Public and Private Schools

AQUINDE, R-NOLD JANSSEN S. EJ2 FINAL DRAFT “Public and Private Schools” Which is better public school or private school? What are the differences and similarities between them? Why do private schools have expensive tuition fees? Parents often wonder how to start off their children’s education. These are the common questions that parents and students ask themselves today. Public and private schools are both educational institutions that shape students values. Both of them have the same mission or goal; to teach, develop and improve the skills of the students in different aspects.

These are the common similarities of the two types of schools. Next thing is their differences, and to begin with, one of the most notable differences is cost of their tuition fees. Public schools are free of charge since they are funded and operated by the government. On the other hand, private schools involve tuition fees that usually cost a lot of money. And because of this, since private schools require payment of money, only people with high or certain income can afford to be a part in this type of school. Another difference of public and private schools are their facilities.

Private schools have better learning environment. Most of them were air-conditioned and do have modern equipments rather than public schools. Private and public schools also have difference in their kind of teaching. Private schools have better teachers who have better education. Private and public schools also differs in their academic reputation and college preparation, school size, safety reputation and special programs. Private schools do have better programs for the students. They have different organization that will help the students to cope up to their different subjects.

Private schools are more aware for the students’ college preparation than public schools. Private schools also have better securities for the students’ safety, unlike in public school almost everyone can go in and out the school campus even they are not belong to that school. Most students prefer to be in private schools. One goal of many private school students is after graduating they can go to exclusive colleges. Other reason why they prefer private schools is that private schools offer a greater learning environment and their teachers are better qualified.

Another reason why they prefer to be in a private school is because in our country, there is discrimination among public schools students. People think that students in the public schools do have bad backgrounds. That’s why other students don’t want to be in public schools. They don’t want to be discriminated and be underestimated by others. Written above are the answers to the questions of many parents and students. They can already know that private schools are much better than private schools. Private schools do have expensive tuition fees but if you really want quality education, you should be ready to pay for it.