Origin of Internet


1.1 The Beginning of Internet

Talk about the beginning of the cyberspace engineering, of class non be separated from its predecessor telecommunication tecnological developments. Get downing from the find of a wire in 1836, which was patented by Cooke and Wheatstone. This became a new revolution foe the development of tellomunications engineering.

Followed in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone. These devices are still the most dominant is used to link to the cyberspace.

And the find that became the footing of the development of advanced telecommunications engineerings, including the Internet.


Who would hold thought that the Cold War between the United State and the Soviet Union alternatively produce Internet engineering, which is really utile for human life. Get downing from the first orbiter Soviet Union named Sputnik, the U.S. authorities so responds by set uping a research organic structure called the Advance Research Projects Agency ( ARPA ) . The bureau stood under the Department of U.S. authorities in 1957.

ARPA responsibility to develop scientific discipline and engineering, which can be applied in the field of defence and the armed forces. That includes the Defense Department needs, the wants of an information web that is non centralized, so that when a damaged tissue so that other webs can still be used.

Furthermore, in 1965, ARPA sponsored research on “ concerted web of time-sharing computing machines ” , which connects the computing machine at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and the Santa Monica, California. There, utilize the phone line velocity 1200 bits per second, which some clip subsequently linked to a computing machine owned by ARPA.

In 1969, ARPANET was formed which specializes in research about computing machine webs. ARPANET subsequently managed to make a web that consists of four nodes, which connect UCLA ( Los Angeles ) , Stanford, University of Santa Barbara ( Santa Barbara ) , and the University of Utah in Utah.

Every twenty-four hours more and more affiliated topographic point. atleast in 1971, ARPANET had 15 nodes connected with 23 hosts. In that twelvemonth the computing machine users besides have started to pass on with other users in a web, utilizing a plan directing a message through the web, and the embryo of an electronic mail that you are presently utilizing.

In 1972, for the first clip ARPANET demonstrated in public, a computing machine web of 40 computing machines.

A twelvemonth subsequently, the construct of a planetary web that became the embryo of the birth of the Internet became a world connect with University College of London ( England ) and Royal Radar Establishment ( Norway ) . In add-on, besides found for file transportation protocol, where a computing machine is possible to direct and have informations from another computing machine.

Yes, although the term the Internet has been introduced as the ARPANET undertaking running, but the existent Internet emerged merely in 1974. Is Vint Cerf, so called the Father of the Internet, the first to develop a TCP ( Transmission Control Protocol ) which became the standard Internet protocols to day of the month.

Since so, more rapid Internet growing, peculiarly in instruction and research. The assorted maps of the Internet became progressively, from e-mail, confabs, web sites, until streaming engineering.

1.2 What is the INTERNET?

Simply put, the Internet is a aggregation of 1000000s of computing machines around the universe who connect with one another. Port connexions can be used via a telephone, fiber-optic ( fibre eye ) , coaxal overseas telegram ( coaxal overseas telegram ) , orbiter or wireless connexion.

When we logged on ( in this instance is connected ) with the Internet, we are given entree to other computing machines around the universe who are besides connected to the cyberspace. With increasing technological progresss quickly, the current Internet can be reached by wireless connexion from the hand-held Personal computer or from a notebook computing machine.

Once connected to the Internet we can make some things, such as: send and receive electronic mail, chat by text or voice media, surfing ( surfing ) on the World Wide Web, or other affairs with a peculiar application package.

Simply put, the workings of the Internet merely like the postal system or a parcel bringing system, except the Internet works really fast.

For illustration, if now we are in Surabaya and will direct an electronic mail to the U.S. , after we press the Send button ( Send ) so email us was traveling to the mail waiter. ( Mail server computing machine is normally non what we ‘re have oning now, but portion of the bing services on the Internet, so that we could come out from the Internet after pressing the Send button without disrupting the procedure of directing the electronic mail ) . Then, our mail waiter will try to reach the mail waiters in the United States through the path Jakarta – Singapore – Japan – United States, or if the path can be busy it can utilize path Australia – United States.

Packet informations in the Internet has a certain size so that if an electronic mail were we large plenty to be divided into several packages and each package can be sent by different paths. After geting in America, there mail waiter will reconstruct our electronic mails into a individual built-in portion that is ready to function.

If the orbiter is used in the paths busy mail waiter so we will seek to direct once more after a few minutes until it was sent. If a upper limit up to 4 yearss more ( depending on our mail waiter scenes ) that electronic mail ca n’t direct the electronic mail will be sent email presentment that we are non up.

The path should go through the information package on the Internet really long and involves tonss of computing machines around the universe, so when we send the information is personal informations and / or of import, you should utilize a secure waiter, the waiter is equipped with a information encoding installation before directing informations to another computing machine and decrypted when the installation receives a information package from another computing machine.

1.2.1 Facilities of the INTERNET

What can we make on the Internet? Much. Here are some of the most of import installations provided on the Internet, among others:

1. Electronic Mail atau electronic mail

2. Discussion Groups

3. File transfer protocol

4. Telnet

5. Goffer

6. World Wide Web

1. Main Electronic or electronic mail.

Email is a missive or electronic message sent and received by and between persons or computing machines. Email works like a telephone replying machine, even though we ‘re non on-line with the Internet we can still have electronic mails from all over the universe.

Presently, e-mail non merely contain text but can be attached with artworks, exposure and drawings every bit good as sound and even life. Email can besides be used to direct letters straight to several people at one time. Send and have electronic mails, now has become a common thing people do on the cyberspace. We can pass on with anyone around the universe with this electronic mail installation, provided that already has a certain electronic mail reference.

