The American Revolution In The Early 1600s History Essay

Early on in 1600s, the dissacords and clashs between Great Britian and American settlements such as ‘Navigation Act ‘ and ‘Stamp Act ‘ later on 1775-1776 bend to a conflict for the settlements ‘ independency. The people who were caput of the conflict were George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams.

Between 1600s and 1700s British settlers settled ‘along the eastern shore of North America ‘ by accomplishing the conflict between British and Gallic settlements. There were 13 settlements and they had all their ain authorities with the ‘great grade of independency ‘ . The settlements saw themselves less British and more Virginians which is another settlement who lived in the North America. However, the settlements were still accepted the British Torahs.

Middle of 1700s, during the clip when George 3 was the male monarch of Britain, the settlements increased quickly as their prosperity which cause a new thought of individuality. Economically, they were a developed county on trade particularly the trade to the European states.

In 1651, the British Parliament started to run a new trade jurisprudence which is called ‘the Navigation Act ‘ . Harmonizing to jurisprudence the settlements were n’t let to sell their most valuable goods to any other state except Great Britain. Furthermore, the settlements had to pay high revenue enhancements to import Gallic and Dutch merchandises. Britain used advantage of it and bought American settlements ‘ valuable merchandises for low monetary values and sold them to acquire money from the goods.

In 1754, a conflict started in North America between Britain and France which is called ‘Indian War ‘ . The conflict ended in 1763 with the triumph of Britain. Britain seized about all of the Gallic land in the North America.

However, the conquest merely do jobs between Britain and the settlements. Because Britain helped its settlements to be successful in the conflict, they got into a dept and Britain expected some economical aid from its settlements. Therefore, in 1773 the British Parliament executed a new jurisprudence which is called ‘Stamp Act ‘ . Harmonizing to this jurisprudence, settlers had to pay high revenue enhancements to acquire casts for volitions, workss, newspaper and other functionary printed stuffs.

Because of several grounds the settler argued that they can non pay high revenue enhancements. First, this revenue enhancements were the first straight revenue enhancements which is paid to Britain. Second, settlers taught that it is against the settlement ‘s natural rights and besides the settlement ‘s attorneies agreed with this. Besides, the settlements thought that it is ‘taxation without representation ‘ . The British citizens accepted to give revenue enhancements ‘through their representatives in Parliament ‘ . However. the settlements did n’t accepted. They refused instantly.

The dissensions between the settlements and Britain are increased. Some settlements ‘ caputs wanted to acquire their ain independency. In 1773, some American settlements dumped a loaf of British tea to the Boston seaport to protest the revenue enhancement on importing. George 3 outraged because of this event which is called ‘the Boston Tea Party ‘ . Because of ‘the Boston Tea Party ‘ , the British sea forces closed the Boston port.

In 1774, because the American settlements are bored of the high revenue enhancements and the intervention, they decided to acquire together. They organized a Congress in September which is known as ‘The First Continental Congress ‘ in the history. Many representatives from each settlement except Georgia got together to discourse about the interventions such as ‘Navigation Act ‘ , ‘Stamp Act ‘ and revenue enhancement on tea.

In 1775, gunshot started between American soldiers and British ground forces in Lexington, Massachusetts which is spread to nearby Concord subsequently.

After the gunshot stopped, the representatives got together once more to do up ‘ The Second Continental Congress ‘ . One of the ground why they did this Congress was because the male monarch of Britain paid attending to the first Congress. In this Congress, the representatives decided to form an ground forces for a conflict. The power of the ground forces was on a Virginian ‘s custodies, named George Washington. Finally, the American revolution begun.

The settlements leaders justify independency by utilizing the Enlightenment thoughts. The leaders wanted the same political rights as the British citizens have. However, the male monarch of the Britain refused instantly. Therefore, the tenseness is increased between American settlements and British authorities. Furthermore, the societal contract had broken because of this.

