Potential Of Green It In Gulf Regions Environmental Sciences Essay

In this paper we will discourse current energy ingestion in the Gulf states and datacenters, energy ingestion demands and future anticipations up to following 10 old ages. Than we will discourse Green IT strategies for energy preservation through IT and few illustrations from UAE. Than we will discourse and analyse available options for best one. We will show our decision and recommendations to travel frontward.


Green IT is the planetary enterprise to construct life and future friendly atmosphere through best IT patterns to assist salvage guard environment, cost effectual IT solutions and renewable energy resources every bit good. In this paper we will show current energy ingestions in the gulf part in subdivision 3, in mention with Gulf and Datacenters. The energy ingestion projection for future in peculiar with mention to UAE is presented in Section 4. In subdivision 5, we present Green IT strategies for energy preservation through IT and analyze these schemes and their impact on Gulf in subdivision 6. The last subdivision of the paper, subdivision 6, is treatment where we will reason the paper and give out recommendations at the terminal to travel frontward.

Current energy ingestion degrees

The current energy ingestion as measured in kgs of oil equivalent, per capita is shown in the figure on following page for the Gulf states.

Gulf Region

The UAE and Qatar are large consumers of the oil energy and related merchandises in peculiar and other Gulf regional states ( World Bank, 2009 ) .

Data Centers

For policy devising and concern scheme, it is of import to see the energy ingestions at datacenters. Its prevalent function is apparent by the fact that a 1MW high energy handiness datacenter can devour $ 20,000,000 of electricity over its life clip. Recent articles, suggest that for some clients the cost of electricity is greater than the cost of IT hardware ( AME Info, 2009 ) . A individual computing machine running 24×7 for one twelvemonth would devour 1,270 kilowatts hr of electricity peers to let go ofing 1,715 lbs of C dioxide which can be used to drive a auto 1,886 stat mis on the mean use ( ecoseed.org, 2009 ) . About 1.2 % of US electrical energy is used by power used by waiters, chilling systems and related substructure at datacenters. The U.S energy ingestion by information centres is expected to about duplicate in following five old ages. Since, most of the place users and informations centre and utilizing energy at more cost than their equipment, the demand for green IT is on the rise.

Energy ingestion projections for following 3, 5, 10 old ages

UAE power demand is among the largest in the part, due to fiscal and tourer undertakings and high population growing rate. By giving peculiar mention of UAE future energy demands we assume that similar tendencies are to be followed in the remainder of the oil due to the many similarities in economic construction and oil based major beginning of income. Current capacity of electricity production is 16.7. gigawatts, which need an addition at rate of 10 % to run into the hereafter demands ( UAE Embassy in Washington DC, 2009 ) as shown in the Figure 1, with energy demand predictions up to 2020.

Figure 1: Energy demand Perdition for following 15 old ages

At 2009, the electricity demand stands at 18593 MW, in following 3 old ages it would travel up to 27323 MW. With steady demand addition in electricity would travel up 31212 MW in following 5 old ages ( 2015 ) and 39,104 in 2019. Increasing energy use and is on steady growing and oil ingestion stands at 1.8 Mb/d, and presume to stay level at that degree to the depletion. One-half of the energy will be consumed in 2026 and rest to 2050 at 2 % per twelvemonth.

Based upon the above projections UAE has taken stairss to measure feasible options to run into future demands. As natural gas made available to the state for electricity would be deficient to run into and so the demand of renewable energy resources is stressed. On the other manus, combustion oil for electricity can be feasible beyond 2020 as against gas but it economically non feasible and environmentally risky. In the following subdivision, we will be foregrounding few stairss being taken towards green energy.

Green IT Strategies for energy preservation though IT

The UAE is major oil bring forthing state and top five manufacturers of the CO2, has launched many enterprise and programs to provide with this issue. The renewable energy sector in UAE is in fancy but there are already many good illustrations on the surface to tackle solar and wind power to provide the energy demands ( Zawya, 2008 ) .

German Business Park

Agenda to finish in late 2009, German Business Park, as designed by Fischer and his squad of scientists and applied scientists from Germany, is technologically “ Green edifice ” . The design takes advantages of abundant sunshine to power its clime control system, change overing the Sun ‘s heat into cool air. It is expected to be such efficient that it could supply energy to environing edifices every bit good.

Burj Al Taqa or Dubai Energy Tower

It is expected to lift in Dubai, a 60 narrative tower that is designed to be self sufficient in power. The design combines traditional edifice airing techniques with the ability to bring forth 100 % of its energy demands utilizing air current and solar power.

Masdar City

A good instance of UAE ‘s new attack to renewable energy resources is Masdar City ( Danyel Reichi, 2009 ) , a undertaking to construct a carbon-neutral town. It is portion of long-run economic variegation scheme for Abu Dhabi so the economic system is more or less independent of fossil fuels. Masdar is driven by Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company ( ADFEC ) established in 2006 owned by Government of Abu Dhabi ( Danyel Reichi, 2009 ) . One cardinal factor is Masdar Institute with MoU ‘s to develop Masdar Institute of Technology on lines with MIT ‘s. Masdar City is invention non merely for Abu Dhabi, UAE but besides Arab World.

UAE seems to hold chosen the renewable energy or green energy enterprise as against gas or oil based energy production for future demand as we will lucubrate in subdivision 6.

Analysis of Schemes and their Impact on Gulf

In this subdivision, we will foreground and analyse different energy demand schemes and their impact on the hereafter energy demands. We note that to run into the lifting demand of electricity there are three chief options available: i.e. , Gas for electricity, Oil for electricity, and Renewable resources for electricity or green energy ( UAE Embassy in Washington DC, 2009 ) .

As natural gas made available to the state for electricity would be deficient the demand of renewable energy resources is stressed. The known volumes of gas would take up the demand of bring forthing 20,000-25,000 MW ‘s of power coevals capacity, which is still half the 40,000 MW ‘s of demand at 40,000 MW ‘s in 2020. Though, there are big volumes of gas available but they would disappear and so are non sustainable.

On the other manus firing oil or Diesel for electricity is logistically feasible but heavy future trust on liquids would imply highly high economic costs, would bear heavy harm to the environment.

As it is said, “ Greener id better ” , we have to trust on the renewable energy resources and since they are non restricting and un-harmful to the environment. This tendency is already on top precedence of the authorities and IT companies ‘ docket as revealed by many undertakings discussed in the subdivision 5 of this paper.


In this subdivision we will show our decision and major findings to travel frontward at the terminal of this subdivision. .


The renewable energy scheme is best and feasible among gas or oil based energy or electricity production schemes. This would be supported by Green IT engineering and would be sustainable, cost effectual and environmental friendly. In UAE, though this field is non mature but indicants as shown by Green IT undertakings are positive and encouraging. The datacenters are large consumers of electricity and they should follow Green IT patterns as this is the engineering that would convey economic system, healthy ambiance and sustainable growing.

Way Forward

In this sub-section we present our determination to travel frontward to follow Green IT patterns in relation with renewable energy resources.

Among discussed schemes, renewable energy resources are illimitable and environment friendly and they are here to remain.

Green IT is engineering that would do the above alteration possible by planing green edifice and energy enterprises.

Abu Dhabi has set its end to run into 7 % of energy demands from renewable energy resources which is good start but insufficient to run into 40,000 MW ‘s of electricity demand in twelvemonth 2020, so there is demand for more such stairss in same way.

Datacenter in the universe would utilize more energy than universe Airline industry, so there should be proactive Green IT execution in topographic point to safe electricity, and cut down merchandise costs.