2. Discussion Group

Normally we use email to the people who we know good, but we can besides utilize electronic mail to interchange information, discuss and duologue with others. We can take part in treatments and arguments with subjects runing from avocations to the computing machine jobs or even jobs of amusement and creative person.

Mailing list

Mailing List or frequently called a mailing list among pecuniary Indonesia, is one of the treatment group on the Internet. Members can pass on mailing list by directing an electronic mail to the address list. Any incoming electronic mail will so be sent back to each of the member mailing list. To go a member of a mailing list started by directing an electronic mail to subscription reference. After going a member you can have electronic mail from others and besides send an electronic mail to the mailing list.


Newsgroups are besides one of the bing treatment groups on the cyberspace. Unlike get offing lists, newsgroups utilizing a particular computing machine web called Usenet. Every computing machine there are several newsgroups. Each newsgroups governed by a general subject which is so divided go some subtopic below.

illustration newsgroup: rec.arts.cinema

rec is the chief subject, the humanistic disciplines is the subtopic and film is the sub-subtopic.

3. File transfer protocol

FTP or File Transfer Protocol, is the internet service to reassign files between your computing machine with a waiter on the cyberspace. Quite a batch of waiters on the Internet that provide this service so that we can copy the files to a computing machine waiter, this is called downloading. In add-on we can besides copy the files on your computing machine to a waiter on the cyberspace, this is called uploading.

4. Telnet

Some waiters on the Internet allows us to entree and run multiple plans installed on that computing machine. This service called telnet.

Use of this waiter merely as if we do it on a computing machine on the local web.
For illustration: spacelink.msfc.nasa.gov, is a free telnet service to NASA on the history and elaboratenesss of NASA.

5. Goffer

Gopher is a package application on the twine arrange bill of fare and hunt system recovery. Gopher site is a computing machine that displays bill of fare that represent informations and information provided. Basically, this bill of fare is a list of contents for the procedure and pointed to a specific information. These services use FTP to interchange files and Telnet to link with a specific waiter.

6. World Wide Web

WWW is the Internet service the best known and most rapid of technological development. This service uses hypertext links, called hyperlinks to mention to and recover web pages from the waiter. Web pages may incorporate sound, images, life, text, and package plans that compile into a dynamic papers. Users can see the World Wide Web from a browser is a plan that can expose HTML ( web page book ) .

Internet development was continue. In November 1990, returning the computing machine universe a new history with the creative activity of the first web browser by Tim Berners-Lee.

Web browser is the first HTML editor is named for the World Wide Web, and began to be demonstrated in December the same twelvemonth. The following twelvemonth, its name changed become Nexus.

Because of the simpleness of the bing browsers, Marc Andreesen, a pupil and parttime employees at NCSA, created a Internet browser user-friendly. Together with Eric Bina, colleague at NCSA, he created a web browser called Mosaic in August 1993. Mosaic inventiveness shown in the graphical user interface ( GUI ) is better than other browsers.

In May 1994, the browser is altering its name to Netscape, one of the popular browsers that presently exist. His ability to turn because it can run on several different platforms ( Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and XWindows ) .

While the Internet Explorer browser ( IE ) are presently displaced by the place start Firefox from Mozilla, has merely been released for the first clip in 1995 along with the debut of Windows 95 by Microsoft.

In that twelvemonth, Microsoft was busy with undertakings that were coded as “ Chicago ” and the undertaking coded “ O’Hare ” . Initially the undertaking will be incorporated in a merchandise. But in the terminal, both merchandises are released individually.

Chicago undertakings and conveying Forth a merchandise that we know with the Windows 95 operating system. While conveying forth O’Hare Internet Explorer 1.0, which was marketed in a package Microsoft Plus! For Windows 95.

Along with the outgrowth of the first web browser, the same twelvemonth of birth was besides the first web site created by CERN hypertext transfer protocol: //nsox01.cern.ch/hypertext/www/theproject.html reference, which goes through a web waiter nxoc.cern.ch.

Unfortunately, the literature on this site was minimum because the CERN is non much published information about the history of the site. However, the last record proves that the last alteration of this site was recorded on November 13, 1990, at 15:17:00 GMT.

Since so, get down starting up new sites on the Internet. This site Revolution got under manner since 1993 with the outgrowth of 600 sites, which in 1994 the figure increased to 10,000 sites

In 1995, the figure rose once more to 100,000 sites. The figure continues to turn in 1997.

Harmonizing to Net trade Ltd. , the figure of web sites in November 2001 reached 36,458,394. These Numberss continue to turn over clip and are easy to do a site. In Indonesia, the figure of Internet sites is dining around the twelvemonth 2000, marked by the outgrowth of 100s of dotcom concerns ( www.rnw.nl / ranesi )

Internet originally was merely intended as a medium of conveyance information within the U.S. authorities and the instruction universe. Now the Internet is non merely for show text information, but can besides read paperss, send and have electronic messages ( electronic mail ) , the mass communications media through newsgroups and get offing lists, transportation paperss, on-line shopping, cyberspace banking, real-time confab, even watch unrecorded Television or wireless. Thats great.. ! !

Harmonizing to statistics issued nua.com, in September 2002, The entree of the Internet universe has reached 605.6 million people. As for the Asia Pacific part, the sum of 187.24 million.

For Indonesia entirely, harmonizing to nua.com, recorded 4.4 million people The entree the Internet in January 2002, or about 2 % of Indonesia ‘s population. This sum ca n’t be said a small, but it besides ca n’t state much when associated with a entire population of Indonesia.

Internet definite have a nexus, if cyberspace have n’t a nexus so internet ca n’t be work. So how internet can be work and where is it from? ?

2.1 Satellite