Teenagers’s Virginity

Recently, there are an increasing figure of instances about adolescents that lost their virginity around the Earth. NBC News and PEOPLE Magazine reported that “ [ n ] early [ 27 % of ] 13 to sixteen year-old are sexually active and “have been with person in an confidant or sexual way” ” ( “Nearly 3 in 10 immature teens ‘sexually active’” ) . This state of affairs has caught the universe ‘s attending, yet young persons do non see this as a job. For them, it is a lost virtuousness to remain a virgin until matrimony. Why is this go oning? Adolescents today believe that being a virgin until matrimony is a lost virtuousness because of the altering value of virginity, their consciousness about contraceptive method and the outlook between loving twosomes.

First, the altering value of virginity late may be one of the grounds for this issue. Looking back at the yesteryear, virginity is about at all times sacred. They can non merely lose their virginity until matrimony. In the present, holding pre-marital sexual intercourse does non intend losing one ‘s virginity before matrimony. For illustration, some adolescents agree they can merely lose their virginity under some conditions such as they have found a perfect spouse, temper or scenes ( “Definition and significance of virginity loss” ) . It could be the twosomes must be in love with each other, both of them are ready for sex or it is the perfect clip to execute sex. On the other manus, Carpenter states that “ [ T ] here are besides a lifting figure of people who believe themselves to be born once more or secondary virgins ( qtd. in Definition and significance of virginity loss ) . These sort of people who have lost their virginity before will go a virgin once more after they refrain from sex until following love or matrimony. In short, the virginity ‘s value has changed today and leads to the idea of remaining a virgin until matrimony is a lost virtuousness.

Besides that, adolescents have high degree of consciousness about contraceptive method. Contraception can be defined as ways or methods of utilizing some protection, pills or drug in order to forestall gestation and diseases from sexual intercourse. Adolescents cognize how to forestall gestation and sexually familial disease ( STD ) such as the usage of rubbers and prophylactic pills. For them, why non holding sex now, instead than after matrimony? They have already know about this sort of things. It is simply different from the old yearss as people have less cognition about contraceptive method. From a study done by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, about 90 % of teens know they can acquire STD from sexual intercourse and out of that, 67 % of them wear protection while holding sex ( “Nearly 3 in 10 immature teens ‘sexually active’” ) . Today, young persons are smarter comparison to before and “the usage of prophylactic pills [ is ] traveling up eight times ( “World ‘s oldest virgins” ) . Therefore, there is no demand to remain a virgin if striplings know about contraceptive method.

What immature loving twosomes expect from each other besides has differed from earlier. When their parents were their age, they did non even think about holding sex before matrimony because at that clip, love is non about holding sex merely. Love is about caring and believing in each other. Adolescents in this modern epoch will likely anticipate more than merely attention and feeling of fondness. When they think they have met the right individual and decidedly desire to be with their spouse for the remainder of their lives, why should non they have sex before matrimony? It is the same as holding sex after matrimony. Statistically, more than 62 % of teens have sex because they have met the right individual ( “Nearly 3 in 10 immature teens ‘sexually active’” ) . Stiritz and Schiller besides have mentioned that “ [ a ] adult female loses… but when she wants [ sex ] , she gain something ; there is a charming sense about [ it ] ” ( qtd. in Definition and significance of virginity loss ) . It is true that outlook between loving twosomes today has changed and for that, they lose virginity earlier.

Having sex and lose virginity before matrimony has been accepted widely as yearss maintain on traveling. In the same clip, jobs such as individual female parent, gestation and STD that are related to this issue besides have kept lifting. Everyone keeps indicating to each other, instead than faulting themselves for what the universe have been for the past few decennaries. In order to cut down these jobs, public should unite forces and range for an ultimate solution. Better forestalling it now, instead than allow it go a chronic disease for the populace in the hereafter.