Religion In History Conflict Conversion And Coexistence History Essay

“ Let those who for a long clip, have been robbers, now become knights. Let those who have been contending against their brothers and relations now fight in a proper manner against the savages. Let those who have been functioning as soldier of fortunes for little wage now obtain the ageless wages. ” ( Patel, I. 2005. P 37 ) are merely a few sentences from Pope Urban II discourse in 1095, used as a trigger to lure soldier of fortunes into contending the first of the many campaigns against Muslims in an effort to recover the Holy Land known as Palestine. Looking at the campaigns as a whole over a period of clip will assist give an penetration in to the extent campaigns can be understood as a Christian war on Islam, this piece of work will make precisely that.

There were seven chief campaigns merely one of which was successful, that being the first one lead by Pope Urban II. Each of these campaigns will be approached separately.

When reading about the whole episode sing campaigns one may oppugn the true docket behind them. Where they truly a sincere effort to recapture the Holy land, and spread the good word of Christianity or was at that place some other docket behind it?

Prior to the first Crusade the Seljuk Turks occupied Jerusalem, it was the mistreatment of Christians and bar of pilgrims come ining the Holy Land, along with the devastation of churches by the Turks that lead to Emperor of Constantinople ( Alexus I ) bespeaking military aid from Pope Urban II to assist recapture the Holy Land. Pope Urban II agreed to assist the Emperor and gave a discourse to acquire people worked up so they would accept the campaign against the Muslims. In an epoch where the Church was the jurisprudence of the land, and where sinning was one of the biggest frights, the promising of salvation for those who took up weaponries and fought, God would seek wagess for those who killed a non Christian, ‘he called Christians to ship upon a pilgrim’s journey, a pilgrims war, in which each warrior could accomplish personal redemption on the journey to the sacred Centre of the universe. ‘ ( Chidester, D. 2000. P194 )

During the journey to Jerusalem the campaigns would halt in small towns and towns on the manner, some sermonizers claimed that Jews and Muslims both were enemies of Christ and must be fought or converted to Christianity, killing many along the manner who disagreed with their mission, including fellow Christians.

‘Christians of both the East and the West came to comprehend Islam as the primary menace – non merely a spiritual quandary, but besides a societal, political, and military menace challenge – to the unity of Christianity universe. ( Chidester, D. 2000. P.177 )

Alexus I, who called upon Pope Urban II for military aid was under the feeling that one time the land was recaptured it would be given to him and the Eastern Empire, alternatively the Pope kept it and divided in into four lands, every bit good as a spiritual involvement Pope Urban besides had a political involvement at bosom.

When the Crusades entered Jerusalem the Muslims fled to Al-Aqsa mosque, the Reformers entered the mosque and did non save a individual individual, it is estimated over 70,000 people dies. Once the Muslims had been slaughtered the Reformers turned their attending to the Jews, locking them in their temples before firing them and their residents to the land. During this Crusade the soldier of fortunes seized all houses and belongingss in the country, and took all that was non theirs. After obtaining all seeable wealth, they turned their attending to the dead, opening up their tummies in hope of happening gold coins the Muslims may good hold swallowed in an effort to conceal during the battle. It appears that one time under manner, the initial docket and purposes of the campaign shortly diverted – from traveling to recapture the land on behalf of Alexus I and the Eastern Empire and spread the good word of Christianity it turned out to be a free for all, reformers looking to derive as much wealth as possible. A Campaign that was started to protect Christianity resulted in a war amongst the reformers contending for wealth.

The Crusaders set out to distribute the word of Christianity, take back the states that were one time occupied by Christians but were no more and retrieve Christian states overrun with heathens and in conclusion to take retaliation on the ailment intervention and violent death of Christians. Other than to distribute the word of Christianity no of the others are merely grounds to get down a Campaign.

The 2nd campaign was an effort made by King Louis VII of France and King Conrad III of Germany to recapture more Muslim Land – this clip the reformers were non every bit successful – the reformers suffered a suppression licking at the custodies of the great leader Salahuddin. During this licking Salahuddin entered the Holy land peacefully and allow all the lasting Crusaders go free, even giving them commissariats for their journey place.

The 3rd campaign, once more the Christians were defeated but Salahuddin signed a pact with Richard I of England leting Christian pilgrims to see the holy land one time once more without any jobs.

The 4th campaign failed to even make the Holy Land. Unhappy with the old failed Crusade, the Gallic decided to take action, during their the campaign they came off class and diverged to Venice, there they help the Venetians to assail and capture the land of Zara more officially known as Croatia. Once completed there the Crusaders were so coaxed in to assisting the Grecian Prince Alexius to claim back Constantinople, motivated by the promise of affluent wagess off they went. Here the Crusader accumulated adequate wealth to fulfill themselves so the original program to recapture the Holy Land was abandoned and the reformers returned place.

The following Campaign being the fifth known as the Children ‘s campaign. Children from across Europe gathered to suppress Europe. Two of the chief ships transporting the kids capsized, all the kids on the ships died. Those who survived on the other ships were sold into bondage.

The 6th and 7th Crusades where were the Muslims gave the holy land to the Christians but subsequently reoccupied it once more. Following these campaigns there were a figure of attempts to capture Jerusalem, all of which failed.

It would look that many of the reformers were more interested in personal addition so faith. Besides they quarrel among themselves. These and the Catholic Popes utilizing the campaigns for personal and political addition contributed to the failure of the campaigns intended ends. Furthermore it led to detest between spiritual groups and the effects are still feasible today.