In 1776, Declaration of Independence is written by Thomas Jefferson during the Second Continental Congress. The papers is based on the Enlightenment thoughts particularly on John Locke ‘s thoughts. By this authorship, the settlers reflected their thoughts about natural rights in a monolithic manner. The Declaration ‘s chief subject was ‘life, autonomy and chase of felicity ‘ . The paperss were ended by the settlements ‘ separation from Britain.

However, Britain did n’t give up without a battle. After the declaration is published both side got ready for a conflict. First, British ground forces had more advantage so Americans. They were close to win the war. However, the war ended up with the triumph of Americans. There were several grounds why Americans won the war. First, the British ground forces made couple errors during the conflict clip. Besides, because Britain had to acquire America to contend with Americans spent a batch of money. Second, Americans has more desire to win the conflict so British soldiers. Because British soldiers were contending with the people who were really from their ain state. Last, Americans did n’t contend entirely. France helped them to win the war.

After their success, 13 settlements started to seek for the right authorities system for themselves. In 1781, the settlements accepted a fundamental law which was ‘The Articles of Confederation ‘ . This fundamental law emphasized that the United States is a democracy. Harmonizing to this authorities the citizens were electing their ain representatives. Besides, 13 settlements created a conferedation. The most power was on the conferedation hands.This condfederation was a weak goverment system for these 13 settlements. There were n’t any executive. Neither there were ‘ judicial subdivisions ‘ . There were merely one organic structure of authorities which is Congress. Congress had no power. However, It entered into pacts, collected money and regulated trade. Harmonizing to this authorities system go throughing a jurisprudence was so diffcult, to go through a jurisprudence 9 of Thursday 13 settlements supposed to accept the jurisprudence. This weak authorities system brought many jobs to the provinces such as money jobs.

Subsequently, the learders of settlements recognize the demand of a new authorities system. In Februray 1787, Congress ‘approved the Constitutional Convention ‘ . The Constitutional Convention started to believe about a new and powerful gorevnment system for the provinces. The first session was on May 1787. 55 delegents who were familiar with the Enlightenment philosophers such as John Locke, Montesquieu and Rousseau got together to discourse about the authorities. The delegates worked on a new authorities system for more than four moths. It was n’t easy to construct a new authorities system for 13 provinces. Sometimes, delegates argued about how many ballot should all the provinces have or how can they give all the power to the Congress. However, at the terminal they came up with the new authorities system which is called ‘The Federal System ‘ .

Harmonizing to ‘ The Federal System ‘ delegates made ‘three separate subdivisions ‘ such as legislative, executive and judicial. So, the power was controlled by a group of people like Montesquieu ‘s thoughts. The ‘three separate subdivisions ‘ is provided ‘Checks and Balances ‘ . Every power was controlled and checked by the other two power. Besides, to maintain the authorities strong delegate were cognizant of the demand of a cardinal power which is provided by national and province authoritiess.

On September,1787 the Constitution had signed by the delegates. Harmonizing to the Constitution to run a jurisprudence at least 9 of the 13 provinces should accepted it. However, this issue caused many competitions. There were two group of people. One of them was the people who support the Fundamental law, called Federalists and the others were the peope who did n’t back up the Constitution, called Antifederalists. Federalists argued about ‘the balance between national and province authorities ‘ . Their most celebrated work was ‘the Federalist Papers ‘ . Antifederalists thought that the delegates gave so much power to centre of the authorities. Therefore, they believed that ‘the measure of rights ‘ would protect their natural rights. In order to do antifederalists happy Federalists accepted to add ‘the measure of rights ‘ to the Constitution. By adding ‘the measure of rights ‘ delegates protected ‘the basic rights such as freedom of address, imperativeness, assembly and faith ‘ which are Voltaires ‘s, Rousseau ‘s and Locke ‘s thoughts. While ‘ the measure of rights ‘ were protecting the basic right of citizens, they besides provide a good authorities position in the people ‘s head.

The American Revolution was started with the belligerencies between Britain and its settlements. However, subsequently on the twelvemonth it provided good facets. We can clearly see that ground overbalanced the reform. The inevitable revolution affected the settlements in a good manner like it affected the whole universe.