Study And Overview On Barclays Bank Finance Essay

As one of the universe ‘s prima Bankss, with 135,000 employees in more than 50 states, Barclays plays a important function, from working with authoritiess on major substructure undertakings to conveying banking to clients in emerging markets. Barclays is made up of two major concerns: Global Retail and Commercial Banking ( GRCB ) and Investment Banking and Investment Management ( IBIM ) . There scheme is to accomplish growing through clip by diversifying their net income base doing their growing relevant to their clients at all times. This instance survey will seek to analyze the command and intended acquisition of ABN AMRO, and the early acquisition of Banco Zaragozano by Barclays, the differences in public presentation of these two Bankss based upon the strategic a economic motivations, concentrating on the amalgamation acquisition, and scheme implemented to consequence betterments to reflect the consequences from 2002- 2006.

1. Evaluate Barclays scheme over the period of the instance and prior to the ABN command, paying peculiar attending to the planetary industry drivers and the groupA?s public presentation from 2002-2006.

In order to understand the context that helps to explicate the strategic public presentation alterations at Barclays PLC over and anterior command for ABN AMOR.

BarclayA?s ‘ beginnings can be found back in 1690 to John Freame and Thomas Gould. The named changed to its present signifier when James Barclay became a spouse in 1736.A Soon, Barclays is the 3rd largest bank in the United Kingdom. The establishment ‘s primary focal point is in retail banking, investing banking every bit good as investing direction. Barclays operates in 60 states with major point of involvement in Europe, the United States, Asia, and Africa. Barclays is one of the 10 largest Bankss planetary when measured by market capitalisation ( Barclays PLC, 2004 ) . The establishment ‘s nucleus concern revolves around retail and investing banking, and it is the later that is being impacted by forces moving upon broad market economic systems in varied European Union member provinces as a consequence of the aforesaid debut of the Euro every bit good as globalisation. As a consequence of the preceding, Barclays services the United Kingdom market every bit good as supplying services to transnational companies located in differing market theoretical accounts.

Barclay ‘s scheme

The bank ‘s scheme is to offer a full portfolio of services worldwide, supplying a broad scope of cross-selling chances, in order to accomplish good growing through clip by diversifying its concern base and increasing its presence in markets and sections that are turning quickly.

This is driven by the Group ‘s aspiration to go one of a smattering of cosmopolitan Bankss taking the planetary fiscal services industry, assisting clients and clients throughout the universe achieve their ends. Furthermore, the scheme of the bank is based on the rules of earn, invest and grow.

Aligning concern drivers with strategic options

The strategic options examined by Barclays were further direct investing or outsourcing to a ‘partner ‘ bank and these were considered in the context of the bank ‘s cardinal concern drivers. These were: bettering their operating theoretical account for trade processing ; cut downing the costs of their trade concern in relation to people, substructure and services ; bettering their trade service capablenesss and set uping a feasible, non-competing, long-run ‘partnership ‘ .

After sing all of the options, including a Joint Venture partnership, Barclays decided to outsource the processing facet of its trade services offering to ABN AMRO and to concentrate on presenting enhanced client service.


Presents, the proliferation of banking consolidation within the industry is and has created a new epoch of international banking pudding stones in the planetary industry. The preceding is doing European based Bankss to look little in footings of comparative comparing. BarclaysA? operation in a broad market economic system means it competes with equity funding for corporations and as such, this does non stand for a strength refering its overall public presentation base. Harmonizing to groupA?s public presentation from 2002-2006 identifies that BarclaysA? public presentation underpinnings are represented by its scheme of geting other banking ( such as ABN Amro and Banco Zaragozano ) concerns to spread out its retail every bit good as other banking services through representation in international markets as represented by the bank ‘s presence in 60 states. This provides Barclays with the agencies to sell its extremely profitable investing banking services every bit good as be positioned to serve the cell of transnational companies that utilize its diverse banking fiscal service bundles.

