Movie The Whale Rider History Essay

Whale rider is a 2002 drama movie directed by Niki Caro, base on the novel of the same name by Witi Ihimaera.the movie stars Keisha castle-Hughes as kahu piakea apirana, a 12years old Maori miss who needs to turn out to be the head of the folk. Her gramps koro believe that this is a character reserved for males merely. The movie was a coproduction between New Zealand and was changeable whangara, the scene of the novel.

Leader chosen as piakea and koro.

Koro was an bossy leader it is besides known as autocratic leader this is used in state of affairss where control is necessary or when fortunes are unsafe. Rigid organisation often use this manner. It has been recognized to be highly paternalistic, and in highly-professional, dependent minded squads, it can take to anger and stressed purposelessness.

Piakea had magnetic leading manner were as koro had a information leading manner I would take piakea as a good leader ; Piakea was truly interested in her leading and civilization. She besides had positive cultural individuality like gramps. She was certain that she can make better anything than other immature male childs, such as when larning traditional vocals and dance, but she ever obeyed when Koro order her to halt it or to go forth it. She besides respected her gramps as a Mori leader. Piakea ever pursued to grandfather ‘s love and acknowledgment from him but less encouraged by him.

The effectivity

Koro is blinded by bias and even Flowers can non turn out to him that Piakea is the natural replacement. The old Chief is persuaded that the folk bad fortune began at Paikea ‘s bringing and call for his community to acquire their twelve-year-old male childs to him for learning. He is positive that through a arduous class of action of thoughts the antediluvian chants, household traditional knowledge and combatant technique, the approaching leader of their household will be discovered to him. for now, unfathomable within the sea, a immense school of giants is reacting to Paikea ‘s calls. When the giants happen to stranded on the coast, Koro is confident this indicate an revelatory terminal to his folk in expectancy of one individual prepare to do the concluding forfeit to salvage the community – the Whale Rider.

Piakea has to contend to acquire designation as a miss with possible to take in an milieu where me are the 1s who grow to be the leaders. She goes to bizarre lengths to demo how much she loves her gramps and how much she wants him to be successful as a Chief.

Quotation mark: ( Maori adult females have got to stop smoke ; we ‘ve got to care for our childbearing belongings. ) She was demoing her qualities as a leader or thought as a leader that it was n’t right and it ‘s when her gramps tried to get down the boats engine and he could n’t but piakea started the boats engine

Type of power

koro holds legitimate leading power wereA in leading is the power that a manager gets by fail to pay due to his place in an organisation ; a leader basically is distinguished from a follower due to the better rights and liability he has than others i.e. excess rights that justifiable power bestows and distinguishes him from group it is a sort of power which comes from the authorization of your rate and place in the concatenation of command..

Koro is a sort of head who follows and obeys his traditional regulations he does n’t mistreat his powers even if it ‘s his ain boy or granddaughter

Pai holds referent power: an person in surplus of the Team or Followers, base on a far above the land degree of acknowledgment with, high respect of, or value for the power holder/ leader. self-government, nationalism, famous person, mass leaders and widely-respected people are illustration of referent power in consequence

sort of organisation, degree of senior status and its effects

This leading place in the whale rider is a portion of the Ngati konochi, occupants of the little fishing small town of Whangara New Zealand ( where they filmed the film in world ) . A ‘Ngati ‘ is a Maori folk Ngati Porou and is a traditional Maori Chinese gooseberry located in parts east of Cape and Gisborne in the North Island of New zealand.paikea, the Whale Rider, is said to be an ascendant of these people.

As pai ‘s expansive male parent koro is really rigorous small town head the ancestral leader same reflects back 2 paikea ‘the folk ‘s primogenitor with the Maori fable which tells of a great adult male, Paikea, who came to a land ages ago siting on the dorsum of a giant. The fable prophesizes that another giant rider will be born to take the Maori people.

Koro as a head of the Maori small town has the ultimate degree of senior status and believes in the ancestral line as his responsible for his traditional folk.i.e. koro beliefs pai as a miss can non go a leader.transactional leading is besides found in this film because koro ‘s purpose is to happen a great leading place for his tribal society.

