Teen Ager Rununig Away from Home

The first cause of running away is conditions in the family. One of the reasons is because they come from broken homes where their parents are divorced. They do not get enough love and care from their parents. As a result, they will go and find love and care elsewhere. Some parents have the habit of quarrelling in front of their children. The children feel ashamed of their parents and cannot stand this kind of environment. In the end they run away from home. Some parents are too strict with their children. They always punished, scold and lecture their children.

They also put too much pressure on their children especially in their studies. Actually they should encourage and guide them more instead of putting unrealistic goals on their lives. Most teenagers do not like to be restricted and treated like children. They want to have their own freedom. They like to… I think, the main causes why a teen-ager might run away from home are first, trouble at home between the parents and second, a bad bahavior of a teen-ager that is absolutely not accepted in the family. In some families, the parents are often argueing with each other.

That might have different reasons, for instance, alcohol could play a part. If the father drank a lot of alcohol and possibly beat his wife, there would be a really bad situation at home. I think trouble between the parents hurts the children more than the parents themselfs. When a child has become older and has grown up to a teen-ager, he or she might decide not to go on enduring such a terrible situation and might indeed leave home forever. A second aspect I indicate is the behaviour of a treen-ager. In general, teen-agers change their behaviour during adolescence and start making their own decisions.

These decisions do frequently harm themselfs. However, they have to make experiences and perhaps act concerning by wearing broken clothes, colouring their hair or start drinking alcohol, taking drugs and spending many nights in discos or clubs. Not all teen-agers act equally strong in this period of time, but some behave in a way that is no longer accepted in a family. Thus, over time, punishments has to be a result of this to make the teen-ager clear that he or she is not allowed to go on like this. If the teen-ager did not change his behaviour but wanted to procede, he either would leave home or would have to leave home.

In conclusion, a bad and intolarant behaviour of either the parents or the teen-ager could move a teen-ager running away from home. I think, the main causes why a teen-ager might run away from home are first, trouble at home between the parents and second, a bad bahavior of a teen-ager that is absolutely not accepted in the family. The last cause may be drugs. Many teenagers at the age of about fourteen and fifteen began exploring with different drugs if it is available. Many try it once and never again, while others are weak minded and begin to take advantage of them, and before you know it they have a drug problem.

Now the drug problem is quite so bad until the parents begin noticing a change and confront them with it, normally the teenager is still in denial or to afraid to ask for help, so they runaway. There are probably many other reasons why teens runaway, however these are the main causes in my opinion. A word to the wise if you are a parent, do not try to keep your teenagers sheltered, you will only hurt them in the long run. eReasons for running away from home There are many reasons why teenagers leave home without telling anyone. These reasons include: arguments with a parent or other relative ·stress ·abuse or violence at home ·worries about money and debt ·being thrown out of their home by a parent or carer ·problems with drugs or alcohol For many teenagers, the actual decision to run away is taken on the spur of the moment. This means that someone who runs away has not thought about: ·where they will go ·where they will sleep ·how they will get access to money ·the effect their decision will have on family members Even if life at home is becoming unbearable, running away might not be the best option, even if it seems like the only one.