Profitability Ratio Analysis Of Lensen And Toubro Finance Finance Essay

The LT Company experienced net incomes from the fiscal twelvemonth 2010 harmonizing to the given information and the information. There was an Increase of gross revenues and net incomes of the company by 48 % and 88 % severally in the fiscal old ages 2010 and 2011. This implies that company is on the brink of growing and besides has a stable and a good hereafter.

The Cash flow statements of the last three old ages states that the company was detecting a lag and was in negative tendency but this is a really common state of affairs for any of the fiscal company. L & A ; T Infra and the L & A ; T Finance companies cumulative unnatural ratio ( CAR ) for the fiscal twelvemonth 2011 were 16.36 % and 16.5 % severally which is rather satisfactory.


The Operating Ratio, Gross net income ratio, Net Net income ratio, Capital employed and returns of assets can be calculated and analysed with the aid of profitableness ratio. The chief purpose of profitableness ration is to supply the penetration about ability to bring forth income. Cost of goods sold is seen as per centum of gross revenues by the reading of Gross Profit Margin ( % ) . The Fabrication of the company ‘s merchandises, how good the company controls the cost of their stock list sold and besides how expeditiously they pass on the costs to its clients is shown and good explained by the profitableness ratio.

1 ) Operating Ratio: –

EBIT i.e. Net incomes before Interest and Tax is besides termed as Operating Net income Margin. The relationship between the operating disbursals and the cost of goods sold with the entire volume of gross revenues is shown by this ratio. In the fiscal twelvemonth 2011 there was a worsening operating ratio of 12.83 % as compared to the fiscal twelvemonth 2010 which was 13.78 % and because of this diminution company is in a better place as the higher volume of operating net income was generated due to this autumn. Through the Analysis we know that lower the operating ratio better is the place of the company. The Cash Margin of the company is increasing every twelvemonth which indicates that the company has effectual use of assets. There was a diminution in the return on the net worth which was non good for the company. Greater net incomes are earned out of entire capital employed since a higher ratio is accumulated from return on cyberspace worth which states the better use of long term financess which was raised by capital construction.

2 ) Gross Profit Ratio: –

The Gross net income ratio is worsening in the fiscal twelvemonth 2011 which was 11.52 % as compared to the fiscal twelvemonth 2010 which was 12.74 % . Higher the gross net income ratio better is the place of the company. That is company earns higher net income out of gross revenues and frailty versa. L & A ; T has a bit low gross net income ratio but still the company will be in net incomes.

3 ) Net net income ratio: –

Net net income is the relationship between the net net income and gross revenues of the company. This ratio measures the profitableness of the company after sing all the disbursals which includes depreciation, involvement and revenue enhancements. In the fiscal old ages 2007 boulder clay 2010 the net net income ratio was tending which was 11.56 % in the twelvemonth 2010 but there is a down autumn in the fiscal twelvemonth 2011 which was recorded at 8.72 % . As we know that the chief rule of net net income ratio is that higher the ratio better is the operating and non-operating efficiency of the house that is the company earns greater volume of operating and non – operating net income out of gross revenues. The net net income Ration of the company is non that up to the grade but still it will go on to be in net incomes by higher volume of gross revenues.


Reserve demand which is the bank ordinance that sets the minimal militias each bank must keep and the Acid trial ratios which is used to find the liquidness of a concern entity is termed as the Liquidity ratio. This ratio describes the company ‘s ability to refund the short term creditors out of its entire hard currency. Entire hard currency is divided by short term adoptions and the consequence of it is the liquidness ratio. It indicates that the figure of times the short term liabilities are recovered by hard currency and if its value is greater than 1.00 so it is referred to as to the full covered. In the fiscal twelvemonth 2010 the current ratio was 1.23 and in the twelvemonth 2011 it was 1.24 severally. The relationship between the current assets and the current liabilities is established by the current ratio. 2:1 is the ideal ratio which states that the current liability of Rs.1 is about covered by current assets of Rs. 2. The company has inordinate current assets than the demand due to higher volume of current assets which is because of higher liquidness ratio. The relationship between the speedy assets and current liabilities is determined by the speedy ratio. It states that the liquid assets which are easy exchangeable into hard currency are helpful to run into the fiscal committednesss of the company. One rupee of current liability is repayed by one rupee of speedy assets as the criterion ratio is 1.1. The speedy ratio is tending organize the fiscal twelvemonth 2008 which is non a positive mark.

Dividend Payout ratio: –

The sum of net incomes paid out of dividends to stockholders is the Pay-out ratio. How the companies are using its net incomes is determined by the Payout ratio. The growing phase of the company determines the size of payout ratio that is if the company is new the payout ratio is traveling to be little as most of the net incomes are reinvested in the growing of the company. In the information of the company the dividend payout ratio is increasing which shows that company is paying off the dividends.

Inventory turnover ratio: –

The cost of stock of natural stuffs consumed by the mean stock held is the stock list turnover ratio. This ratio indicates that whether the stock is expeditiously used or non. From the given informations we can detect that the stock list ratio of the company is on the brink of increasing in the fiscal old ages 2008 boulder clay 2011 which is an optimistic mark for the company because if the stock list turnover ratio is higher the goods are consumed rapidly and there is no obstruction of the stock list and if the ratio is low so motion of stuff is slow because of which working capital is besides non utilised decently.

Coverage ratio: –

The house ‘s ability to run into its fiscal duties is termed as the coverage ratio. The coverage ratio in the fiscal twelvemonth 2010 was 6.09 % which was increased to 10.94 % in the fiscal twelvemonth 2011 which is good for the company as it can carry through its duties to its loaners.


The L & A ; T Finance IPO is manner better than its rivals and company is runing in high growing markets. The L & A ; T finance has secured class 5 which was given by CARE and ICRA. L & A ; T has a really good name in the industrial sector of India. The experts have besides suggested that the investors should use for the Initial public offer of L & A ; T. In short L & A ; T company is a really stable and a profitable company which can allow the investors gain a batch income from the investings in the portions of the company. We can state this from the above ratios calculated. The elaborate information is given in the above study.