Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver “Stand and Deliver” is such an exceptional inspiring movie. I have learned a lot about the importance of a true commitment in order to achieve our goals. Mr. Escalante’s, the Math teacher in Garfield High School, devotion is a good example to validate this statement. Mr. Escalante is very much dedicated to his work; energetic, passionate teacher and wanted to change the poor performing history of the underprivileged and disrespectful students in Garfield High school.

Escalante poured everything he had into his teaching job, teaching was his life. His devotion to his work gets to the level where he is willing to sacrifice his personal/family time and even his own health for the sake of the students. He believed that he can make the children succeed in their education and also teach them how to progress in life to become devoted and can do much better than what their street friends are doing. Mr. Escalante used different strategies to motivate his students in pursuit of their excellence.

He inspired them to learn calculus which is one of the greatest academic challenges a high school student can undertake. He was committed to do anything so that his students can pass the calculus test which will give them college credits. His teaching mechanism was stimulating at times he even used Spanish language for the students to better understand and also he used his humors to energize his students. On the other hand, the Garfield High School management team was not fully supporting Mr. Escalante’s vision in teaching calculus.

Because the school administration believes that there is no way that Mr. Escalante can bring a break through to teach students calculus, where all students are considered as failed ones as they have their ups and downs and their home life is not perfect. The management team members were unconsciously believed in the school poor performance culture/assumptions. However Mr. Escalante fought the school system and managed to get the greatest recognition from his students by raising their performance to the highest level.

His passion to teach does motivate each and every one of them by making them believe in themselves and their potential. Mr. Escalante finally succeeds and led all 18 students to pass their calculus exam and changed the history of Garfield High School forever. In short his movie was an excellent and inspiring story of a true commitment where a devoted teacher and student succeeded with out the full support of the school administration.