which individual and environing takes practically equal parts, it shows the individual ‘s upeer portion of the organic structure ;

– Close up shootings in which a individual takes most of the frame and small of the milieus is shown, it is used to demo a character ‘s feelings ;

– Chemical reaction shooting that shows individual ‘s face responding to an event.

The chief attending is paid of class to shut up shootings, as with their aid the manager can demo histrions ‘ feelings, which take the chief topographic point in this movie.

As for the ocular affects I can call slow gesture consequence that means that motions on the screen are slower than in existent life. This ocular consequence is ever used to concentrate on the feelings of the histrion, and to increase the dramatic consequence.

In decision I must state that the movie “ The male child in a plastic bubble ” is a lyrical movie, so the manager and histrions tried to reflect the ambiance every bit genuinely as possible.