On the other manus, ABN AMRO bank has a presence in 76 states and districts. Using its worldwide web the bank provides cosmopolitan banking services dwelling of commercial and investing banking merchandises to corporate nationally and internationally runing clients every bit good as personal and private banking clients. In 2007, Barclays announced the proposed acquisition of ABN AMRO bank, in order to spread out their distribution base. The trade was valued at a‚¬67 billion. On October, the RFS pool led by Royal Bank of Scotland, offering for control of ABN AMRO, officially declared triumph after stockholders, stand foring 86 per centum of the Dutch bank ‘s portions, accepted the RFS group ‘s a‚¬70bn offer.

Barclays is known a consistent performing artist presenting steady profitableness consequences, 20 % addition in net income before revenue enhancements in 2003, and once more in 2004, and one of the lowest cost to income ratios with respect to Bankss in the UK. The predating indicates that Barclays is good managed. BarclaysA? focal point on internal administrative consolidation every bit good as the acquisition of banking concerns represents its acknowledgment in order to keep growing in grosss, return on equity, dividends and net incomes in response to keeping a high market capitalisation that tends to do it a comparatively unattractive coup d’etat mark as a consequence of the high premium required to get it BarclaysA? retail banking arm is clearly supported by the immense success of its Barclaycard division that has set industry criterions in footings of inventions in client public-service corporation. BarclaysA? presence in 60 states further strengthens the public-service corporation of this card supplying concern and retail clients with entree to their fiscal histories globally ( Barclays PLC, 2004 ) . The aforesaid diverseness in operations is a consequence of the economic strength of planetary industry market based economic systems that have to the full recovered from the planetary recession events of 2002. BarclaysA? banking acquisition scheme is a direct branch of the foregoing in maintaining with the consolidation passion initiated by U.S. based Bankss.

Harmonizing to ABN AMRO bank public presentation, fiscal consequences in 2006 added to concerns about the bank ‘s hereafter. Operating disbursals increased at a greater rate than operating gross, and the efficiency ratio deteriorated further to 69.9 % . Non-performing loans increased well twelvemonth on twelvemonth by 192 % . Net net incomes were merely boosted by sustained plus gross revenues.

From 2002 to 2006, the farther advancement being made as a consequence of understanding the disciplinary steps that were and are needed to be taken. Barclay ‘s A?performance throughout this period has remained consistent and steady as the bank has non lost sight of the competences that helped it accomplish acceptable historical public presentation.

2. Compare and contrast the intended acquisition of ABN with that of the earlier acquisition of Banco Zaragozano, paying peculiar attending to the amalgamation principle and the motivations in each instance and the likely synergism additions ensuing from the integrating of ABN.

Harmonizing to the drivers of the command war that preceded the intended acquisition of ABN AMRO bank and the acquisition of Banco Zaragozano by Barclays in 2003, it is of import to understand why amalgamation and acquisition ( M & A ; A ) take topographic point and the possible additions of making so. But first some definitions

Amalgamations and acquisitions

Amalgamations and acquisitions ( M & A ; A ) are considered as consolidation schemes where a alteration of control takes topographic point through a transportation of ownership.

A amalgamation is the combine of two or more companies into a individual corporation. This is achieved when one company or concern purchases the belongings or some other signifier of assets from another company. The consequence of this action is the formation of one corporate construction. This new corporate construction retains it is original individuality. An acquisition is a small different from a amalgamation in that it involves many jobs being dissolved, and an wholly new company being formed.

The chief theory of amalgamation and acquisition is synergy, that is, one and one makes three. Through synergism, directors create greater value with the integrating of two companies, instead than that of their single parts.

Strategic and economic motivations

The strategic of Barclays with the intended acquisition of ABN AMRO bank was to make a large chance with the intent to present a new period of faster growing for stockholders in general. Furthermore the intended investing would be implemented at a sensible monetary value somewhat below the recent market trading monetary value.

The amalgamation for Barclays was focused in a strong fiscal public presentation provides clear strategic advantages every bit good as stature on the universe concern province. The proposed amalgamation with ABN AMRO, offered a alone chance to go a prima force in planetary retail and commercial banking with an stimate 47 1000000s clients, in order to increase fiscal returns to their proprietors beyond the rate of the stand-alone entities. And the fact that this amalgamation, uniting the strengths and values of both concerns, gives them assurance in bringing, both in footings of synergisms, and determined in considerable item by ABN AMRO bank and Barclays, in footings of a clearly defined and crystalline direction construction that we are seting in topographic point.

