Russian Strategic Cooperation In Light Of Russia History Essay

1. India and Russia had close really strategic confederation during the Cold War epoch. The dealingss between the two states were all inclusive and were based on geostrategic and geopolitical alliances prevalent during the Cold War. During this period while Pakistan had closer cooperation with the US and went into at military confederation with NATO, the USSR assisted India with the political, economic, military and strategic support needed for economic growing, political and military strength. However, it was the military cooperation between India and USSR remained the most dominant facet of their bilateral dealingss[ 1 ], and Soviets accounted for about 75 % of the military equipment possessed by India till the decomposition of USSR in December 1991.

2. India and Soviet Union signed the Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Cooperation in August 1971, in which there was particular accent on security clauses. As a consequence, India benefited from the Soviets support in the creative activity of Bangladesh in 1971 and India excessively remained supportive of Soviets policies throughout the Cold War, particularly during the invasion of Afghanistan by USSR in 1979[ 2 ].

3. The geostrategic jussive moods thatA forged the India-Russia strategic cooperation were US-Pakistan military confederation, Indo-US estranged dealingss, strategic partnership between China and Pakistan and besides the Sino-Pak-US strategic convergence against Soviet Union.A On the Soviet side the jussive moods were military confrontation with China, the Sino-US quasi – strategic relationship and the Soviet Union ‘s demand to make out to NAM states through India. The commonA factor for both sides was the containment of US, China and Pakistan[ 3 ].

4. Post-Cold War the Russian Federation, holding given up the position of a world power, had to revisit its foreign policy in the new world of its ain position and the developing geo-strategic realignments. In early 1890ss, Russian foreign policy undertook a Westward bend and holding good dealingss with the US was on top of its docket. Therefore, Asia including India was accorded a low precedence by Moscow during this period of passage[ 4 ]. India, besides felt the demand to diversify its strategic dealingss from that of Russia dependant to holding more fruitful dealingss with the US, Europe, Japan and SE Asiatic states. In both these instances, the reconstituting perforce was besides capable to legion domestic political developments, which exerted their influence on foreign dealingss.

5. The Indo Soviet dealingss underwent a drastic alteration during Gorbachev ‘s presidential term who was foremost to originate Russia ‘s ‘China First ‘ policy[ 5 ].A Russia ‘s strategic displacement towards China in late 1980 ‘s removed the underpinnings on which Indo- Soviet strategic cooperation was rested. Russia ‘s ‘China First ‘ policy was smartly taken frontward by Yeltsin, and President Putin. The fact that Russia ‘s switch to China has incorporated a Russia-China strategic alliance and build-up of PLA ‘s military power and force projection capablenesss by transportation of province of art Russian arm and engineering systems.A The same has deep security deduction for India as China still remains its major security concern due to unsolved boundary line difference and Chinese overt and covert aid to Pakistan ‘s Army in development of conventional and atomic arms which is targeted against India.

6. India which so to a great extent depended on strategic cooperation with Russia for its national security involvement is now faced with the important inquiry on its strategic confederation with Russia and US and should it research alternate strategic options which furthers her national involvements in the emerging universe order.


Statement of the Problem

7. Russia ‘s foreign policy displacement towards China has removed the underpinnings of Indo-Russian strategic cooperation. This paper seeks to analyze the consequence of Russia ‘s ‘China First ” policy on Indo-Russian strategic cooperation and to research India ‘s future strategic options.


8. With limited range for Indo-Russian strategic cooperation in the present geo-strategic environment, India needs to travel off from Russia and research alternate strategic options including US to carry through its national involvements and aspirations.

Justification of the Study

9. The prostration of USSR in early 1890ss and Russia ‘s witting strategic displacement towards China to counter the turning influence of U.S. has changed the geopolitical context and kineticss that forged a strong Indo – Soviet confederation during the cold war. Russia ‘s switch to China has incorporated a Russia-China strategic alliance and build-up of China ‘s military power and force projection capablenesss by advanced Russian arm systems.A During the cold war India and Russia saw China as a common enemy which led to shut ties between the two states. In the changed contextual geo political scenario India finds itself vulnerable to the turning Chinese influence in the part and with Russia ‘s tilt toward china India needs to critically look into its national involvements and research the possibility of hammering new confederation to carry through its regional and planetary aspirations. This survey is aimed at critically analyzing the hereafter of Indo – Russian dealingss in the changed geo political and strategic environment.


10. This survey concentrates on the effects of turning Sino-Russian strategic cooperation on the Indo-Russian dealingss and analyse India ‘s future strategic discourse in the present geostrategic environment.

Administration of Dissertation

11. The paper has been organized into following chapters: –

Chapter I: Introduction.

Chapter II: Indo-Russian Strategic Cooperation during Cold War.

Chapter III: New World Order and Changing Geo Political Scenarios.

Chapter IV: Sino- Russian Strategic Cooperation Post Cold War.

Chapter V: Indo – Russian Relations in 21st Century.

Chapter VI: India ‘s Future Strategic Discourse.

Chapter VII: Decision.