As shown in the film pai was blamed for her brother ‘s decease, she was seen as the forerunner of bad luck by koro her gramps but piakea ever focuses to be a good leader.paikea ‘s chief purpose was to be success as a good leader and supply leading based on her traditional principals ie the giant equitation, larning the taiaha, linguistic communication, intoning, traditional dance etc

Individual civilization and effects

The both characters piakea and koro as stated above are true followings of their tradition and ( Maori ) ‘s their civilization which binds each of them to be a good leader that they were in the film

Other leading constructs and political orientations that you were able to place in ‘the whale rider ‘ :

I would state this film merely showed the traits theory to a big point of position.paikea who was born to be a leader and she was successful to go a leader by exposing her quality as a great main.she proved her gramps koro that she could go a good leader even if she is a miss, where as koro believed that a miss can non be a head.

As mentioned above koro was an bossy leader at most times because of his civilization and traditional which was in danger, he was besides concern about his people as a head

At the terminal of this film koro accepts piakea and addresses her as a great ‘wise leader ‘ . the unfinished waka was finished and launched at the terminal of this film.

“ LOTR: Family of the ring


This film is directed by Peter Jackson base on the first film of J.R.R.Tolkien ‘s the Godhead of the rings. it was follow by the two towerswhich was set in middle-earth, the narrative Tells of the dark Godhead sauron, who is looking for the one ring.

Gandalf, an old ace, present a ring to a hobbit named frodo.frodo is tasked with destroy the ring, as it have the control to pervert and acquire on the devastation of peace in centre Earth. a group of heroes organize a company to assist out frodo get to mordor therefore he can whole his undertaking, but all along the manner they were pursued by the minion of the ring ‘s destroyer.the family was seprated, and a figure of members were lost, send-off frodo and his friend samwise to travel on with alone while the remain members of the family reform.


Aragon is the kid of arathorn is a fictional character since J.R.R Tolkein ‘s.he was one of the hero on Godhead of the rings.arogan was a Texas Ranger of the North, . He was finally discovered to be the legatee ofA IsildurA and rightful claimant to the thrones ofA ArnorA andA Gondor. He was besides a confidant ofGandalfA and an indispensable component of the quest to destruct theA One RingA and get the better of the Dark LordA Sauron

He led theA Fellowship of the RingA following the loss of Gandalf in the Mines ofA Moria. after the Fellowship was broken, he track the hobbitsA MerryandA PippinA with the aid ofA LegolasA andA GimliA toA Fangorn ForestA and fought in the conflict atA Helm ‘s DeepA and theA Battle of the Pelennor Fields. After licking Sauron ‘s armed forces in Gondor he lead an defence force of Gondor andA RohanA after that to the Black Gate ofA Mordor.

At the terminal of the Godhead of the ringsA A he was crownedA male monarch Elessar TelcontarA of Gondor. He marriedA Elrond ‘s daughterA Arwen, and assumed the Sceptre of Annuminas as King of Arnor, unite the two land for the last clip since the clip in power of Isildur.

Aragon had magnetic leading manner he was a ego motivated individual and besides actuating others as a hero it merely relates to the great adult male theory, he was born as a leader reflecting his belief that heroes form history through both their personal properties and Godhead inspiration


The two leaders as chosen both were effectual leaders.

Gandalf the most spirit and the wisest ” and gave him the elvenA Ring of powerA calledNarya, the Ring of Fire, incorporating a “ ruddy ” rock for his assistance and comfort. Tolkien explicitly links Gandalf to the elementA FireA subsequently in the same essay.he got effectiveness poer wee everyone has to listen to him.Gandalf was sent the length of with the other Istari to assist the people of Middle Earth in their great attempt non in favour of the dark power of Sauron. He travelled extensively in the Western lands of centre universe and became known by many names,

Gandalf had legimate power.this is the sort of power be all contain to follow his manner of rights Gandalf, have been the individual one attitude a Ring of Power, the Ring of Fire… .he may make a small pyro work. He utilize this and further of his powers.. Get downing a fire in the snow storm on the mountain, puting the brow ablaze when they were attacked by Wargs, maintaining a visible radiation glowing through Moria, utilizing his power against the Balrog.

Aragorn function his Godheads during that clip below the nameA ThorongilA ( Eagle of the Star ) . With a little squadron of Gondorian ships, he led an physical onslaught onA UmbarA in 2980, on fire many of the Corsairs ‘ ships and personally murdering their Godhead through the Battle of the Havens. After the success at Umbar, “ Thorongil ” left the field, to the discouragement of his work forces, and went East. A Aragorn undertake great journeys, functioning in the ground forcess of KingA Thengel and of StewardA Ecthelion IIA of Gondor. His duties helped to increase morale in the West and to react to the turning menace of Sauron and his Alliess. Aragorn, besides known as Walker, is a descendent of the single male monarch who was besides weak to lay waste to the Ring of Power when it came into his manus. Raise by the Elf King Elrond in Rivendell subsequently on than the loss of his parents, Aragorn learns as an grown-up that he is heir to the throne of Gondor