In footings of growing for stockholders, the combined entity would offers a diversified portfolio, both by geographics and by concern. Exposure to high-growth developing markets represents about a one-fourth of the hypertrophied pro forma net income base. Business sections such as investing banking and investing direction, which have as we know strong growing chances driven by demographic tendency represent about half of net incomes

For Global Retail and Commercial Banking, the amalgamation would make the 4th largest retail and commercial bank worldwide by market portion, and in a universe where the demands and purchasing behaviors of retail and commercial clients are turning more similar, this will make economic systems of graduated table.

Furthermore, the benefits generate by the amalgamation between both Bankss would be: complementary webs, a strong presence in attractive European markets ; significantly enhanced places in high-growth developing markets ; a much larger distribution web ; and the chance to present considerable economic systems of graduated table.


The chief ground behind Royal Bank of Scotland ( RBS ) , has trumped BarclaysA? offer for ABN Amro. The for each ABN AMRO portion, 79 per cent of which will be in hard currency, with the balance in RBS portions. The hard currency component was higher than expected and the command, valuing ABN at E71bn ( ?48bn ) , beats BarclaysA? agreed all-share offer, worth E64.5bn.The trade offers better value for ABN AMRO bank stockholders.

And monetary value is non the lone factor, Royal Bank of Scotland ( RBS ) besides combined cost nest eggs would make E4.23bn by the terminal of 2010, easy crushing BarclaysA? estimated nest eggs of around E2.8bn. In kernel the drive force behind the success of the Royal Bank of Scotland ( RBS ) command over Barclays was in fact the higher portion monetary value outlooks offering the perfect frost.

That partially reflects the radically different strategic visions of the two Bankss. Barclays is looking to construct a immense universal bank where cross-border synergisms could be limited. But the Royal Bank of Scotland ( RBS ) pool wants to bring forth a type of “ in-market synergisms ” , by breaking-up ABN AMRO.

On the other manus, in 2003, Barclays announces the completion of its acquisition of Banco Zaragozano, at a cost of ?788 million which fit nicely into Barclays ‘ scheme to turn its concern in Europe.

Barclays has been present in the Spanish market for 25 old ages and it the most profitable foreign-owned bank in the state. The acquisition of Banco Zaragozano to its arsenal makes Barclays the 6th largest private bank in Spain ( much of the market is dominated by publicly-owned Bankss ) and three-base hits Barclays client base and subdivision web. Barclays aimed to be one of the top five Bankss in the universe and for that it would see acquisition to accomplish the end.

Further, Barclays believes that a physical retail and commercial banking presence is a important enabler of investing banking growing. The acquisition of Banco Zaragozano shows that strong retail presence generates good new concern chances for planetary concerns such as investing banking and recognition cards.

The success or failure of a trade besides depends on the clip skyline over which rating is done. Normally, in the short term, stock reactions to amalgamation proclamations tend to raise the mark ‘s stock monetary value, while the stock of the acquirer stays about the same. This is usually attributable to the outlook that there will be a command that is successful and involves a premium above the current market monetary value of the stock. Acquirer monetary values stay the same, in general, as the market reacts cautiously, depending on the particulars of the trade.

3. Identify what you believe to the cardinal success factors necessary to prolong competitory advantage in the planetary fiscal services industry and briefly discuss the deductions for the firmA?s competences, construction, and ethical/corporate administration.

Critical success factors ( CSFs ) have been used significantly to show or place a few cardinal factors that administrations should concentrate on to be successful.A As a definition, Critical success factors refer to “ the limited figure of countries in which satisfactory consequences will guarantee successful competitory public presentation for the person, section, or administration ” ( Rockart and Bullen, 1981 ) .A Identifying CSFs is of import as it allows houses to concentrate their attempts on constructing their capablenesss to run into the CSFs, or even allow houses to make up one’s mind if they have the capableness to construct the demands necessary to run into Critical success factors ( CSFs ) .

