Social And Psychological Oppression Of Women English Literature Essay

The power of relationship between work forces and adult females had clearly shown in both of the novel. In the fresh “ Nervous Conditions ” , the writer portrays the five adult females Tambu, Tambu ‘s female parent Ma’Shingayi, Nyasha, Maiguru and Lucia in a powerless manner. They need to obey the work forces all the clip. During the school holiday, Tambu and her relations went back to the hometown. Maiguru as a Babamukuru ‘s married woman who is the schoolmaster of the mission school, she is expected to cook, clean and fix everything for the drawn-out household. Although she is extremely educated but she is still enthralled to the wants of her hubby and the work forces in the community but because of her civilization she forces to maintain silent and obedient. She has no pick but to follow. “ This concern of a muliebrity is a heavy load. When there are forfeits to be made, you are the 1 who has to do them ” ( Tsitsi Dangarembga 16 ) . This is what Tambu ‘s female parent told Tambu. This quotation mark demonstrates that one time adult females marry to a adult male, she is like a load to the work forces. Womans are the 1 who ever sacrifices themselves for the household. Womans are born to be a load of work forces. In “ Hamlet ” by William Shakespeare, the queen of Denmark, Gertrude is a adult female who tends to obey work forces. She married with Claudius after her hubby ‘s decease within a month. Gertrude is a adult female who can non populate without a adult male. Beside, another character, Ophelia besides follow the regulations of female has the lower position in society. She gone huffy when her male parent, Polonius died. ( William Shakespeare )

Womans tend to obey work forces, this is because they feel inferior towards work forces and they obey this tradition since their ascendants. They merely follow the position quo that work forces are laterality in society. Besides, in the 2nd novel “ Pride and Prejudice ” , this fresh starts with the sentence “ It is truth universally acknowledged, that a individual adult male in ownership of good luck must be in a privation of a married woman ” ( Jane Austen 1 ) . This quotation mark demonstrates that the adult male wants a married woman so they can acquire the married woman, adult females does non hold the opportunity to reject them. The adult male has option every bit good as freedom to take any miss that they wants, nevertheless adult females merely can acquire whichever work forces want them. From here, “ Pride and Prejudice ” has shown that how pathetic is a adult females. They do non hold the opportunity to take the adult male they want. If so happen they marry to the work forces they do non like, they need to confront the work forces for the remainder of their life. “ The colour Purple ” which is written by Alice Walker, is a novel that about a black adult females, Celie, who has been sexually abused by the adult male she believes to her male parent, robbed of her two kids, and married off to adult male she hates. She believes that work forces are the 1s who dominate in society ( Alice Walker ) . This novel is the grounds of how a adult female can obey. Even though Celia has raped by his male parent but she forces herself to stay soundless and obedient towards her male parent due to the position quo of work forces in society.

“ In my bosom, I think a adult female has two picks: either she ‘s a women’s rightist or a masochist. ” ( Gloria Steinem ) In Gloria Steinem ‘s point of position, adult female is a weak party in society. It seems that adult females do non hold any opportunity to travel the higher degree of life. Both of the novels are in the community which is follow the procedure called entailed. In the fresh “ Nervous Conditions ” , after the sudden decease of Nhamo ( Tambu ‘s brother ) Tambu is selected to take over him. Before that, the household does non let Tambu to analyze. “ It is the same everyplace. Because you are a girlaˆ¦what did you anticipate? Did you truly think that you can direct yourself to school? ” ( Tsitsi Dangarrmbga 21 ) . This quotation mark demonstrates that Tambu truly want to analyze and derive cognition but she is a female, hence she does non hold the opportunity to analyze because her household will non pay for the school fees. This quotation mark shows that it is truly difficult to acquire a adult female to success. In that clip, about all the occupations are for work forces. In this novel, adult females had really few picks in their life. They do non hold any opportunity to make whatever they want. They need to delight the work forces.

Not merely that, in the 2nd novel “ Pride and Prejudice ” , “ It is from my cousin Mr.Collins, who, when I am dead, may turn you all out of this house every bit shortly as he delight ” ( Jane Austen 62 ) . Mr. Bennet ‘s belongings is entailed, intending that he must go through his belongings to a adult male after Mr. Bennet decease and can non be inherited by any five of his girl, his belongings demand to go through to a male relation on his side of the household who is Mr. Collins. This shows that male have the higher position than a adult female. They can inherit the belongings of their household or even side household. However adult females do non hold any opportunity to acquire the belongings from their household yet one time the adult females marry to work forces, anything that the adult females owned will automatically became her hubby ‘s. Besides, in the fresh “ Small Women ” adult females ‘s battle between the household responsibility and personal development. This fresh demonstrate that a adult females has their ain idea and wanted to hold their ain occupation nevertheless they has to follow the tradition that they need to remain at place and finish their responsibility.

