Study Of The American Civil War History Essay

Robert Edward Lee is one adult male that is revered for holding influenced the result of the American Civil War. Lee was born in 1807. Robert Lee was an American soldier in the Confederate States ground forces. He was besides the youngest boy of Major General Henry Lee. Lee is remembered for holding waged ferocious wars and won in assorted conflicts viz. ; Seven Days Battle, Battle of Cold Harbor among other conflicts. He actively participated in taking his military personnels to assail counter forces during the American Civil War.

Consequently, the American Civil War was the turning point of his calling as a combat applied scientist. He commanded the Confederate ground forces of Northern Virginia holding served as a soldier for 30 old ages. He was hence an digesting soldier with tonss of experience. It is for this ground that he was trusted with the duty of taking the war under the streamer of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia.

I chose Lee as the individual who has influenced the result of the American Civil War due to the tactics that he employed while taking in assorted conflicts. He would repeatedly assail his marks until they were weak. This was apparent in the Battle of Cold Harbor where Lee would occupy the North. He was able to crush Grant ‘s ground forces through this tactic. Lee ‘s chief end was to destruct the communicating substructure of the enemy therefore rendering them useless to contend back. The perennial form of onslaught by Robert Lee efficaciously weakened the enemy well until they gave up. Robert Lee utilized this tactic several times.

Furthermore, when Lee sensed licking, he would strategically withdraw while still concentrating on the strengths of his enemies. His drawing out from conflict field was a large blow to the South forces. Lee is remembered for his dare and extremely tactical schemes that he frequently employed in the conflict field. Most of the conflict tactics involved some cunning. His retreat made him to be extremely respected by other governments since the enemy had advanced anticipating a to the full fledged war, merely to happen cipher in the conflict field. Therefore, it was highly hard to follow and acquire clasp of Robert Lee.

On the other manus, Robert Lee was keen at cut downing the figure of his casualties in the battleground. He used all mode of battleground tactics to win the conflicts that he had won, including camouflaging one of the wayside soldiers who so shot into any coming vehicle. Masked work forces would mouse into the enemy districts and thereby larn their ain tactics. This was the chief scheme that Lee was utilizing.

I chiefly chose Robert Lee since he emerged as an exceeding combatant and combat applied scientist who led his battalion into the American Civil War. He would frequently sham his presence and leave instantly without the cognition of those around him. He was neither here nor at that place. His contrivance tactics enabled him to get away several efforts on his life. However, most of his pes soldiers were frequently takes into imprisonment due to miss of tactical stance.

Furthermore, I chose Lee due to his tactical retreat whenever he judged that contending the war would take to more casualties. Robert Lee was hence in no better place, except that he knew how to contend large wars. His tactical retreats made him debar bloodshed and therefore this explains why he did non hold many casualties. The success of Robert Lee during the American Civil War should be gauged against the figure of casualties that he brought back place. It is for this ground that Robert Lee was non of many words.

Robert Lee would non easy give up. He merely surrendered when a figure of his ground forcess have been captured. He is hence described as a adult male with many faces since he would non yield easy. Robert Lee merely gave up when all the Confederate ground forces or military group began to give up to the so Mr. Grant. I like Robert Lee since he would utilize any resources available to contend the American Civil War as portion of his command to win the war.

As the war progressed, Robert Lee considered build uping inkinesss. Most of the inkinesss were civilians who helped Robert Lee to contend his conflicts. Lee besides made us of slaves in contending war. I am peculiarly intrigued at the manners of war and conflict than Robert Lee employed against his oppositions. Grant had a unsmooth clip contending with the battalion of Robert Lee. Robert Lee was a true soldier who surrendered when it was wholly necessary. His concluding resignation was as a consequence of the monolithic resignation of the assorted Confederate ground forcess and the coup d’etat of the South by Grant ‘s soldiers.

The other military leaders in the American Civil War were simply present to contend the civil war without utilizing tactical schemes. Therefore, they had really small influence on the result of the Civil War. Robert Lee was hence a much respected and revered military commanding officer who won many conflicts and killed many more.

In decision, Robert Lee was a great soldier holding served in the ground forces for 30 old ages. He has hence a pool of experience. He is one commanding officer that I respect for his tactical manners at war. These tactics range from the usage of slaves in the ground forces to authorising the inkinesss. He would frequently withdraw when he saw it suit in order to debar casualties while contending the American Civil War.