The chief keys success factors for Barclays in the instance survey are, with over three hundred old ages of history and expertness in banking Barclays has seen and has gained a repute for being a trustworthy and a dependable establishment to bank and invest with. This repute has seen it turn into over 50 states and go genuinely cosmopolitan bank supplying loans, investings and protecting the money of over 42 million clients and client worldwide. Another ground for the success of Barclays would be that it follows a simple strategic premiss ; ‘anticipates the demands of clients and clients and function them by assisting them achieve their ends. ‘ Part of Barclays recent success has been their ability to aim and place approaching emerging markets for illustration: India, parts of Asia and Africa, viz. South Africa, spread outing its retail web and hard currency machine handiness. Despite being a truly planetary corporation from a basic bank history to funding Governmental undertakings, Barclays focal point has ever been to run into the demands of the single client.

Furthermore, competitory advantages are hard to make. It is even more hard to prolong.

Community Bankss normally can non accomplish a cost advantages, particularly in tete-a-tete competition with larger, high-volume establishments. That leaves distinction as their primary method for making Competitive advantages. But that attack is besides debatable.

It is clear that engineering is playing a bigger and bigger function in banking. But today most Bankss are utilizing functionally indistinguishable systems to develop and present merchandises and services. This uniformity of engineering has resulted in commoditized banking – the antithesis of distinction.

So while emerging engineering can make a impermanent advantage, sustainable distinction based entirely on engineering is virtually impossible. To do affairs worse, engineering has really eliminated some of the historical advantages enjoyed by community Bankss. Thankss to CRM, personalized service – one time the exclusive state of community Bankss – is now possible for even the largest establishments.

Sustainable Competitive advantages is created by leveraging organisation ‘s alone blend of properties – trade name equity, repute, geographic footmark, specialized cognition – and jointing it clearly and systematically to your market.

Barclays is an first-class illustration of a bank that has achieved Competitive advantages through specialised cognition.

On the other manus, on the planetary fiscal services industry corporate administration is indispensable to the well-being of an single company and its stakeholders, peculiarly its stockholders and creditors. But sound corporate administration is non merely a critical factor at the degree of the single corporation. It is besides a critical ingredient in keeping a sound fiscal system and a robust economic system. And that is why authoritiess have taken such an involvement in recent illustrations of corporate administration failures. It is besides why banking supervisors are puting greater accent on the function that corporate administration can play in advancing fiscal stableness.

In the fiscal system, corporate administration is one of the cardinal factors that determine the wellness of the system and its ability to last economic dazes. The wellness of the fiscal system much depends on the implicit in soundness of its single constituents and the connexions between them – such as the Bankss, the non-bank fiscal establishments and the payment systems. In bend, their soundness mostly depends on their capacity to place, step, proctor and command their hazards.

Barclays have designed good corporate administration policies and patterns in order to guarantee that they are focused on their duties to stockholders and on making long term stockholder value, and guaranting that behavior is ethical, legal and transparent.

In houses, construction is fundamentally the best manner to form it, in order to carry through it is aims. It acts as the medium that facilitates the achievements of the organisational ends. It besides helps to place the cardinal activities of the organisational procedures and how they are coordinated. Furthermore, successful scheme execution depends to a big extent on the house ‘s primary organisational construction. A primary organisational construction comprises the house ‘s major elements, constituents, or differentiated units. Other agencies of acquiring organized are through reward systems, coordination footings, planning processs, confederations, information, and budgetary systems.

Geographic construction It is common in houses that have grown by spread outing the sale of their merchandises of services to new geographical countries. In these countries, they often encounter differences that necessitate different attacks in bring forthing, supplying or selling services or merchandises. The cardinal strategic advantage of this construction is responsiveness to local market conditions, a clear illustration of that is the intended acquisition of ABN AMRO and the early acquisition of Banco Zaragozano.

To reason, after being satisfied with its advancement in the United Kingdom, Barclays decided to do its name international by traveling abroad which was another great move. In the United Kingdom, Barclays had acquired many other little Bankss, such a Banco Zaragozano, gained big market and net incomes with each acquisition. As a consequence of this growing, this company had reached its adulthood phase within UK itself ; it has reached its extremum of growing. Further, Barclays, public presentation throughout 2002-2006 has remained consistent and steady as the bank has non lost sight of the competences that helped it accomplish acceptable historical public presentation.