Personal Reflection From Learning Theology English Language Essay

Learning divinity as a class is a uninterrupted procedure which is associated with different experience. Part of my experience in this college is how to compose essays, how to reply inquiries, what the markers are looking for and how to acquire a good grade, non this entirely but as I go on I will speak about the remainder.


To get down with my background, where I am coming from, am used to composing assignments on documents and subjecting it, I ne’er done something like typing assignment and directing it before in my life, have ne’er been on laptop for so long but coming here has changed a batch of things in me.

Talking about subjects although, some of what we treated in category was the same thing with what have learnt before, but the ways in which the lectors Teachs here are different and this make me experience like am non up to it.

I am a type of individual who believes in whatever am told every bit long as I can see that you are good, am used to that. I belief in whatever the instructor says ‘ every bit long as it is harmonizing to God ‘s word I will non oppugn them, but when I came here we are ask to oppugn whatever we have been told and this has truly assist me a batch, it makes me to derive and hold confident within myself and I do n’t hold to belief everything I have to inquire inquiry.

I am a sort of individual who do n’t speak, like when inquiry are been asked I ever think of what can I say because I think am non up to standard that ‘s why I do n’t speak when I see those who knows more than me. Besides sometime I think of how to show myself so that people wo n’t express joy at me, that ‘s why I keep to myself or sometime I talk to my friends and they say it out.

Since I have started acquisition or analyzing about divinity it has been in a category of 40 five pupils, category full of different sort of people this besides has assist me a batch. Sing different people with different background and believes, acquiring to cognize and hear them speak has truly alter my ways of logical thinking and thought.

Talking about my acquisition manner, am non that good at it at all these has been a major job for me and when we speaking about authorship, analyzing, communicating, speech production or reading I find it difficult to make, non that I ca n’t make them at all but I think am non that O.K. or I will state am non up to standard.

My acquisition manners have been a sort of movie lavation, naming to tapes, or holding press release to read, this has been my chief beginning of larning. Although sometime, when I listing to people learning I got some sort of inspiration from whatever they are stating. So I can state that I do hold different ways of larning things.


To get down with survey accomplishments, at first I hated this class, I felt like I was traveling to decease if I continue with it, but my lector ever says that he is making all he can to assist us acquire good and great grade. Besides he says that he desire us to be a good pupil non that entirely, but he besides want us to be a good and great write in characteristic when we think of composing books so it will non be hard for us to compose. When I look at all these, I think I do n’t necessitate them because write make me ill and that ‘s what I have in my encephalon whenever he is learning. But as clip goes on I develop a spot of involvement in whatever he is learning and stating so I started naming to him and paying attending to his instructions.

Besides have decided that come what may, I have to pay attending to other lectors, because naming to them will assist me in whatever am making, like composing essays, holding treatment with other pupil from other colleges, or in prophesying the Gospel to others and in populating a good Christian life.


My chief premier duty would be to drive for continually bettering public presentation, every bit good as seeking to better my manner of reading, and besides am salvaging money to travel for English category and to go to essays categories on authorship and English speech production.

As an person, I have decided to hold a alone manner to any given undertaking, which I believe will assist in promotion of my surveies.

Besides am believing within myself to hold a group of people from my category that we can work together on assignments. Likewise besides we want to be holding a category treatment on any given assignment so I belief that this will besides be of aid.

Furthermore I have it in program to be reading before the recommencement twenty-four hours of the college because I think that this will besides assist in replying inquiry in the category and besides in composing my assignments.

However have besides decided that am traveling to affect myself in category treatment possibly this will assist me to be active, and I discover that I need to prosecute myself in treatment as in to be involve more than before, I have to allow travel of I ca n’t make it, I ca n’t state it, people will express joy at me I think I have to pay attending to myself non others.


In decision to all this stating of mine, I will wish to state that survey accomplishment has been a beginning of aid and encouragement to me personally, this class has do me gain that all that I think is impossible for so many twelvemonth, with the aid of my lector and his instructions, they are now possible for me. I can cognize set all I have learn into action, know when I speak and write people inquire me who is assisting me, so I tell them no 1 but survey accomplishment.