Significant Events That Changed America History Essay

Over the past 50 old ages at that place has been a changeless series of events that have significantly changed the hereafter of America. This class specifically focused on the American Experience since 1945. Subjects such as the Cold War, McCarthyism, Civil Rights and the Vietnam War all put in to put a concatenation of events that have made our state what it is today. This paper will reexamine a few of the societal, economic and political events between 1950 through 1990 that had a powerful impact on the American people and their decennary.

1950 ‘s Cold War Ideology, McCarthyism and Eisenhower ‘s Politicss

Cold War political orientation crystallized after the terminal of World War II. During this war the US had confederations with Britain and Russia. Postwar the US was easy able to reconstruct their economic system while Europe continued to fight. Prior to the war Europe had been a dominant force. As a consequence of their troubled Western European economic system, a power battle was started between the US and Russia known as the Cold War. Communism motion began and Americans become leery of the Soviets. The Americans adopted an anti communism subject that carried over to many philosophies and in hopes of containment. ( Brown 2001 )

As a consequence of the lifting concerns of communism mass intuition spread. Many people were accused of communism with small to no cogent evidence. President Truman began what was known as the Truman Doctrine which enforced trueness against communism which subsequently opened to the door for McCarthyism.

Mccarthyism, named after a former U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy, is a termed used to depict anti-communism epoch of the 50 ‘s. During this clip, McCarthyism created a wealth of jobs for the authorities and caused many societal issues. When Senator McCarthy claimed to be able to place “ Communist in the State Department ” ( Davidson et al. , 2005 ) it caused fright and craze towards anything foreign or broad. There was ne’er any existent footing on most of his claims but it gained him acknowledgment politically. As a consequence many people were arrested or labeled protagonists of communism. This was a vulnerable clip for the state and many began to oppugn truenesss. Unfair accusals were handed out and go forthing intuition among the American people as good is sick experiencing towards others for the small ground. Americans believed that they were being loyal and protecting Americanism.

Eisenhower initiated several matter-of-fact steps in order to pull off the economic system. In 1956, President Eisenhower implemented the Interstate Highway Act. This act was an sanctioned 20 twelvemonth program to construct a main road system. Constructing a main road was ab initio intended to make a better emptying solution in instance of atomic onslaughts. ( Brown 2001 ) Not merely did the main road create a solution for better traffic forms but it besides had a big impact on the economic system. More people began to travel to the suburbs and a main road system made the commute easier. There was besides farther distance to go which increased car gross revenues. Along the main road there were many new chances for people to open concerns such as shopping centres, thrust in films, gas Stationss and fast nutrient topographic points. Eisenhower besides signed the St Lawrence Seaway Act that opened up the Great Lakes to let transportation between the US and Canada.

1960’s- Kennedy ‘s New Frontier, Civil Rights, and the Hippie Subculture

The 1960 ‘s marked an epoch of alteration and a societal revolution for many people in the United States. The Civil Rights Movement was in full force, adult male foremost walked on the Moon, there was besides the desolation sing the blackwashs of both Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and President John F. Kennedy. There was the development of a antagonistic civilization that brought about the Hippie subculture. The Anti-War motion which began after the Cold War in the 1950 ‘s continued on until the late 1960 ‘s. The motion became the focal point of many university and college campuses as a protest to the Vietnam War and “ The Draft. ”

For the New Frontier, President Kennedy had hoped to cut down unemployment. The manner that he tried to carry through this was by increasing authorities disbursement. This would let the authorities to fund concerns hence making more occupations. He besides pushed for an easiness in anti trust limitations every bit good as grant investing credits and revenue enhancement interruptions. ( Murphy 2007 ) All these policies were supposed to profit new concerns. This would let them to non merely make occupations but offer a nice wage. The terminal merchandise did ensue in more occupations nevertheless there was the outlook that higher rewards would be paid out.

The Civil Rights Movement was a consequence of the battles minorities faced during a clip when black labourers were unable to happen work due to the national degree of minimal pay being raised. Many employers where reserving occupations with higher rewards to Whites therefore coercing many black people out of work. ( Davison et al. , 2005 ) There were many events that created the frame work for the civil rights move minute. Thurgood Marshall and Gus Garcia catapulted the civil rights motion by volunteering to be the legal voice of Black and Mexican-American people. Brave people such as Rosa Parks, small Ruby, and the adult females who constructed the coach boycott all took a base but Thurgood Marshall and Gus Garcia were able to interpret these defeats in a tribunal of jurisprudence to acquire lawfully protected consequences.

Even though the Civil Rights motion was underway, there was still political agitation, and a clear coevals displacement. Many people were set in the head frame of free thought and sought to dispute the regulations. The war put a many things in position for people. The bill of exchange affected about every family in one signifier or another and people began to set the war in to perspective. The Hippie subculture believed that it was incorrect and fought politically for alteration.

