Polk’s Declaration of War with Mexico Essay

Many believe that James K. Polk’s declaration of War with Mexico was a justifiable action. On the contrary. a more sound statement can be made utilizing Lincoln’s “Spot Resolutions” and Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience” ; saying that Polk intentionally proclaimed war in order to spread out United States’ district and bondage. Abraham Lincoln used his “Spot Resolutions” to carry the House of Representatives to show Polk with questions about the veracity of his statements. peculiarly in respect to the existent “spot” where blood was ab initio shed. Lincoln’s inquiries were ne’er answered but his declarations convinced much of the populace that Polk was non being straightforward about his motivations for war.

In fact. Polk had a bill of exchange written to Congress inquiring to declare war on Mexico prior to holding gained cognition of U. S. casualties. Polk’s original justifications for war include Mexico’s failure to pay U. S. harm claims and their refusal to run into with Slidell. yet subsequently he stated that the war was a “defensive step. ” Other resistances to the war came from those who defended civil autonomies. most conspicuously from Henry David Thoreau. Through Thoreau’s eyes. the authorities was engaged in an unfair war with the exclusive aim to advance the westbound enlargement of bondage. As a protest. Thoreau refused to pay his canvass revenue enhancement to back up an imperialistic war. ensuing in a dark in gaol.

Thoreau condoned interrupting the jurisprudence if the jurisprudence was perceived unethical. Thoreau believed that people have the responsibility to reply to a higher jurisprudence than of our authorities. their ain set of ethical motives. Polk seemed to alter his grounds for war depending on what the populace hoped to hear. but he ne’er wavered in his determination for the declaration of War on Mexico. This suggests that he was determined to harvest the wagess from a war that he declared over the resistance from both the populace and the legislative assembly. The analysis of Lincoln’s “Spot Resolutions” infer that James K. Polk declared war to derive western lands. particularly California. despite the reverberations of warfare. Thoreau’s “Civil Disobedience” besides gives grounds that Polk orchestrated the War with Mexico to make bondage out West.