Pharmacological evaluation of recuperative effect of morusin against aluminum trichloride – induced memory impairments in rats

Pharmacological rating of restorative consequence of morusin against aluminium trichloride – induced memory damages in rats

Dementia is a upset, described by progressive loss of memory and loss of mental capacity. The furthermost common type of dementedness is Alzheimer disease ( AD ) . It gets worse as it progresses without any complete therapy for the syndrome. Most frequently, AD is analysed in more than 65 old ages of age group of inhabits while the less-predominant early-onset Alzheimer’s can happen much anterior [ 1 ] .

These syndromes are linked with serious physical and societal complications considered by motor struggles and psychological obstructions including memory loss, concentration jobs, and depression [ 2 ] . Even though the aetiology and pathogenesis of these syndromes are non wholly understood, the most critical methods appear to be driven by degenerative changes in the cholinergic nerve cells taking to cholinergic neurotransmitter disfunction [ 3, 4 ] .

Exposure of aluminum causes inauspicious wellness effects such as some neurodegenerative upset like AD [ 5 ] . Aluminium by and large dispersed metallic constituent in the earth’s crust and it acts as a neurolysin. A diet incorporating high degrees of aluminum led to increase menace of cardinal nervous system and similar to AD.

It stimulates accretion of man-made b-amyloid protein [ 6 ] . It triggers neurotoxicity in cardinal nervous, skeletal and hematopoietic systems [ 7 ] . In animate beings devastation of larning and memory caused due to extended harm of nervous system. As per Yokel ( 2000 ) study, Al toxicity potentially damaged encephalon in animate beings and worlds ( Walton et al. , 1995 ) . Aluminium-containing chemicals are extensively used in medicine, groceries, and cosmetics every bit good as are added to tap H2O in a figure of countries as a i¬‚occulating agent during the H2O purii¬?cation pattern, it is indispensable to analyze factors that might increase the soaking up of aluminum across the GI wall [ 9 ] .

Morusin, a prenylated i¬‚avonoids isolated from root bark of Morus alba L. ( Moraceae ) . Flavonoids make usage of a assortment of neuroprotective activities inside the encephalon, together with a possibility to protect nerve cells against hurt induced by neurolysins, a capableness to quash neuro redness, and the chance to advance memory, larning and cognitive map. The antioxidant studies of flavonoids likely a strong foundation for a neuron-protective action in the encephalon. Their general bioavailability and chiefly their happening in the encephalon in vivo emerge to play a important map in the visual aspect of the neuroprotective aptitude of flavonoids [ 10, 11 ] .On the footing of this once in our lab we have exhibited anticonvulsant action of morusin by heightening the GABA release, thereby back uping GABAergic mechanism [ 12 ] .

In extension of this, the current research has been undertaken to analyze the favorable effect of morusin isolated from morus alba in memory shortage of rats, using aluminum trichloride -induced memory devastation as an carnal theoretical account.

Experimental animate beings

Adult male wistar rats ( 250 ± 20 g ) were obtained from the carnal house of Siddhartha Institute of Pharmacy, Dehradun, India, maintained in criterion ambiance ( 12 H light/dark rhythm ; 25 ± 3 a-¦C, 45–65 % humidness ) , had free entree to standard rat provender and H2O ad libitum and surveies were performed as per CPCSEA, India.

Plant stuff

In April 2011, from local country of Dehradun, ( U.K ) , India works stuffs of M. alba L. was collected and authenticated by Dr. Imran Kazmi, Department of Pharmacognosy, Siddhartha Institute of Pharmacy.

Extraction and isolation of Morusin

The air-dried root bark of M. alba ( 2 kilogram ) was in turn extracted with 70 % ethyl alcohol. The infusion was concentrated in vacuity to supply remains ( 451 g ) . 100 g of the infusion was fractionated above cellulose column chromatography eluted with 100 % MeOH to give flavonoids. 25 g of stray fraction was subjected to silica gel column chromatography and eluted with a mixture of -hexane and propanone, increasing the sum of propanone. Morusin was eluted on 3:2 fractions ( 2 g ) . Morusin was recognized by the comparing with the echt specimens [ 13 ] .

5. Chemicals

Aluminium trichloride ( Alcl3) was purchased from Merck, Chennai, India. All chemicals were pure with an efi¬?ciency of greater than 99 % . Aluminium chloride was dissolved in imbibing H2O and morusin was suspended in Tween 80 ( 1 % , v/v ) in imbibing H2O and used.

Experimental Protocol

Animals were divided in four groups dwelling of six animate beings per group. The subsequent were the groups.

Group 1 ( Normal control ) : rats received merely vehicle.

Group 2 ( Positive control ) : rats received merely vehicle along with Alcl3( 100 mg/kg ; p.o. ) for 5 consecutive hebdomads.

Group 3: Morusin ( 5 mg/ kilogram ) was administered i.p. along with Alcl3( 100 mg/kg ; p.o. ) for 5 consecutive hebdomads.

Group 4: Morusin ( 10 mg/ kilogram ) was administered i.p. along with Alcl3( 100 mg/kg ; p.o. ) for 5 consecutive hebdomads.

The doses of morusin and Alcl3were selected based on those reported in literature The drug was administered orally 1 H after Alcl3disposal.

