Psychiatric Analysis Of Holden Caulfield English Literature Essay

Holden ‘s male parent is a attorney who. He seems to be instead rigorous and really interested in visual aspects he shows this by doing certain that Holden corsets in sole homework schools. He ne’er got to cognize Holden because of this. His female parent is mentioned as being “ nervous as snake pit ” , enduring legion concerns and smoking most darks. All of it is blamed on her ne’er acquiring over Allie ‘s decease. Holden ne’er got to cognize his parents because he was for the most portion sent to get oning schools. He ne’er had a opportunity at developing a healthy relationship with his parents. Holden ‘s household is evidently really of import to him. At the beginning of his history he begins with speaking about his parents and his brother. Holden negatively criticizes them to hide the fact that he truly loves them. Holden is invariably being sent from one get oning school to a new. The emotional distance between him and his parents strengthens his general disaffection from everyone.

He has a good relationship with his sister, Phoebe. He loves his sister and admires her. He wants to protect Phoebe from the barbarous universe. Phoebe understands what Holden is speaking about and what he is traveling through. Holden feels the changeless demand to protect her from the “ barbarous universe ‘ around her. Phoebe is concerned about Holden ‘s hereafter and what will go on to him when their pa become cognizant of Holden acquiring kicked out of get oning school ( pg 164 Salinger ) . When Holden was traveling to run off to the West, she tells him that if he goes, she will excessively ( pg 207 Salinger ) . After this Holden seems to be able to grok the world that she will be destructing her life if she runs with him, and decides that he will travel place with her. This is the lone minute that Holden puts another individual in front of himself and acknowledges that he has the capacity to alter the lives of others. This judgement of his shows that there may be hope that Holden has the capableness to mend into a to the full functioning grownup later to his re-entry into the universe after go outing the mental infirmary.

For his asleep brother Allie, which I suspect has cause a bulk of Holden ‘s psychological jobs. He idealizes him. Harmonizing to Holden, he ‘s the most intelligent, nicest, most


capturing child with a great sense of wit you will of all time come across ( pg 38 Salinger ) . In Holden ‘s worship for his brother and in his hurting over Allie ‘s decease, Holden has overrated Allie into a saint. Allie died when he was eleven old ages old, still a kid and “ guiltless. ” Having by no agencies been “ tainted ” by the universe of grownups, Allie is likely the single Holden could catch in a field of rye, the lone individual who ne’er has to “ travel over the border ” of the great drop. This is why, when Phoebe asked Holden to call one thing he likes, he responds with “ Allie. “ ( pg 171 Salinger )

D.B. is Holden ‘s older brother is a film writer in Hollywood. He usage to compose great narratives, so great, that Holden credits him with being his favourite author. D.B. is besides the pinnacle of phoniness in Holden ‘s head because he ‘s forfeited his art ( composing narratives ) for money ( composing screenplays for Hollywood ) . Holden recounts a brassy dorsum of When D.B. came back from the ground forces D.B. says that the ground forces is full of treasonists. Holden so adds his ain sentiment about the ground forces which is really similar to D.B. This was one of the really few minutes they of all time bonded.

3. Relationship with equals

Holden does non hold a good association with his friends He often feels perplexed and lonely because he has no friends. He passes judgement on his roomies, Ackley and Stradlater when he was at Pencey. He hates Stradlater and feels covetous of him. He feels sorry for Ackley, even though they are both similar. Holden considers that all everyone around him are bogus. He feels strong bitterness against everyone and he does non cognize how to develop a healthy relationship with other people. He feels alienated or excluded from society because he ne’er had a opportunity to develop his societal accomplishments because he ever was being shipped to different embarkation schools. Not hold the opportunity to do new friends

4. Sexuality / Physical adulthood

Holden is non ready for sex. He is interested about sex, but he is non emotionally ready for sex. When Sunny the cocotte came by ( pg 93 Salinger ) , he did non want to hold sex. He felt hurt when he heard that Stradlater might hold sex with Jane. He does non believe that there should be insouciant sex between two people. He feels that sex should take topographic point when two people are in love. even though Holden is fighting to keep on to his artlessness, he is preoccupied by the idea of sex. He believes you should non be intimate with a miss unless you know her really good and like her a batch. He sees this belief as a failing. When Stradlater takes out Jane, his childhood friend, Holden becomes more than merely covetous he becomes enraged at the idea that Stradlater may “ give her the clip ” even though this is their first day of the month. He is besides disturbed by the fact that he is aroused by adult females he does non care for, such as the blonde tourer he dances with in the Lavender Room or Sally Hayes, who he wants to run off and acquire married


to. However, she is non into the thought and likely scared off by his progresss. Nothing about Holden ‘s manner of thought is logical at this point in his recount.