In the verse form “ An independent adult female ” by Audrey A Cooper, “ She makes her ain life, and does n’t care what anyone thinks ” ( Audrey A Cooper line 1 & A ; 2 ) . Both of the line shows that an independent adult female can populate themselves, they do non depend on adult male. In the fresh “ Nervous Condition ” Tambu is independent. She workss and sells veggies and fruits to gain the money herself. She did this because she wants to analyze and she wants to salvage the money to pay for the school fees and she knows that her household will non and non able to pay the school fees for her. From here, Tambu has shown that adult females are independent as good at that timeline, they are non merely depends on work forces. When she able enters to the school, she was working really hard. Finally, Tambu is offered a scholarship to analyze at the honored mission school. Tambu was analyzing really hard because she wants to alter her life. In the article “ Women against War ” by Glenice Whitting, “ African adult females keeping bony babes, Moslem adult females shouting over bantam coffins. I cry with them, but have no thought of the deepness of their heartache. ” ( Glenice Whitting, line 8 ) this has demonstrated that adult females are weak sometimes but they are strong plenty to last in a war.

“ I was non regretful when my brother died. ” ( Tsitsi Dangarembga 1 ) . This quotation mark shows that Tambu really does non like her brother. Her brother, Nhamo was an of import function in Tambu ‘s household. He was the function of future supplier of his household. He was given the opportunity to analyze in mission school. He represents everything in his household. This is merely because he is the male and the eldest of the household. Although Tambu is intelligent and hardworking than Nhamo but she seems play an unimportant in her household this is merely merely because she is a female. After Nhamo ‘s sudden decease, she eventually feels her importance in her household, this is because she has measure into her brother ‘s function therefore she was non regretful when her brother died but joy. Now in society, adult females are acquiring more of import. “ Over the last 30years adult females, particularly from Asiatic states, have become an progressively in this of import constituent of this market ” ( J Stor, Feminist Review ) . This has shown that adult females ‘s difficult work eventually got appreciate by the society. Harmonizing to this article, adult females are awake and the society started to recognize the importance of the adult females.

In the 2nd novel “ Pride and Prejudice ” Elizabeth is a really good illustration of an independent adult females. “ I thank you once more and once more for the honor you have done me in your proposals, but to accept them is perfectly impossible. My feeling in every regard forbid it ” ( Jane Austen 105 ) . This quotation mark demonstrates that Elizabeth rejected Mr. Collin ‘s proposal although Elizabeth ‘s female parent wants her to get married with him because Mr. Collin is traveling to inherit Mr. Bennet ‘s belongings after his decease. Elizabeth dares to voice out everything she wants. nineteenth century society is really controversial at the clip but Elizabeth ‘s behaviour is against with the idea of 90 ‘s behaviour. She has her ain idea. Elizabeth does non desire her life control by her female parent, she is independent plenty to reject and settle thing by herself. In the vocal “ I am a adult female ” by Helen Reddy, at the beginning of the wordss “ I am adult female, hear me howl In Numberss excessively large to disregard ” ( Helen Reddy, Phase 1 ) this has demonstrated that a adult female used to be ignore by the society because adult females is a female. They do non swear adult females and think that adult female is a weak and useless party. “ it ‘s wisdom Borns of hurting, Yes, I ‘ve paid the monetary value, But look how much I gained, If I have to I can confront anything ” ( Helen Reddy, Chorus ) nevertheless adult females are strong plenty to confront all the obstructions. They are now strong and unbeatable. They do non desire to hold their life like how they used to be, they do non merely desire to obey the work forces. They experienced the hurting and they are now even stronger than a adult male.

In decision, in both of the novels “ Nervous Conditions ” and “ Pride and Prejudice ” adult females tend to obey adult male because they do non desire to against their tradition since ascendants. However adult female is woke now. They want to be equal with adult male and there is no a right ground that why work forces are dominant in society. Men dominant is no longer the norm. Female are acquiring independent. They start to voice out what their recent and they are holding more rights and respects in society. Everyone is equal. The position between work forces and adult females should be equal.

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