Race and Ethinicity

What do the terms race and ethnicity mean to you? To me race is the characterized word used from the color of skin, but needless to say that is not what means is. Race true definition is divided between species. The Haman Race and Animal Race. I always see myself correcting people when they scream out racism to a color of skin and trying to explain to them that racism is the hatred between the human or animal. I think a lot of people get the word race confused with prejudtice.

Race first started out by breeding of different animals to make a human race in scientific eyes. Ethnicity to me is the background, the foundation or the structure you come from. Ethnicity falls in the categorize part of the color of skin. Basically on a job application, government documents or government tests ask you for your ethic background. Meaning if you are black you pick African American, if you are white you pick Caucasian. Ethnicity can also mean the different types of food you eat as well.

Mexican, Asian, French, American are all different type of Ethic countries. This is just my opinion about the two but it very well mistaken because the uneducated people of different countries don’t want to really know the truth. In the United State society I think as I have stated above that they have race and ethnicity backwards. A lot of people think Race is a color and not a species and then Ethnicity they don’t even know the words exist. Some American’s need to be educated before they speak of words that they do not know the meaning of.