Music Food for the Soul?

These days’ people consider music to be food for soul; however, this is not true in all cases. Music has grown into a passion than just leisure. People gather all the accessories such as a duet piano bench or the artist piano bench even before they learn how to play the instrument. Besides, music cannot simply be food for the soul. Intoxication or obsession can rightly define the longing for music. Music can wreak havoc with your soul like the way smoking and drinking destroys your body.

These are the things that are unnecessary, but we feel their need in our life. People who think music is food for the soul does not realize how wrong a comparison they are making. Food is a substance that has to be eaten to sustain life and provide energy for the growth of the body. If we judge music on this criterion, then first of all music is no material thing. Furthermore, it cannot be eaten, drunk or taken into the soul, so it fails to fulfill this criterion as well. Music only generates electric signals in our ears that are processed by the brain.

The most important part is that food provides energy and promotes growth, whereas music has never been proven to sustain any life or soul. Thus, music fails to fulfill any of the conditions that food does. While comparing music with intoxication, you will realize that it overwhelms the mind or emotion the same way any intoxicant does. In this context, anything that excites our emotions uncontrollably is an intoxicant. Additionally, we also get a craving for music just like an addict has for drugs. No one can deny this fact that music can explode our thoughts and emotions.

This proves that music is surely not a food for the soul, but it is rather an intoxication of our souls. We all know that life without food is not possible but a soul can certainly exist without music. There are many people in this world who have never had a taste of music but their lives are just fine like any other individual. Besides, food is a necessity that is required after regular intervals, whereas the desire for music is free from the limitations of time. This will surely remind you of a smoker or an alcoholic who can have the desire for his addiction anytime.

Moreover, you will see that a regular listener of music is forbidden from listening to music for one day becomes irritated. He or she will have this sudden urge to listen to music like a smoker gets a yearning to smoke. It is also worth noting that a first time listener will hardly have any interest in the music and may feel bored because he or she has no taste for it just like a first time drinker. There have been some theories stating the benefits of music and claiming it to be food for the soul; however, they still lack some substantial proof. Until then, it is better to keep away from this addiction.