Morris Water Maze

The Morris H2O labyrinth ( MWM ) trial was performed by the method of Morris et Al. [ 14 ] The equipment used is a round H2O armored combat vehicle ( 100 centimeter in diameter ) filled to a deepness of 30 centimeter with H2O ( 25°C ) . Four points every bit dispersed along the margin of the armored combat vehicle served as starting locations. The armored combat vehicle was separated indiscriminately into four equal quarter-circles and a little platform ( 5 centimeter breadth ) was situated in the centre of one of the quarter-circles. The platform remained in the same location throughout the preparation yearss. The rats were free into the H2O and allowed 90 seconds to happen out the platform. Each rat received four tests per twenty-four hours with 5 proceedingss intertrial interval for 4 yearss. Escape latency and swimming waies were recorded.

Biochemical Parameters

Collection of Samples

Blood samples were taken by ex post facto orbital puncture, the animate beings were so sacrificed by cervical disruption ; encephalons were separated and homogenized in phosphate buffer ( pH 7.4, 10 % w/v ) . The evident supernatant, obtained after centrifugation at 3000 revolutions per minute for 15 min, was used to gauge acetylcholinesterase ( AChE ) activity, thiobarbituric acid-reactive species ( TBARS ) and GSH.

Appraisal of Brain AChE Levels

The whole encephalon AChE action was measured by the method of Ellman et Al. with a minor change [ 15 ] . The alteration in optical density per minute of the sample was recorded spectrophotometrically at 420aˆ‰nm.

Appraisal of Brain GSH Levels

The whole encephalon GSH degree was measured by the method of Beutler et Al. [ 16 ] . The optical density was measured spectrophotometrically at 412aˆ‰nm.

Appraisal of Brain TBARS Levels

The whole encephalon TBARS degree was measured by the method of Ohkawa et Al. [ 17 ] . The optical density was measured spectrophotometrically at 532aˆ‰nm.

Statistical rating

The informations were expressed as mean±SEM Statistical comparings were performed by one-way ANOVA followed by Dunnett’s-test utilizing Graph Pad Prism version 5.0, USA. P & lt ; 0.05 was considered important.


While the Morris H2O flight undertaking can analyze the function of encephalon in memory and acquisition, in animate beings, familiarity with objects or procedures is usually evaluated through MWM which is used to analyze the spacial memory keeping [ 18 ] .

In MWM consequences, the Alcl3treated rats invariably exhibited a longer flight latency and swimming distance ( p & lt ; 0.05 & A ; p & lt ; 0.01 ) than control rats. Chronic unwritten disposal of AlCl3consequences in the diminution of acquisition and memory accomplishments in wistar rats, which is supported by the literature studies cited in the current survey. Though morusin ( 5.0 and 10.0 mg/kg ; p & lt ; 0.05, P & lt ; 0.01 & A ; p & lt ; 0.001 ) treated groups important defense mechanism against AlCl3-induced acquisition and memory shortages dose dependent, severally ( Figure 1 and 2 ) .

Chronic unwritten disposal of AlCl3resulted in important ( p & lt ; 0.01 ) enhance in the AChE activity with fear to command group. Meanwhile, morusin ( 5.0 and 10.0 mg/kg ; p & lt ; 0.05 & A ; p & lt ; 0.01 ) significantly reduced AChE activity making similar values to command group.

Equally good as AlCl3significantly increased the encephalon TBARS degree and reduced the encephalon GSH degrees compared to the control group of rats, reflecting improved oxidative emphasis. Treatment with morusin ( 5.0 and 10.0 mg/kg ; p & lt ; 0.05, P & lt ; 0.01 & A ; p & lt ; 0.001 ) significantly abolished the AlCl3-induced augment in encephalon oxidative emphasis degrees ( Table 1 ) .


Aluminum is a ubiquitous metal and has been occupied in the aetiology of neurodegenerative upsets and cognitive disfunction, where it worsen encephalon oxidative harm [ 19, 20 ] , causes neural redness and bring on devastation in working memory, visu operception, concentration and semantic memory [ 21 ] . Aluminium besides functionally alter the blood encephalon barrier and produce alteration in the cholinergic and noradrenergic neurotransmission [ 22 ] .While old three decennaries, the correlativity among aluminium and cognitive upsets had gained much attending and it has been revealed that aluminum accumulate in all the part of the encephalon uttermost being in hippocampus, which is the cardinal topographic point of memory and acquisition.

Morusin is a prenylflavonoid isolated from Morus alba root bark [ 12 ] . As per earlier studies prenylflavonoid incorporating antioxidant activities is expected to exercise neuroprotective belongings via the ordinance of cellular homeostasis and extension of self-defense to oxidative emphasis [ 23 ] .

In the current survey, we have obviously established that morusin protected the encephalon upset induced by AlCl3solution, as evidenced by Morris H2O trial, and established a important cut down in AChE and TBARS degrees and a important augment in GSH in Alcl3treated rats. In Morris H2O trial skill, consolidation and remember of erudite undertaking were measured as memory appraisal parametric quantities. Acquirement and retrieve refers to the flight latency and swimming distance, severally. In the rats treated with Alcl3,dementedness was observed as higher flight latency and swimming distance compared with control group. Morusin ( 5 and 10 mg/kg ) dosage dependently reduced an flight latency and swimming distance.

In decision, our survey confirmed that aluminum contact was allied with impaired memory and cognitive maps in wistar rats. Such fortunes were inverted by morusin. The consequences recommended that morusin may hold anticipatory and/or curative potency in the managing of memory damages.