Rhetorical Analysis Of Indian Immigrants In Usa History Essay

An Indian immigrant in United States is seeking to give grounds why he supports the American manner of life. In respect to his statement he comes up with 10 grounds to support the statement.

There is good life in America for ordinary people. Rich people are populating really good everyplace. However what differentiates America is the fact that it provides really impressive criterions of life for an ordinary adult male. The immigrant says that they are now populating in a state where workers who are making building are on a regular basis paid $ 4 for their work with amahs driving nice autos and pipe fitters taking their households for holiday in Europe.

Actually, immigrants to the state acquire the first feeling of the good societal comfortss that are enjoyed by hapless people. It was in the old ages of 1980s when this fact was dramatized through the CBS telecasting broadcast docudrama. Again the same thing was highlighted by the Soviet Union with the purpose of abashing the so government. Harmonizing to the testimony of the former Soviet leaders, the consequence was really opposite. Common people in the Soviet Union saw that those Americans who are thought to be hapless ain Television sets, autos and microwaves. The immigrant points out that the perceptual experience was similar to that of the mine familiarity from Bombay who has unsuccessfully tried to travel to US. In fact the immigrant says that he asked him why he was so eager to travel to America. He answered him that he wanted to populate in a state where people are fat. This is a rhetorical instance because in America hapless people are fat. Although blubber does non intend that one is wealth, people who are outside the state belief that life in America is good because hapless people are fat.

Social mobility and a batch of chances is another perceptual experience that people outside the state see to be good provided in America. It is seen that America is the lone state that has come up with a population of ego made rich people. Peoples like Omidyar whose parents are of Persian beginning and grew in Paris have initiated companies such as eBay. Again it is merely in America where Vinod the boy of an Indian military officer gets the place of taking capitalists in engineering industry and billionaire boot. The immigrant sees that the state has offered an chance for people to continue upwards in footings of success.

Besides trade and work is believed to be respectable in America. Traditionally, most of the civilizations have discouraged the labourer and the merchandiser with respect to the former as corrupt and vile with the later as vulgar and degraded. Few of the civilization like the medieval Islam and ancient Greece. Even the fact that it is better to acquire things by the loot done than contract labour or trade nevertheless, the American laminitiss changed the moral hierarchy. They came up with a society in which life for people who worked for him and every bit good as business communities was to be a baronial naming. Harmonizing to Americans there was nil degraded or vile about client service either as the server or a Chief executive officer. In United States, ordinary life of back uping the household and production is extremely preferred as compared to other states. The immigrant has given us the rhetoric image when he says that America is the lone topographic point where servers can be called sir as they were knights.

Greater societal equality is seen to hold been achieved in America than any other state. It is true that there are a batch of inequalities of wealth an income in America. In Europe the distribution is a bit more just in the position of economic footings. However, the Americans are more of socially just than any other state in the universe. Economic disparities though seldom impact this state of affairs. Harmonizing to Tocqueville Alexis, this sort of equalitarianism existed a century and half ago and therefore more prevailing in the current age. Bill Gates with all his wealths could hold non approached a common American and to mistreat him or her for merely $ 1000 measure. The position is that the rich cat could be holding a batch of money but in cardinal sense non better than any common citizen.

The immigrant further argues that people in America live Fuller lives. Although the American version of engineering in capitalist economy make dissenters inveigh against it, it is true that the system has allowed the citizens to hold many old ages of life with an purpose of populating more actively and intensely. In 1900, most of the Americans had a life anticipation of around 50 old ages but today the life anticipation is about 70 five old ages. Improvement in agribusiness and medical specialty are the major grounds for this alteration. The extension of lifetime is an index of excess old ages to bask life with more freedom and more state of affairss to make something with the expansive kids and devote to a good cause. A batch of people who are old in many states across the universe appear to be holding nil to make and they merely wait to decease. The old are improbably vigorous in America with people prosecuting the pleasances of life at the age of 70 e.g. sexual satisfaction and matrimony.

The fate of the immature is non provided in America but they are the 1s who create their ain fate. The immigrant asks himself how life would hold been if he had non come to United States of America. He argues that he would hold likely lived his life within a radius of five stat mis. He farther continues to explicate that he would hold married a adult female of similar spiritual and socioeconomic position and go a medic or an applied scientist or even person who programmes computing machines. He still argues that he would hold socialized wholly within the cultural community. Again he would hold set sentiments that one could foretell in progress, which will non in any manner be different from what his Dad believed in. He eventually concludes that the fate has been left in his ain custodies in US.

Besides in US the immigrant says that he has seen his life follow a radically different way, he says that in college he became interested in political relations and literature and in the procedure resolved to do a calling in authorship. He managed to get married a adult female of English lineage. At the age of 20 he found a occupation of analysing policies at the white house although he was non an American citizen. He says that no other state would hold allowed nay alien to make such sort of a occupation. This sentiment boasts his statements why he supports American manner of life.

Another defensive point which has been highlighted by the immigrant to back up the American manner of life is that most states in the universe unlike America will manus an single his or her destiny which is non the instance in United States of America where an person is left to find for himself. The immigrant equates life in America to a clean sheet where you get to compose on it about your ain life. He says that the perceptual experience of being an designer of your ain fate is a really powerful thought in America.

He continues to indicate out that America has gone legion stairss in front in seeking to set up equality rights. As a affair of fact nil is distinctively American refering dogmatism or bondage. Slavery has been virtually present in every civilization with xenophobia, bias and favoritism going a worldwide phenomenon. The immigrant still highlights that western civilisation is the lone 1 that to set a principled run to halt bondage. In this instance there is no state which has expended more blood or hoarded wealth to extinguish bondage than United States of America. Although racism still remains a major challenge, strenuous attempt s have been undertaken by the state to halt favoritism to a point of ordaining policies that provide legal advantage in University admittances, contracts and permanent occupations to minority groups. These policies have been extremely criticized but the fact is that it is extremely improbable that any racialist society would hold given room to such policies in the fist topographic point. Infact celebrated militants like Jesse Jackson are now comfy in America than they could be say in Somalia or Ethiopia. This rhetoric is meant to knock African provinces where peace has been compromised at the disbursal of nationalism. Peoples like Jesse Jackson are African Americans who are proud to be so because may be in Africa there is no room to show one & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s thoughts. What the immigrant is seeking to state us is that Africa is still far much behind in footings of freedom of address and there is a batch of absolutism.

He continues to give us the image of harmoniousness of different faiths coming together by stating that if person visits a metropolis like new York, he or she will be surprised by how Muslims, Christians, Serbs, Hindus and Sikhs live together. The antonym is go oning in other topographic points across the universe where these different groups treat their opposite numbers as enemies.

Finally he shows us that America is one of the states where there is a batch of freedom. This appears counterintuitive in the sense that there is a really seeable immorality and coarseness. Infact the Islam faith sees that there is a batch of morality in their governments as compared to that of the United States. The fundamentalist argue that the rule is extremely ranked than autonomy.