Stress Management Personal Case Study

r Stress Management CLSS 1100 Summer 2011 MWF Prof. Mike Jensen Stress Management Final Person Case Study and Action Plan Introduction I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty stable and focused individual. Yet, I always catch myself making the same mistakes time after time. One of the definitions for insane is to do the same thing over and over again, expecting to get a different outcome…or, as like to say, madly pulling the jubilant lever of The Slot Machines of

Life, waiting anxiously, for everything to magically fall into place. Finally reaping the benefits of your diligence and persistence. Only to find out the damn thing was rigged to lose, and you were never meant to win on that particular machine in the first place. I just never have the strength, to release the death grip I had placed on the lever. It takes everything I have, to calmly step away from the energy sucking, attention drawing sources of my temporary “stand stills” through my life’s journey of knowledge and spiritual growth. Pit stops without facilities, unnecessary progression pauses, detours, distractions, nd delays. Thankfully this class has equip me with the tools and knowledge to recognize, anylise, realize, memorize, then down size sanitize and finally revitalize, energize and maximize. Only then, in the very end, will you receive your prize. That being an anxiety free frame of mind, relaxed and rested nerves, calm and collective demeanor, and a prompt, goodlookin, cocktail, delivering Cabana Boy. Action Plan So, what exactly is going on to have my “panties in a bunch”? A plethora of “going ons” to be exact, generally speaking. And, as I giggle at that for a minute, I will access my cute and chronic stressors. I’m behind in rent, they could come get my car any day, ust finance, in general are rubbing me the wrong way. Adding to the hardcore chafing at the moment, are the chronic stressors, two specific stressor to be exact. My son is disabled with mood disorders and anxiety. He is my sensitive little man and I am quickly coming to a point where I am not going to be able to hold him and keep him from an unfortunate event involving himself, his little sister, myself or our home. My little man has reached puberty and the emotions are becoming less ontrollable through meds and he is becoming physically bigger and stronger than me. I’ve been anticipating this for a few years and my SMART Goals are as follows; to have a better understanding and sense of safety regarding mood triggers and cures during puberty and possibly what to expect. Also, to make it a whole family involvement and getting prepared together for is adult years as well. 1. Contact Voc Rehab and speak with someone regarding classes, support groups, group activities, ect. for disabled youth and family members. By Monday 2. Get my son set up with up in local scouts.

And inquire about requirements to be a Den Mothers. 3. Talk to school counselors about moods swings, attitude shifts, triggers and possible and start keeping a detailed journal of moods to find possible patterns and set offs. 4. Understand options and available resources and services offered to people with same type of lifestyle arrangements. 5. Seek possible natural or homeopathic curse or mood reducers/stabilizers, aromatherapy any and all products or combinations to bring stability, security, and safety to our home. Try a new product once a week and monitor response and effects.

Listed above are the actions I need to do in order to go in the direction most beneficial for all parties involved. The difficulties or preconceived disruptions and or draw backs would be possible allergic reactions to new products oils, aromatherapies ect. Possible routine and schedule adjustments. And, heaven forbid, ill, mal, or reversed effects causing a yoyo pattern in his development. As for recommendations on how and where to start, I would have to use the same advice my father taught me about car repairs. Start with the cheapest options first. And go from there.

And if it aint broke, don’t fix it. I have acquaintances and people in th community to inquire and ask for advice and or warnings of possible damaging methods. Conclusion All in all this, regardless of the fact my attendance kept me from getting the full effect of the course, I found the class and the cheerful environment very therapeutic in and of itself. Not to mention the content being extremely useful and highly efficient. I am grateful that this class is available to the whole demographic, improving the whole combination of non and tradition student environment.