5. Attitude excessively authorization

Holden applies the term “ hypocrite ” non to people who are insincere but to those who are excessively conventional or excessively typical, for case, persons who dress and behave like the other members of their societal category. While Holden exploits the label “ hypocrite ” to connote that such people are superficial, his usage of the term in fact indicates that his ain perceptual experiences of other people are superficial. In about every instance, he rejects more complex decisions in favour of simple categorical 1s.

6. Doctrine of life

He is a baffled adolescent, excessively sensitive to the normal complexness of the grownup universe ( which he insists on naming hypocrite ) and unable to understand the truth that life is neither black nor white. I do n’t believe Holden is able to find what he believes and so calls himself a “ kind of atheist, ” stressing non so much belief or incredulity, but instead his inability to separate between the two. Holden ‘s mentality on life reflects Holden ‘s current quandary in that Holden is now unidentified of society and battles corrupt “ hypocrites. “ , the amount of such a traumatic history consequences in negative impact on Holden ‘s mental wellness as he becomes misplaced and roams about the streets. Having dark ideas as he searches without terminal and pointlessly for stableness in life and ultimate discoveries himself on the threshold of emotional dislocation.

7. Use of linguistic communication / attending span / consistence of idea

Holden ‘s linguistic communication typically stays off violative and obscene. On every juncture he says words like “ buttocks, ” it is merely adolescent phrasing for a portion of the human organic structure. He does non state it to be unsavory. “ Ass ” is fundamentally an extra word Holden uses to better convey thoughts. His nomenclature contains nomenclature that is spiritual, even though are non used that manner. He uses words that pertain to the Godhead such as “ God ‘s interest, ” “ God ” and “ goddam, ” however, he ne’er means it in a profane mode. They are lone parts of his address. He uses these words in an informal manner when mentioning to his “ blasted hunting cap ” or stating person is a “ blasted idiot. ”

Holden has a really short attending span and can non or does non desire to concentrate on inside informations. He changes topics rapidly and has trouble concentrating on one thing at times. Holden clearly provinces


that he finds it difficult concentrating during his treatment with Phoebe about what he likes in life, “ I could n’t concentrate excessively hot. Sometimes it ‘s difficult thought. ” ( pg 169 Salinger )

Holden is seeking to reenforce his values. Holden repeatedly remarks on his hatred toward hypocrites. That is one thing that Holden hates more than about anything. That could be the ground he often confirms a statement with “ I truly do, ” “ It truly does, ” or “ if you want to cognize the truth. ” He besides confirms remarks by reiterating them twice like “ She likes me a batch. I mean she ‘s rather fond of me. ” He uses different phrases and manners to give a more true backup to his remarks, as a consequence forestalling himself from looking like a hypocrite.

8. Decision ( account, principle, and recommendations )

In my best judgement as a head-shrinker I believe that Holden is non ready for release due to his unstable psychological province. After measuring his history I believe Holden is enduring from Posttraumatic emphasis upset from the traumatising events during his kid goon such as his Classmate jumping out a window and his brother Allie, deceasing from leukaemia. I besides believe he is enduring from Gerontophobia which is the fright of turning up which he invariably shows as he tries to protect his childhood artlessness from society. He shows marks of ADH as he changes subjects rather often during his history and provinces that he finds concentrating hard. He is a Pathological prevaricator because he constructs a perfect universe around him where he ne’er loses his artlessness and attempts to protect kids from the dangers of the grownup universe. He invariably defends his world when it is challenged, such as when Phoebe challenges him and his perfect universe he does non listen to her logical thinking and does non listen to her. He is besides demoing marks of Major depressive upset he shows this through his crossness, and his tempers change really rapidly. He besides hates to concentrate on inside informations, and exhausted clip believing over them. Most significantly at one point in his recount he had ideas of self-destruction. The concluding psychological job he has is Bipolar upset because he did seldom slumber ; he was extremely cranky and had suicidal ideation.

In order to handle Holden ‘s psychological jobs I would propose single and household reding with his parents in order to bring around his disaffection from society.