Scale of Justice

Scale of Justice Scale of justice by Robert Caswell The scale of justice book refers to the police crime and it goes much further than telling the stories of corrupt individuals and their movies, this book is an incredible book that depicts on all police corruptions, crimes, bribes, racism and all other attitudes that people’s mistakes to show how life have change overtime and it shows how police act towards the society in positive and a negative matter.

The four main characters that were involved in the problems are Webber, O’Rourke, Callahan and Borland, some of these are young police officers and these are Webber and Callahan these police officers get involved in a large amount and major police crimes that lead them to a series troubles and breaking the law. Webber is a young recruit that wants to have a shining career where he can be the walking conscience of the society.

I agree to the statement that Robert Caswell of how he portrays life and experiences of police officers in a local station realistically and insightful manner because the following scenes will verify that Robert Caswell has portrayed the life will reflect to the reality of police officers and also the book scale of justice is fictitious text that was acted in the 1980s and it is a dramatic book. The most of ‘scale of justice’ involves accepting small bribes and breaching the code of conduct that is involved in corruption for been a policeman.

Robert Caswell wrote the book in a lot of acts and has explained in a simple way but sometimes the text is really trick to understand that the reader have to read it more than 2 times to get the meaning of it because it manipulate into a lot of meanings that when the reader reads it a few times to get the understanding of the act. The first scene that depicts of how webber and the other young recruits where they had to swear that they will follow the rules and have no mistakes in how they are going to act and handle the problems in the police force work.

The young recruits repeated after Thomas ‘I will see her majesty ’s peace’ and ‘well and truly maintained’ this clarify that the police need to be well maintained and know what sort of incidents, corruptions and all other sorts of crimes that they are dealing with. On the first day of webber’s job trying to fit the clothes in front of the mirror and try to play with pistol and to be so excited of how he is dressed up in a way that he is proud of himself of being a cop.