Short term and long term debt financing

The purpose of this paper is to suggest two beginnings of short term and long term debt for Ditchling Ltd. The paper will seek to place the grounds of finance in the company and suggest the most appropriate beginnings based on those grounds.


Ditchling Ltd is a Residential Care Service which is registered and regulated by the Care Quality Commission. It delivers professional high quality support services to grownups with larning disablements and associated disputing behavior in West Sussex. Ditchling Ltd is a specialist administration back uping people with many types of disablement, including: Autistic Spectrum Disorders and Asperger ‘s Syndrome, Disabilities associated with Epilepsy, Specific syndromes such as Down ‘s, Angelman ‘s and Cri du Chat, Mental wellness diagnosings such as Schizo-affective Disorder, Bi-Polar Mood Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Depression and Adults who exhibit disputing behavior due to communication troubles and larning history.

The primary aim of Ditchling Ltd is to heighten and advance service users ‘ independency and life accomplishments through ; offering entree to on-site twenty-four hours service which includes gardening and animate being husbandly and accessing local colleges, wellness and medical installations, societal nines and other community comfortss. Provision of attention and the above support services should be done without compromising the fiscal sustainability of the concern. Capable to regulation 13 of the Care Quality Commission the service supplier must take all sensible stairss to supply the service in such a mode as to guarantee the fiscal viability of the transporting on the concern[ 1 ].

In pursuant to its aims, Ditchling Ltd is presently being faced with three major issues that need attending in footings of funding

Payment of rewards on clip

Marketing the company ‘s on-site twenty-four hours service

Constructing an annex/extension to the chief house to function as an administrative hub

3.0 DEBT Financing

Harmonizing to Ward, S ( 2007 ) Debt funding is money that a company borrows to run its concern. Debt funding can be divided into two classs ; long term debt funding and short term debt funding.

3.1 Short TERM DEBT Financing

Short Term Debt Financing normally applies to money needed for the daily operations of the concern, such as buying stock list, supplies, or paying the rewards of employees. Short term funding is referred to as an operating loan or short term loan because scheduled refund takes topographic point in less than one twelvemonth. Short term funding includes ; working capital loans, overdrafts, commercial documents, renting and trade recognition.

3.1.1 Overdraft

Overdraft funding occurs when concerns make payments from their concern current history transcending the available hard currency balance. When a concern makes a anterior understanding with the bank for an overdraft installation, and the sum overdrawn is within this authorized overdraft, so involvement is usually charged at the in agreement rate. If the balance exceeds the agreed footings, so fees may be charged and higher involvement rate might use.

Ditchling demands to take advantage of this installation so as to turn to its cash-flow troubles and besides to guarantee there are financess available to pay its rewards to employees. Wagess are usually paid after 4 hebdomads. However, the remittals to Ditchling from the clients ‘ moneymans are done at the terminal of the calendar month. This means that sometimes the company is forced to detain rewards if there is deficient financess in the history. There have besides been instances of bounced wage checks. This has made the staff members lose assurance with the direction with some contemplating seeking legal damages

An overdraft installation will let Ditchling to pay rewards by pulling wage checks that exceed the available balance. This gives the bank account a negative balance but within the in agreement bound. This will besides cut down hefty charges incurred from un arranged overdrawing of the history and mulcts from unpaid points due to miss of sufficient financess.

Once the client support governments or moneymans pay at the terminal of the month, the history will swing back to recognition and no farther charges will be incurred for using the overdraft.

3.1.2 Working Capital Loan

Another short term debt that the company should use is s working capital loan. This is a short term loan from the bank to hike the on the job capital of the company. The on the job capital is the net assets a company has after subtracting current liabilities from the current assets. The current assets in Ditchling Ltd ‘s instance are short term beginnings of finance such as debitors, hard currency and hard currency equivalents. Cash equivalents are short term and extremely liquid investings which are easy and instantly exchangeable into hard currency.

A on the job capital loan will hike the current assets by increasing the sum of hard currency at manus and in bank to pay off for the selling disbursals and advertisement costs that are related to the twenty-four hours service. This includes production of flyers and adverts in the print and electronic media. Refund should be within one twelvemonth. Monitoring is done by both the company and the bank through a loan refund agenda and care of proper histories

3.2 Long TERM DEBT Financing

Long Term Debt Financing normally applies to assets the concern is buying, such as equipment, edifices, land, or machinery. With long term debt funding, the scheduled refund of the loan and the estimated utile life of the assets extends over more than one twelvemonth. Beginnings of long term funding include ; Bank Loan, Loan notes or Unsecured bonds, Deep price reduction bonds, Zero voucher bonds and Convertible loan notes.

3.2.1 Bank Loan

The managers should near a fiscal establishments sooner a bank and use for a concern loan to finance the building of edifice to be used as the disposal Centre. These loans are term based, which may change from three to ten old ages. The sum, the term of office and involvement rates may change depending upon Ditchling Ltd ‘s hazard profile. Term loans are either asset-backed or cash-flow backed. In the instance of asset-backed term loans, loaner establishments seek assets of the company as collaterals while publishing loans. In the instance of cash-flow backed loans, Bankss carefully scrutinize the balance sheets of a company to analyze its cash-flow capableness.

Fraser MacKay of Barclays ‘ Business Banking service says ‘loans are really flexible tools. They can be utilised for a broad scope of undertakings, be it enlargement, merchandise development, purchase of assets and even for working capital if you are traveling to new premises. ‘

Stephen Pegge, of LloydsTSB Business concurs that ‘one of the attractive forces of a concern loan is that, as opposed to state, pulling equity investing, you are non selling a portion of your concern to turn. You retain 100 per cent and do n’t hold to worry about outside spouses or dividends. ‘

The entire cost of the annex/extension has been calculated to ?50,000. The company has chiefly been utilizing its ain financess as opposed to borrowing hence it has low geartrain. The principal and involvement payments on a concern loan are classified as concern disbursals, and therefore can be deducted from concern income revenue enhancements which will be good to the concern.

Ditchling can offer to pay the loan over a period of clip say over 5 old ages and could besides give collateral to the bank signifier one of its assets. The security offered should adequately cover the proposed exposure. Its marketability should besides be good and non easy affected by any foreseeable factors

3.2.2 Mortgage Unsecured bond

Another long term debt at the managers ‘ disposal is publishing of a unsecured bond. A unsecured bond is a medium- to long-run debt instrument used by companies to borrow money.

Harmonizing to Riley, J ( 2009 ) unsecured bonds issued in UK have to be secured. A secured unsecured bond is one that is specifically tied to the funding of a peculiar plus such as a edifice. Then, merely like a mortgage for a private house, the unsecured bond holder has a legal involvement in that plus and the company can non dispose of it unless the unsecured bond holder agrees. In this instance, because the unsecured bond is for a edifice it is a mortgage unsecured bond. The managers could publish “ 10 % unsecured bonds 2013/2015 ?50,000 ” . This means, the unsecured bonds will be redeemable between 2013 and 2015 at the fixed involvement rate of 10 %

In decision, Ditchling Ltd go oning to run with no debt or purchase may be losing an chance to increase net incomes by financing operations and undertakings that will give a better return than the cost of the debt. A small debt can be good for the company ‘s net incomes.