Possibility of World War Iii

GP Asignment #2 Name: Prabesh Jha Class : A level Science Roll no:72 Do you think there is possibility of another World War III? Justify your answer. Humans regard themselves the most superior in this world. They suppose themselves eminent. They want to win over all things in nature and now even this trend is applied to get victory over other humans. They think success is more important than peace. This aggressive human nature was the reason for World War I and II. As this nature still exists the possibility of World War III cannot be underestimated.

League of Nation was the international peace keeping organization established to avert World War II. But when the conflict raised between the countries and powerful groups formed, the organization petrified and hence no one was able to stop the deadliest war. This shows that if war is really to begin the same can also happen with United Nations at present. It is also observed that the various conflicts among the countries have still yet not been resolved. Israel-Iran, India-Pakistan, USA-Iraq, North-South Korea, and many more do not have good diplomatic relationship.

The existing cold war is the warning sign for coming world war. Terrorism can also act catalyst for the coming world war. Al-Qaeda destroying the pentagon of US has been reason for US to have clash with Arabic countries. Pakistani terrorist attack in Hotel Taj of India is also the reason of dispute between India and Pakistan. At present there is competition of countries to be supreme in terms nuclear weapons, which has become foremost threat to the world. First world countries are manufacturing these weapons in large scale.

When questioned them about these acts by international organization, they say “It is only for self defense. ” This statement makes another sense indirectly that they are ready to participate if war crop up. Parallel to these aspects we can also see most countries have changed the tradition of lethal war into healthy competitions. One of the best examples is international games like World Cup, Olympics, SAF games, Euro cup and so on. This type of rivalry is beneficial for all nations until it gets transformed into any clash.

Even tourism, aids, import, export are one to set up dependency of one another so that countries realize the importance of other nations too and avoid war. “I do not know what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with stick and stones. ” This line by Albert Einstein exquisitely put into plain words that the World War III would be so dangerous that everything would be destroyed in World War III which will reverse earth back to Stone Age. Hence, we must realize importance of unity, avoid war and promote hale and hearty relationship in coming future so that World War III can be avoided.