1970 ‘s Nixon ‘s Policies of Engagement, Anti-War Movement and the End of the Vietnam War

Nixon ‘s policies of battle were somewhat different from the policies of the Cold War. He recognized that station war the US no longer held complete laterality in the universe. His actions in the beginning were less forceful and more about edifice Alliess. ( Richelman 1999 ) The Cold War scheme involved menaces of atomic warfare which forced many enemies to follow out of fright. Nixon ‘s scheme was more about dialogue for illustration station both the Cold War and Vietnam War relationships between the US, China and the Soviet Union were badly damaged. Nixon decided to repair the spread by opening up a diplomatic relationship with China. The Soviets recognized that China was more powerful than they were therefore doing the Soviets more willing to accommodate with the US. Nixon ‘s whole program was to ease tenseness by dialogue because he believed that this attack was far more effectual so forceful menaces. This policy is referred to as the “ detente ” or “ peace with award ” .

Student unrest played important portion in the political civilization of the 1970 ‘s. During an antiwar presentation on the Kent State University Campus in 1970, pupils gathered to protest the Vietnam War and the invasion of Cambodia. The Ohio province Governor at the clip, James Rhodes, summoned the US National Guard to the Kent campus with the end of stoping the presentation and inquiring the pupils to pay out. The pupils would non follow and as a consequence of bad judgement, US National Guard began fire in to a crowd of unarmed demonstrators killing four pupils and go forthing nine injured. ( Davidson et al. , 2005 ) This incident at Kent State became the fuel of the antiwar motion of the 1970 ‘s.


The lifting casualty rates and feelings of unrest began to turn many Americans publicly against the war. The consequence was the gradual backdown of the United States from Vietnam by 1975.

Post war American struggled with the after affects of the war. As a consequence of the emotional strain of Vietnam, many soldiers suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PSTD ( Tull 2008 ) and had to undergo psychological interventions once they returned place. Veterans were besides treated as if they were the enemy by antiwar militants. ( Sitikoff 1999 ) Veterans besides suffered from societal force per unit areas and economical troubles that left some homeless or institutionalized.

1980 ‘s Reaganomics, Recession and Technology

Regan ‘s economic policies were referred to as Reaganomics. The ends of Reaganomics was to “ cut down the growing of authorities disbursement, cut down fringy revenue enhancement rates on income from labour and capital, cut down authorities ordinance of the economic system, command the money supply to cut down rising prices. ” ( Niskanen 1988 ) The consequence would take down rising prices and every bit good as the per centum of unemployment. The hope was that by conveying down the revenue enhancement rate more goods would be bought and sold therefore profiting the economic system. The Reagan disposal did n’t concentrate on alterations that affected wellness, safety, and the environment. He was able to extinguish monetary value controls on oil and natural gas, overseas telegram Television, long-distance telephone service, interstate coach service, and ocean transportation. Reagan endorsed the decrease in money growing initiated by the Federal Reserve in late 1979 which resulted in the 1982 recession and a big decrease in rising prices and involvement rates. Overall there was a large addition in the economic position during the Reagan presidential term.

The state experienced a deep recession throughout 1982. Many concerns were forced into bankruptcies ; a rate that rose 50 per centum over the old twelvemonth. Farmers were holding difficult times every bit good. Harmonizing to the US State Department, agricultural exports declined, harvest monetary values fell, and involvement rates rose. One cause would be the quickly turning economic systems in Asia. Japan, in peculiar, began to emerge as an economic human dynamo with accent on edifice major corporations. American ingestion of goods produced by other states rose. Gross national merchandise ( GNP ) fell by 2.5 per centum in 1982, as the unemployment rate rose above 10 per centum. Major houses like General Electric released workers. the rise in oil monetary values raised farm costs, and many husbandmans had trouble keeping their support. ( Pfouts 2006 )

By 1983, rising prices had eased, the economic system had begun to bounce and the United States was able to prolong a period of economic growing. By 1984, the US had entered one of the longest extensions of economic sustenance since World War ll. Japan agreed to a voluntary quota on its auto exports to the United States. Overall disbursement increased in response to the federal revenue enhancement cut and the stock market climbed.

The 1980 ‘s marked the beginning of engineering and engineering in many ways. The World Wide Web became more widely used by the populace. For the first clip, many Americans began utilizing personal computing machines in their places, offices, and schools. There was besides the debut of cell phones and computerized picture games. In add-on, there were important progresss in medical research to included bosom and malignant neoplastic disease interventions every bit good as genetic sciences research.

1990 and Beyond

Event for the 1950 ‘s until the present drama a portion if what determinations are made. Many of the most serious political, societal and economic events of their clip have become contemplations of the yesteryear. The battles of the Cold War are now merely tight in text books to those who are excessively immature to hold experienced it. The Civil Rights motion is still a conflict being fought everyday. Nixon and the Watergate dirt are frequently referenced in political gags. The Hippies over clip have lost their acknowledgment for being political militants and are now positions as a group of under the influence, wayward free minds.

My anticipation is that history will go on to reiterate itself. During the Clinton old ages, we experienced an economic stableness similar to that of the 1950 ‘s. The events environing the war in Iraq have frequently been compared to that of Vietnam. The new epoch of purchasing organic merchandises and believing green lightly hints toward the Hippies. Technology continues to take invention to another degree. Last, the lifting cost of fuel has caused a serious recession to that of the 1980 ‘s. It ‘s difficult to foretell what the hereafter will delight but possibly our state can larn from the events of the past, so that we do non reiterate bad determinations and have the bravery double the good 1s.