Pakistan in 2020

Economically: •Exports will see a boost when some of the FATA’s we’re dealing with will come into effect, especially trade with China, USA and Iran with expand three-fourfold. LSM needs more FDI; it will continue to grow at medium pace of 8-10% unless domestic demand for locally manufactured goods grows drastically. •Service sector is healthy; we’ll continue to export services as well as trained manpower to countries like South Korea, Japan, EU and USA. GoP is undertaking good steps to promote outsourcing, we have the potential to become another back office like India. Agriculture will face many hurdles, water management being one of the top priorities. We need to complete four projected mega dams by 2012 in order to grant enough water supplies. Introduction of GM seeds is another project GoP is currently working on with assistance from USA and The Netherlands. If implemented we’ll see high growth in both production and yield. Politically •With current developments its hard to tell what the political course will be in short terms, but I’m sure military will remain powerfull even if democracy is restored.

Demographically •Population is growing at 1. 8% and, decreased from 3% in mid eighties. High growth is considered to be an asset today, countries like India and Pakistan will provide cheap labor for ageing markets like USA, EU and Japan. Social Development •Literacy will climb at slow pace and settle around 60-65% by 2020, the figure is based on current trend. Ideologically •I foresee a modern and moderate society. Youth make 60% of the population, with literacy rising among this group I assume we’ll heading in the right direction