Types of organisation, degree of senior status and its effects

The film Godhead of the rings ( family of the ring ) , this was about destructing the powerful was made up of nine members who had started their journey to mordor to destruct the rings in the fires of saddle horse day of reckoning where the ring was forged.gandalf was chooen and accepted as the chief leader to take them and so Aragorn had to take the members for the journey when Gandalf sacrifices his life

Gandalf was a really effectual leader every one followed him whether any one agreed or non.he was besides senior and respected individual of all the people.the leading grid created by by Blake and mutton: it ‘s a two dimensional leading theoretical account that describes major function.gandalf was taking attention of his follows.

.aragorn was born leader but he ne’er used his power as a leader, he was besides the lone male monarch in the follow ship.he was rose to take a mantle of leading when state of affairs arose.according to the great adult male theory one holding inherited the capacity of leading

Individual civilization and effects

The two leaders played a really of import portion in civilization and traditional they both were leaders.aragorn was a leader but lives in secret in Rivendell as a Texas Ranger after his male parents was effectual because he knew how to take others as a leader

Gandalf was a ace in the istari he was nt allowed to misapply the powers he their organisaton they were merely allowed to rede others if they are on the right way.both Aragorn and Gandalf were seeking to salvage and follow the undertaking they had given

In good company


In Good CompanyA is a 2004 American comedy movie written and directed byA Paul Weitz, and starringA Dennis Quaid, A Topher Grace, andA Scarlett Johansson.A The movie is about a middle-aged promotion executive whose concern is bought out by a immense international company go forthing him with a new foreman who is merely about half his age. His life his more complicated when his foreman takes a loving involvement in his girl. The movie was a of import and economic success, acquiring largely helpful reappraisals


the two characters I would take as leader from this film are Dan and Carter.dan was working as a selling head before the new disposal ( after the return over ) he decided that he could be a dinosaur.carter Duryea, on the other manus, is the new head of the selling and at merely 26 old ages of age whereas dan ‘s age of 50.

Leadership manner

Dan ‘s leading manner can be called as eventuality theory, this theory merely means there is no individual leader, harmonizing to the theory there is no leader ship manner which best describes in the state of affairs.the leader ‘s effectiveness depends on how good the leading manner is and how it cn fit the context.

In the fred Fiedler ‘s this sort of theoretical account contains the relationship between the favourableness of a state of affairs such as: the leader -member relationship, how good the undertaking is structured and the leader ‘s place power obtained through formal authorization.

Dan chief was extremely respected and accepted by his carbon monoxide workers.he cognize his occupation really good as a ( head of selling )

After the return over at athleticss America he was displaced by a 26 twelvemonth cat named Carter Duryea, u got the occupation merely because he had makings bt no experience he can be seen as transformational leader because he was successful leading manner.transformational leaders focus on the basal degree of the hierarchy.duryea was an extrinsic incentive who brings minimum conformity from his followings


Foreman was a effectual leader people was ever listering to him because he was trusthworthy, honest, personal appeal, dependability, constructing relationships and givin respet to others.on the other manus Duryea was n’t a effectual at leading because he did n’t hav much experience, he was more follower than a leader foremost his foremans so foreman.

Type of power

Dan hold charisma power, which means he had plenty qualities that make him capable of animating a big figure of people.foreman was a really effectual leader and when he speaks people listern 2 him and follow his sentiment.he used his power to actuate his carbon monoxide workers and take them the right things even though he lost his place but people did esteem him

Carter Duryea has legitimate power.this power is described as a individual who holds the place and hav the authorization to govern his squad as he did n’t hold experience the last thing he did was selling nomadic phones to childs and this gave him a place as head selling

Type of organisation, degree senior status and it effects

The both leaders worked at athleticss America, a magazine targeted to athleticss fans.carter Duryea has the highest degree of senior status based on his place in the section.the consequence of this legitimate power means everyone has to listen him

Whereby dan chief did n’t hold any legitimate auothority after some one took his topographic point.even though his co-workers remains soundless and listens to him

Individual civilization and its effects

Dan chief came from the old school of idea about life this illustrates by chief ‘s married life and his childs, the life manner at place and his successful calling in the film.he was some one who believed in trusthworthy, honestness and etc

Duryea on the other manus comes from today ‘s immature coevals the 1 who believes in traveling for what you want no affair what.this was illustrated by Duryea ‘s failure as a household adult male and hubby.